What Are Steroids? Types Of Steroids, Its Uses & Withdrawal Syndrome

Types Of Steroids

You must have heard about the term ‘steroids’ many times. Pushing steroids inside the body to build muscles, is quite common. You must have seen most of the celebrities getting muscles suddenly. This is the reason behind it.  Now, the question that arise in your mind is, ‘what are steroids?’ The answer is quite simple. Yet, most of you may not be aware. It is basically an organic compound. The compound has 4 rings with an arrangement in a specific configuration of molecules. These days, in most of the products, the manufacturer uses the steroid. There are antibiotic steroids available in the market. But, those has common side effects. Today, even in various beauty products, steroids are used. Different types of steroids are available in the market.

Types of Steroids:

Our nature can give us wide range of steroid. But, the anabolic androgenic steroids are having maximum use. You will be surprised to learn that, there are 32 anabolic steroids. Following is the list with trade name and administrative form:


Trade name Administrative form








Dianabol Oral
Oxymetholone Anadrol


Nandrolone- Decanoate

Deca- Durabolin Injectable
Trenbolone- Acetate Fina


Mesterolone Proviron



The above are just few variety of steroids, you can get in the market. Each one has a different purpose.

Uses of steroids

You can now find various uses of steroids in your day to day life. People suffering from variety of diseases and medical conditions can avail steroid to get rid of those. Steroid helps us in the following ways:

Medical uses

  • It is useful when the patients suffer from arthritis
  • Steroids helps in reducing swelling and inflammation in various parts of your body
  • This helps in treating the inflamed joint
  • If you have asthma, steroids can be used to help it
  • The body immune system can be controlled with the help of a steroid
  • Steroid helps in opening the airway inside your lungs, which in turn helps in proper lungs function
  • It controls acute attach of asthma
  • Steroids can be useful in treating the skin conditions dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, etc
  • Oral steroid can be used in treating the autoimmune diseases
  • It treats the eye disease
  • Some forms of cancer can be treated with steroids

Fitness uses of Steroids

There are types of steroids that can be a part of fitness. Most athletics also uses steroids to gain strength and energy. Steroid will basically boost an activity. Regardless of the natural way of progression, it will create a pump up in the entire process. The next question in front of you is, why are steroids used in fitness industry? The steroids which are used in fitness and muscle boost are known as anabolic steroids.

What Are Steroids

Anabolic steroids

These are basically the synthetic steroid that helps in boosting the testosterone level in an individual. The male sex hormone known as testosterone is very important for healthy living. This is present in every male that too in a natural way. But, sometimes due to age, stress and occupational hazards, this testosterone level gets decrease. This will impact the healthy living life as well as sex life of a male individual. Anabolic steroids are truly useful in such a situation. This steroid also helps in increasing the size of muscle. The strength of muscle is again an important fact over here. But, too much of those steroids can be harmful as well.

Are steroid harmful?

There are some types of steroids which can harm. But, some steroids are also extremely helpful. They help you in staying away from various types of diseases. Even, the hospitals and the medical practitioners prescribes steroids to the patient when nothing works. But these days, people are misusing the action of steroids. The body builders take steroids to build up their body muscles. But, this is not the natural way of getting muscles. Rather, they do it through synthetic or artificial means. Even there are people who wishes to create a boost in their appearance. That is the time when they take in the steroids. This, might not be needed. But, people do it to get a good presentation. This may not impact you immediately. But, you will suffer soon.

Side effects of using steroids

People can easily find many side effects of steroids. The anabolic steroids are used to increase the testosterone level in a male individual. But, those are the synthetic compounds. Even female use them to gain If you use this on a regular basis, following can be the side effects:

  • Increase of hair growth in female
  • Men gaining breast tissue over their chest
  • Developing redness and rashes over the skin
  • Issues with fertility
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Getting stroke
  • Women get irregularities in menstruation
  • Developing rapid mood swings
  • Heart problems

Issues with steroid dependency

What are steroids and its dependency? You must be aware of the answer of the first question by now. People become too much dependent on steroids after a period. The celebrities generally have this issue. They become so much dependent on steroid that they their body cannot function without the steroid. There will be severe side effects in individuals. Thus, it is always good not to use steroid unnecessarily. Go for it only when you don’t have any other way left. This is a type of addiction when many people experience. When the dosage is stopped, you will feel restless. Your body is habituated by this. Thus, it will need it more. The best thing to be done is the withdrawal treatment.

Withdrawal treatment of steroid

The doctor will see the patient and diagnose the cause at first. First, they will provide some substitutes and lower dosage of steroids. Thereafter, slowly the dosage will be reduced. The medical practitioners will easily analyse the withdrawal syndromes in an individual who is taking the steroid on a regular basis. Whether it is oral steroid or the steroid in an injected form, withdrawal treatment is always present.  Even if you are suffering from stress, supplement medicine is required. You can reduce steroid medication to stay healthy.

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