What Is a Birdie in Golf?

Golf is a fantastic game to play with your friends and family. Now, if you recently started playing it, you are probably confused about a lot of things. You must be wondering about the rules and what does triple-bogey golf means. What is a birdie in golf is another possible question stuck in your mind.

Moreover, the first step to learn golf is to pick the right equipment. For golf, you need a lot of stuff, but the most important thing is the clubs. There are various types of golf clubs available.

Next, you need to know what a birdie in golf, condor in golf, double bogey, and an eagle is. If you are already confused, do not worry. We are here so that everything is clear for you. Check out the blog to know everything about golf.

Golf terms that new players should know

Let’s look at all the terms which are most common in golf.

What is a birdie in golf?

Let’s start with one of the essential terms that are “Birdie.” It is a scoring term that is difficult to achieve.

Birdie means scoring one stroke when there is a less declared par of the given hole.

For example, let us assume you are going for a 4-par hole. So, to score a birdie, you need to ensure that you complete the hole only with three strokes. Same as for three par holes, you need two strokes.

Where did the term birdie come from in golf?

Now that you know what is a birdie in golf, you are probably wondering about the origin of the word “birdie. ”

“Birdie” comes from the slang “bird.” Americans mainly used it. The term “bird” means brilliant or something extraordinary.

However, who first came up with the term is unknown. But it was in the early 1900s when scoring under par became popular.

Moreover, in a golf game in New Jersey at “Atlantic City Country Club,” the term birdie was used a lot, and from there, it became widespread.

It is so prevalent in the golf community that you can even find merch such as birdie golf shirts, mugs, keychains, etc.

Now that we know what is a birdie in golf, let’s look at the next one.

What Is a Birdie in Golf?

What is an eagle in golf?

“Eagle” means scoring under two par on every golf hole. It is effortless to understand but challenging to earn an eagle score. It would be best if you got an equivalent stroke to your target so that it can count as an eagle score.

Moreover, every hole on the course will be assigned one par. Most of the par ranges between 3 – 6, and the higher the number is, the chances will be rarer. Hence, to get an eagle score, you need to set a limit before starting.

How many strokes does one need to score “eagle”?

Under two par is an eagle score, and to achieve that, you have to sink the ball in:

  • Four strokes on the 6-par hole
  • Three strokes on the 5-par hole
  • Two strokes on the 4-par hole
  • One stroke on the 3-par hole. This one is also known as the hole-in-one.

What is a condor in golf?

Condor score means to have four strokes less than par (that is called four under par). Also, a condor is known as a triple eagle or double albatross in some places.

Moreover, it is the lowest score a player ever made. A condor can be:

  • A hole in one on the five par. Most of the time, it happened by cutting the dogleg corner.
  • Two on the five par.
  • Three on the seven par. As far as reports, this is not achieved by anyone yet.
  • There are also six pars and seven pars, but both of them are very rare.

What is a double-bogey in golf?

Double bogey comes from the term bogey. Moreover, bogey is known as one of the bad strokes in the golf community by professional players.

However, for beginners and casual players, bogey is considered an average stroke score. Also, it is better to score a bogey than a quadruple bogey, a triple bogey golf, and a double bogey.

How to score a birdie in golf?

Birdie is the hardest to score in golf. So, if you want to more in-depth about what is a birdie in golf and how to achieve it successfully, then read below.

To score a birdie, the player needs to hit one good shot every hole.

First Shot

Now that you know the basics of what is a birdie in golf, let’s see how to score on the first shot.

The player will most likely use the driver to hit the golf ball the furthest on the four par.

Also, the player needs to play strategically because of the placement of trees, water hazards, bunkers, and doglegs. Doglegs are a type of hole that bends right to the left, and most of the time, it looks like a dog’s leg.

Some tips:

#1 Play from the Forward Tee

The shorter the hole is, the shot will be easier. Hence, if you want to score more birdies every round, try to play from the Shorter Tee Box.

#2 Pick the area where you want the golf ball to land

When you are doing the first shot, you will probably be nervous and be intimidated. It can either be because you are hitting in front of everyone or the hole is far away.

Hence before hitting the ball make sure, you pick the area where you want it to land. Once you choose the area, try to hit the ball in that direction.

Also, remember that wind will affect the route of the golf ball and where it will travel.

Second Shot

The second shot is on four par and generally short in distance compared to the first shot. Hence the player might need to use a wedge or an iron. You need to know some things when you are hitting from the fairway, also known as short grass.

