Why Do Cats Attack Pregnant Woman and How to Protect Yourself

If you are wondering why do cats attack pregnant woman, you probably have a furry baby biting you as you expect to be a mom. You could also know someone facing this problem or want precautions.

For all the above cases, it is necessary to know the reason behind, and here we will tell you all about why do cats attack pregnant woman!

Why do cats attack pregnant woman

Cats are one of the most adorable species, so owning one can bring you, unconditional love. They can be your friend and companion for life. It is also scientifically proven that it helps reduce stress and maintain a healthy heart.

However, when you are pregnant, there are certain precautions you might come across related to cats and pregnancy.

Cats attacking a pregnant woman need utmost attention and care if you are expecting. Your mother or midwives must have warned you to stay away from cats. Isn’t it weird?

If you are a cat lover or have a kitty at home as your pet, will you be able to abandon it? No!

Pregnancy usually makes a woman’s body go through a lot of changes. They even produce new hormones. The cats instantly notice these changes as their senses work faster than we humans. Cats are territorial and want to mark their territory to save their clan. When you are expecting, they may start to feel insecure and attack you even if they do not wish to.

However, the important thing is to be safe and cautious during your pregnancy, as cats can be violent if they don’t get the proper attention they need. All they want from you is their part of love and care.

Now there are a few important things to know about cats and pregnancy. This article will help you with all the precautions and risks you can mitigate for a healthy pregnancy without abandoning your Furr buddy.

why do cats attack pregnant woman

Cats and early pregnancy

To your surprise, cats can be very affectionate as they sense your pregnancy. You’ll start noticing that your cat spends more time with you during this time.

Yes, your cat can play the role of your mother here, knowing about your pregnancy without you telling her.

Cats can notice the hormonal changes that your body goes through with their smelling abilities. Their ability to smell is much superior compared to humans.

But then why do cats attack pregnant woman? Let’s find out!

Hormonal changes

During pregnancy, you tend to produce hCG, progesterone, and estrogen. These hormones change your body’s odor. In the start, it is negligible, but your cat can still notice the sudden change.

Body heat

With pregnancy, your body temperature starts differing, and you start getting hot flashes due to the changes in your body. Since the body produces a lot of heat, and as these feline friends love to snuggle, they also tend to notice these changes.


Besides hormonal changes, your mood also impacts your pregnancy. You have mood swings, tiredness, and irritability and are constantly queasy. All these emotional changes also get noticed by your cat.


Did you know the most amazing part? Cats can hear your fetal’s heartbeat even before it gets detected by a stethoscope or a doppler. Cats are blessed with amazing hearing power, allowing them to hear high-density sounds, which helps them hear things we cannot.

Morning sickness

Pregnancy is often associated with morning sickness, and your cat surely notices the changes happening with you.

Hence even before your test confirms your pregnancy, your cat is well aware of the most important news of your life.

What do cats do when they sense your pregnant

While your pregnancy affects your cat’s behavior, each cat has a different personality and tends to act accordingly.

As per research and studies, below are a few of the common cat behaviors seen when they find out about their owner’s pregnancy:


Some cats can be adorable to pregnant humans, making your heart melt. They start sitting next to you more often and become maternal by giving you the utmost attention.


In one scenario, the cats can be sweetest, whereas some can be annoyed. Because now their love will be shared by a little human growing inside you. Sometimes small changes due to your pregnancy can annoy them. For example, changing their litterbox can now be taken care of by someone else as you need to take care of yourself and the baby.


As life can be full of surprises, and as a human, you do get anxious about the fact that you’re pregnant, your cats also feel the same way. The new changes in your life due to morning sickness may make them feel anxious and distressed if your routine is disrupted.


As you enter your pregnancy, the cats can hear your fetal heartbeat, becoming more alert about the baby’s growth. In the later stages, it starts noticing the little changes and movements your baby starts to make.

why do cats attack pregnant woman


Some cats can be extremely sad that their time is now consumed because of your pregnancy. For example, if your time with them isn’t the same as before, they need your support. Try giving them a little attention whenever you get time.

Cats and pregnancy risks

As you will have a major change in your life, your cat may act differently, which is very hard to predict. But one thing is for sure you will get a reaction from them, but what and how depends on their mood.

No matter how adorable they are, there is a certain risk associated with these cute species during pregnancy.

The most dangerous infection that a cat can carry is Toxoplasmosis, which is a parasitic infection.

Moreover, the cats who hunt and roam outside can get this infection easily. Cats can pass these parasites in their poop.

Hence pregnant ladies are always asked to avoid cat litter as they can get this infection easily.

During pregnancy, the immunity levels are pretty low, and susceptibility to sickness is more. Also, not many medications expecting mommies can consume! Hence it is always better to avoid any infection or disease during pregnancy as it may harm you and the baby.

