Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating and When Is She Getting Married?

Being one of the most-followed people on Instagram, celebrities worldwide are interested in knowing about Kylie all the time! Here, we will tell you who is Kylie Jenner dating right now and more things about her amazing life!

Kylie is an American model and a businesswoman, and she has been a part of the Kardashians show since 2007. This reality star and model launched her beauty company, Kylie Cosmetics, and has won millions of hearts all around the globe with the quality. But currently, people’s eagerness has gone to her private life.

Her fans and other celebrities are dying to know who Kylie Jenner is dating 2021. If you want to get the peeps and peeks of her personal life, keep an eye on the following article to find out more!

Peek into the Love Life of Kylie Jenner

Fans have been going extremely curious upon knowing the current status of Kylie Jenner. The most common question is ‘who is dating Kylie Jenner?’

You all must be pretty accustomed to social media platforms. Kylie stays active on her Instagram most of the time. She loves to give updates on her daily life via IG stories and posts throughout the year.

She believes that social media is the only platform through which she gets to communicate with her fans and promote her brand. Sometimes she even loves to handle her Instagram account without her manager.

Despite posting so much on social media, Kylie did not reveal her relationship status until 2017, when she announced her relationship with Travis Scott.

Travis Scott is an American rapper known as Jacques Berman Webster II. He is world-famous for his great raps and songs like “goosebumps.”

Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner started their relationship in the year 2017. After ten months of their official relationship status, Stormi Webster was born.

Stormi is the one and only daughter of Kylie and Travis, and she was born on February 1, 2018. After the birth of their first child, Kylie’s fans went gaga over the sensational couple.

Kylie and her Relationship

The world of famous personalities is quite vulnerable to the globe, and their lives are never private but a source of gossip.

Kylie’s fans were quite disheartened after the news of the breakup with Travis Scott in the year 2019.

The best source of such news and rumors is social media platforms. Their news of breakup invaded the internet faster than flying jets.

It had been a topic of gossip and emotional trauma to all the Kylie-Travis fans out there. After their first breakup, Kylie’s fans have been dying to know who is Kylie Jenner dating now.

As you know, life changes, years pass by, but rumors stay along. Kylie and Travis’s fans were raiding the internet sources and social media after the news of the breakup to figure out whether Kylie was single and her current status.

After a lot of confusion and drama among the fans and fan pages, Kylie was bound to reveal that Travis and Kylie had a bad phase in their relationship and that everything was normal between them.

Why did Kylie and Travis break up?

If you are active on social media, it will not take much time to figure out how crazy people are for the power couple, Kylie Jenner Travis Scott!

You would find thousands of questions regarding Kylie’s relationship with Travis even on the comment sections in her posts on Instagram and Facebook.

Kylie even revealed a few months back that her inboxes remained full most of the time and got flooded with questions on her relationship status with Travis Scott after they broke up.

Kylie and Travis broke up in October 2019, right after little Stormi’s birth. But the question remains why?

Kylie’s fans and critics were quite astonished by the breakup news of the sensational couple, and they set up sources for the correct information and truth behind the story.

Eventually, people discovered that the couple had broken up due to specific personal issues in their relationship. Most of the sources say they broke up due to certain misunderstandings in the relationship, which brought a slight breakage in the bond of trust.

Travis Scott Kylie Jenner shared a fantastic bonding as a friend and lover in private and public until Kylie found him cheating on her in 2019 October.

Critics and sources say that Kylie was disheartened and broken after discovering the weakness of their bonding back then. We must say, her life took a reverse gear upon her happy life!

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating and When Is She Getting Married?

Is Kylie back with Travis?

Soon after Kylie’s breakup with Travis, the couple took a few months to clear the clouds until Kylie decided to get back into a relationship with Travis.

All this time, fans and critics focused on Kylie’s and Travis’s breakup story and finding clues of patch-up and sets of reasons. But nobody noticed that little Stormi was already taking small steps growing up to be like her parents!

People of the 21st century often believe that a child can be the thread of happiness and bonding between a broken pair. Something similar happened in the case of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.

Despite their breakup and misunderstandings, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott had little Stormi Webster to take care of. So they decided to go for co-parenting.

Both of them tried their best to take upon equal responsibilities of Stormi as they did not want to hamper Stormi’s bringing up or future. They were up into the process from March of 2020.

Soon after this significant step towards their child’s future, the pandemic hit in. Kylie and Travis were facing quite a hell lot of problems in dealing with things back then.

But both the parents stood firm as a pillar even during the setting in of COVID-19. They did not back off their sense of duties and responsibilities towards their kid. In the co-parenting process and a little bit of love, care, and a touch of innocence towards her parents, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner fell for each other again.

Who Is Kylie Jenner Dating and When Is She Getting Married?

When did Kylie and Travis get back together?

One of the topics of concern for the audience, fans, and critics of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott is when they fell back together?

During the time of co-parenting Stormi Webster, both Kylie and Travis got the chance to spend a lot of time together.

The COVID-19 pandemic also played a massive role in their patch-up process. Kylie and Travis got the time to clear up the dark. The heavy clouds in their relationship brought out the silver lining again!

People have been in the dark for a long time regarding the relationship status of Kylie Jenner, and there were even rumors of Travis and Kylie getting along with other life partners. But Kylie and Travis ultimately proved everyone wrong and got back together stronger this time.

Kylie was seen in the live concert of the famous rapper Travis Scott, in May 2021. That is when Kylie’s fans burst out in happiness upon seeing the couple in their cozy moments.

It is believed that Kylie and Travis were back during the late 2020s. However, they took their time and space to bring themselves to the spotlight as official couples again.

On her Instagram account, Kylie posted a video of flipping a positive pregnancy test kit on September 8, 2021, announcing her second pregnancy with Travis Scott.

This incident proved that Kylie and Travis were still madly in love. Kylie sees a bright future ahead with Scott despite the barriers of insecurities and trust issues in the relationship.

Is Kylie Jenner married?

Kylie’s fans and audiences often show their eagerness upon knowing the name of Kylie Jenner’s husband. Is Kylie Jenner is just 24 years old and is not married yet!

Despite being madly in love with Travis, Kylie has not yet engaged. Kylie and Travis share an age gap of six years. Kylie is quite successful in her career, and so is Travis. After giving birth to Wolf, the second child of Travis, Kylie has grown quite eager for her marriage.

She shared that she hopes for a great and fulfilling future in various shows and platforms. She wants a happy family with Travis Scott, highlighting her wish to get married soon.

But on the other hand, Travis Scott, being 30 years old, still wants to become more successful. He said he is not yet ready for marriage and might take a little longer to settle.

Final thoughts

The above article has given detailed information on who is Kylie Jenner dating now. Her previous relationships had not been successful enough and did not last long due to several dull incidents. But Travis Scott is one of a kind and can keep this beautiful sensational figure, Kylie Jenner, happy!

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