Some tips:

#1 Location of the flag

Once you know the flag’s placement will help you locate the best area for the ball. In this way, it will be easiest to score.

#2 Front of green

If you see the flag is in front of the green, then you need to play aggressively. If you find a lot of bunkers and hazards on the back and side of the green, go for a conservative shot.

This shot will allow the ball to roll or bounce on the green and go near the hole.

#3 Backside of green

For this as well, you need to play conservatively. Since playing aggressively, you might hit the ball over the green, which is not suitable for scoring.

#4 Behind the bunker

First, you need to find the distance that needs to carry a bunker, and then you need to make it five yds more than this distance. You can hole out the bunker shot; however, it is harder to score.

#5 Besides the water hazard

You need to aim at one side of the green, which is opposite the water hazard. From here, it is easier to putt than to hit the gold ball from the water.

#6 Buy golf rangefinder

All players are allowed to use a range finder that will tell them the exact distance, such as the distance between yardage and hole. Also, exact distance helps the player know which club they want to hit and speed up the game time.

playing golf

Different types of golf clubs

#1 Woods

All the woods come complete with the fairway and driver woods. This type of club is known as woods, although now no clubheads are made from woods. In recent times most of these are made of either steel or titanium.

Moreover, out of all clubheads, woods do have the largest one. These are hollow and have a long shaft. Thus, making them easy to swing and also lightweight.

Furthermore, players use them for a killer long shot that allows the golfer to hit the golf ball most forcefully.

#2 Irons

Most of the irons are numbered from 3 irons to 9 irons. Moreover, the number you will choose will depend on what type of shot you want to make. There are three types of shorts that are:

  • Short irons
  • Middle irons
  • Long irons

Furthermore, the long irons for shots are 200 – 220 yards away. This means it will make the golf ball bounce a lot more than others. Also, long irons are slightly tricky to use since they do not have any loft.

If we compare irons with woods, then irons clubheads are a lot slimmer and smaller than woods. Most of them are solid, although you can purchase some which are hollow from the inside.

#3 Hybrids

These are the latest type of clubs that have been popular for a few years. Hybrids are a mix between irons and woods. So, hybrids will allow you to have the best features of both wood and iron, and you do not need to think about the disadvantage.

Besides, if you are a beginner, it is best to buy the hybrids ones as they have a lot of advantages. It is made in such a way that it is easy to hit the golf ball.

Also, it helps the ball to wiggle a little bit if you cannot hit the golf ball straight as you preferably liked.

#4 Wedges

Wedges are the subset of iron clubs that will allow the player for low-distance and accurate shots. Moreover, four types of wedges are used while playing golf to help the player in a tricky situation.

Pitching Wedges

Pitching wedges is one of the standard wedges and is used the most. Most of the time, it is used to approach a shot. However, expert players also use it for chip shots sometimes.

Moreover, they will take between 45 – 125 yard shot and bounce the least out of all the three types of wedges.

Sand Wedges

These types of wedges are made in such a way so that they can have a lot of lofts. This will help to get the ball in the air. Moreover, a sand wedge is helpful if you want to get the ball out of the sand traps. But they are helpful when you want to do rough or fairway shots.

Gap Wedges

A gap wedge is needed when you need to hit 100 yards. As sand wedge hits 90 yards and pitching wedge hits 125 yards, you need to hit it at 100 yards when gap wedge helps.

It is a bridge to make up the gap between 2 wedges. Also, gap wedges have more lofts than pitching wedges.

Lob Wedges

Lob wedges have the most loft out of all the wedges. This helps to throw the ball in the air swiftly and get it back on the ground where it was before. Moreover, this is useful when the ball is in a deep rough.

#5 Putters

Players use putters when the game is near the end. The ball is very close to the hole, and you can see the par. This is the time when you need a putter.

It is a particular type of club that every player needs when they are playing. Also, they come in different sizes and shapes. But whichever you get for yourself, the function of the putter will be the same.

These are made to put the golf ball inside the hole when the game is almost ending.

Final thoughts

We hope now you have a clear idea about what is a birdie in golf, different types of golf clubs, and all the scoring systems.

Also, before you play golf, you need to buy the right equipment or you can avail them at Shop Abunda through light and easy financing.

There are also different golf clubs such as woods, putters, hybrids, wedges, and irons.

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