Who Invented The Refridgerators? All That You Need To Know


Do you know who invented the refridgerators? How do they look in their initial days? There are many amazing facts about your refrigerator you may not be aware of. The history of this household appliance is very old and surprisingly diverse. Besides, their forms kept changing in the course of time. In this post, we will try to dig out some answers related to the refrigerator. Also, you can see their evolution. Let’s proceed.

What Is A Refridgerator?

Before we discuss, who invented the refridgerators any further, let’s understand it first. A refrigerator has a thermally insulated compartment along with a heat pump. Its function was to transfer the inner heat to the outer environment. This is how it helps to maintain the refrigerator temperature, relatively lower temperature. At low temperatures, the possibilities of bacterial reproduction become reduced to negligible. This is how it prevents food from spoiling.

Who Invented The Refridgerators

History Of Refrigerators: Major Events

Let’s take a tour of the history of refrigerators to understand how they evolve with the passage of time.

Primitive Refrigerators: Ice House

During 500 B.C., one of the earliest refrigerators used by the people was an ice house. The use of the ice house was to store ice throughout the year sourced from the nearby rivers and lakes. Ancient Romans, Greeks, and Hebrews used to store snow in the pits to keep it cool for preserving food.

Who Invented The Refridgerators
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Willian Cullen’s Model

William Cullen was the scientist who invented the first form of artificial refrigerators. The Scottish scientist showed the cooling method with rapid heating of liquid to gas. Modern refrigerators work on the same principle. But, Cullen never brought his cooling theory into practice. To find the answer of who invented the refridgerators more precisely, let’s move ahead.

Oliver Evans Design

William Cullen invented the refridgerators running on a partial vacuum. After 50 years of William Cullen’s, Olive Evans gave his design. It was the first of its kind that used vapor instead of liquid. He is often credited as a person who invented the refridgerators. Yet, he actually never created one of his designs. Albert T. Marshall patented the first mechanical refrigerator in 1899.

Thomas Moore: “Refrigiratory”

In 1982, Thomas Moore created an icebox for cooling dairy products. The American businessman called it “Refirgiratory”. He devised it to prevent dairy products when transporting them. Later, he patented the refrigerator in 1803. The early 1800s was the time when Americans were moving to the cities. The increasing distance between the people and food-source was damaging the food. It promoted the need for the refrigerator. After that, Fred W. Wolf demonstrated the first domestic electrical refrigerators in 1913.

1920: Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters

Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters invented the absorption refrigerators. The two were the Swedish inventors. It didn’t need electricity to run and had no moving parts in it. But, it only required a simple heat source such as a small gas burner. Besides, it was potentially harmful due to the leakage of toxic gases.

Einstein’s Refridgerator: 1930

Earlier, refrigerator models that were potentially dangerous. Einstein patented the first eco-friendly refrigerator. He developed it along with Leó Szilárd. It had no moving parts and used a simple heat source to operate at a constant temperature. They were trying to bring the final refrigerator operational with the non-toxic gases. Yet, Freon had already become the keystone for refrigeration standards.

Modern Refrigerators

In the 1900s and 2000s, was the starting era of the Internet of Things. Companies started to apply it to their the refrigerators. Nowadays, environment-friendly fridges are more popular. The designers are developing a Zero-Energy Bio Refrigerator concept. It will deploy a cooling gel that can suspend to keep the food cool. Modern refrigerators work at a temperature of a few degrees above the freezing point. On the other hand, freezers maintain the freezing point to turn water into ice.

Who Invented The Refridgerators
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How Does Modern Refrigerators Work?

Now that you know who invented the regridgerators let’s understand their work mechanism. The modern refrigerators work similarly to those used a hundred years ago. They all cause cooling by evaporating the liquid. The chemicals that people use for cooling purposes are known as refrigerants. They evaporate at a lower temperature. The recommended temperature to store food is 40 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Above all, it can prevent harmful bacteria from multiplying. When it comes to the best refrigerators in Australia, reviews like this arm you with knowledge.

Who Invented The Refridgerators


Hope your query on who invented the refrigerators is now satisfied. It is not a single person, but there is a long history behind the invention of the refrigerators. Modern refrigerators have evolved from a series of events. Besides, the shortcomings in the old designs are being eradicated regularly. Despite all, this essential household appliance has traveled a long journey. From toxic gas-emitting designs to eco-friendly models, refrigerators are constantly improving. If you want more informative and interesting posts from us, stay in touch. 

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