Top 15 Things That Rich People Like To Buy

Lannisters always pay their debts and our favorite Uncle Scrooge loved diving in his pool of money. Yes, we all know that. But what we don’t know is what real rich people buy with their money. Here’s a list of things rich people buy, that poor folks can never think of. Don’t be amazed if you sense a envious tone here!

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  1. Rich people love registries, where they can get their names besides the most lavish items without physically possessing that product. One of the pleasure of being rich is that get to have your name on some expensive, rare and luxury items, rich people use registries to have their name on luxury items like cars, diamonds etc.

Rich People buy & love registries

  1. What Do Rich People Buy, well they buy AAirpass by paying $250,000 and they fly first class unlimited lifelong on an airline. Till date only 66 people have subscribed to it.Rich People Like To Buy-AAirpas by paying $250,000
  1. Rich people buy their own version of Craigslist and e-Bay, rich folks don’t wait for great bargains on eBay or Flipkart discount deals. One of the luxury e-commerce sites rich folk’s normally visit is, where they can buy rich people stuff like yachts, jets and even real estate.Rich People Like To Buy - Ebay & Craiglist - batmobile
  1. Rich people also rent, but what do they rent? The rich people are rich for a good reason, they make smart decisions. For instance, they avoid buying assets with depreciating value; rather they lease or rent them. One such example is luxury watches; they choose to rent them from sites like for special occasions.Rich People Like To Buy - watches or rent it
  1. Still wondering what do rich people buy, one of the things they like to spend money on is Black Russian cigarettes with filters made out of gold foil, while rich smokers flaunt them other people can only dream of such cigarettes.

Rich People Buy - Black Russian cigarettes

  1. Rich folks love their private jets. But if you are using it just once or twice a month then it is a huge waste, particularly when you have the option of renting, leasing or co-owning these beauties.Rich People Like To Buy - private jets
  1. Rich people have secretaries who themselves have secretaries. What an odd way to spend money!Rich People Like To Buy-secretaries who themselves have secretaries
  1. What do rich people buy? Well, they buy stocks in companies like Berkshire Hathaway which is an accumulation of many companies and the President, Chairman and CEO is Warren Buffett. You must be super-rich to buy shares of this company. The price of one share is about $1,97,500.00.Things That Rich People Like To Buy - stocks, companies
  1. Rich people buy insanely expensive phones, normally people consider functionality and design while buying a new phone, but the rich have a fetish for Vertu phone’s or gold-plated phones’.

Things That Rich People Like To Buy - expensive phones or gold-plated phone

  1. Rich people buy kidnap insurance while travelling to risky places.Rich people buy kidnap insurance
  1. Rich people like to buy fully functional submarine sports cars which they can drive on ocean beds as there are no traffic rules underwater.

Rich people like to buy submarine sports cars

  1. Rich people don’t go to a doctor that is so beneath them, rather they have emergency rooms setup inside their homes. Waiting in line for medical care is just not there cup of tea!Rich People Buy- emergency rooms setup inside their homes
  1. Gold pills that can turn shit into gold, the most shocking entry in our list of What do rich people buy is these gold pills, which cost around $425 a pill and they actually convert your poop into gold color.

Rich People Buy Gold pills

  1. Chocolate eggs, rich people indulge in strangest things. The world’s most costly chocolate egg was at auction in March for $11,200.Rich People Like To Buy world's most costly chocolate egg
  1. The rich buy things at auctions at insane prices for instance John Lennon’s tooth was sold at auction in 2011 for $31,200 another such example is the most expensive bottle of vintage Glenfiddich whisky was sold for $94,000 at a charity auction in New York.Rich People Like To Buy - most expensive bottle of vintage Glenfiddich whisky

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