Naturally, you love your cat, but what’s the harm in being careful for the next few months? While some cats take pregnancy positively, some may have adverse effects.

In those scenarios, give your cat some time to adjust to the big news and then try being close to them.

If they are annoyed and distressed, he may start scratching you, which you don’t want. So, give them the time and then start giving your love and care that they crave for. Make them assured that you will not abandon them no matter what.

Cat biting pregnant woman

Snuggling is quite normal when you own a cat and suffer occasional bites while playing. Even when your cat is not in a mood, it may end up scratching you. Normally this is ok when you have a cat at home, but when you’re pregnant, this can raise a concern that needs to be taken care of.

Sometimes these cat bites can be dangerous and can cause permanent damage. A cat’s mouth is always squirming with a lot of bacteria. Pasteurella bacteria can pass into your body through a wound.

Cats can create little punctures on your skin that can infect you with bacteria causing swelling, pain, and permanent skin damage.

why do cats attack pregnant woman

What to do when a cat bites you

When a cat bites you for the first time, try cleaning the wound first. It is very important to wash it out nicely. Using an antiseptic or a soap can also be very useful.

Rinse thoroughly, dab it with a clean cloth and apply an antibacterial ointment. If required, cover it with gauze. Make sure you check on the wound in case of any infection, pain, redness, or swelling.

In case of an infection, reach out to a doctor and explain everything in detail to get appropriate assistance. The doctor might prescribe you some antibiotics to mitigate any danger because of the infection.

During pregnancy, you need to stay away from any unpleasant infection. You and your baby need to be safe as antibiotics are not certainly prescribed to the pregnant woman.

It is already too much for your body to deal with pregnancy, and having an infection with that is not a good idea.

How common is Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy

The reason to ask why do cats attack pregnant woman is important because of Toxoplasmosis!

The parasite attacking through this infection (Toxoplasma gondii) can harm you deeply. These parasites can make a home in humans and animals for a long period, and can surprisingly stay forever in some cases!

It depends on the person’s immunity to show any illness symptoms. Hence, pregnant women’s immune system isn’t that great, they have to be super careful with it.

Toxoplasma can cause some serious health issues. If you are someone who was infected before and now you’re pregnant, then don’t worry because now your body has the power to make the parasite harmless. However, the concern is only when it occurs for the first time in your pregnancy.

Easy tips to avoid infection from cats:

  • Whenever you’re cooking, make sure you wfash your hands using a bar of soap after touching raw meat
  • Make sure whatever meat you consume is properly cooked
  • Raw or half-cooked meat should not be consumed under any circumstances
  • Wash your fruits and vegetables thoroughly to remove all the soil traces if found
  • The normal hygiene of washing your hands before eating should always be followed
  • Whatever utensil and knife you use for raw meat, ensure those are washed properly
  • If you love gardening, always have your gloves on
  • Litter trays are a big no-no when you’re expecting
  • Get someone who can clean them for you daily.

Remember, these parasites travel through infected animal poops and mostly cat feces.

If you’re pregnant, cat litter is not something you should come close to! The unborn baby is at high risk if the parasite contacts the placenta.

Can pregnant women be around cats

Now that you’re pregnant, you must wonder if it’s safe to be around your cat. How can the cuddly and cute little cat baby be of any harm? However, to keep you updated, these cute babies could be a risk to your unborn child.

You can follow the points below to be safe from any upcoming complications:

  • Cat’s fur may contain harmful bacteria; if inhaled, you may develop a certain kind of infection. Make sure your cats get a regular bath and stay clean. Get it a vet who can check on her regularly.
  • Tiny insects mostly live on a cat, so if these insects bite you, they may cause an infection. These insects do not breed if the cats are clean and under proper medication.
  • Cats are playful; they tend to scratch and play. But now that you are pregnant, try wearing covered clothes around them.
  • Pregnant women have low immunity, they should avoid any infectious-prone zone. Cats can be transmitters of Toxoplasmosis. However, if you still need to be around, always keep your hygiene high and avoid the cat litter; you’re good to go.

Final thoughts

So, why do cats attack pregnant woman? To simply put, cat pets are your babies, so when you have another baby, they do not like to share the limelight!

But if you have a cat, you know they make the best companion. You are already a cat mother, and now that you’re pregnant, you’ll welcome motherhood again.

Cats can be great pets anywhere, a house or a playground. One good thing about cats, they can be your real mood lifters.

Your furball can easily control your anxiety and stress when you are preggers. These little creatures shower you with an unconditional fondness equal to many confidants.

So don’t worry; if you’re pregnant, make sure you follow the preventive measures and enjoy your pregnancy with your fur buddy.

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