Web-based tools: Great academic tools for students

It can be quite a daunting task to write an article or an essay if you possess the needed skills. Students can easily navigate the murky waters of academic writing if they have the right academic tools. Besides, the internet comes with many tools that can assist students in completing their course work. According to the coursework service these educational tools can be confusing, mainly if used without considering course work’s general requirements. In this article, we discuss new academic web-based tools.

One-note organization tool

To have a head start in your essay writing, a well thought out organization is a critical component. This tool is available free to students who have access to content on the website. One-note organization tool is the answer to managing huge workloads like scheming through literature and bibliography.

Google Scholar

This Web-based tools enables students to access thesis, books, journal articles, and other vital documents while browsing websites. These reference materials are stored in one source to make sure that similar references are in one location. This tool enables students to easily manage research content and arrange bibliography for consideration at the tail end of the writing.


This tool enables students to sieve through documents to identify spelling mistakes by underlining with a red wavy line. It also provides tips for correcting grammatical and spelling mistakes to words and phrases based on word-arithmetic score.


This tool is almost similar to a spell-checker but with the additional capability to offer more checks inclined to language specifications. This tool is capable of identifying synonymous words for over-used words. If you want to bring out the meaning of words in the article, this tool also offers antonyms.


The site offers a community of authors and friends in the writing career. The team will be valuable in providing writing assistance remotely at the click of a button. Chatbox comes with a time indicator showing an approximate period you have to wait before you get a reply from an administrator.

Readability check

Once you finish writing, it is essential to subject your work to a readability check to assess the readability strength by providing a real-time examination of the content. This check analyses, keywords, and the percentage density in the document, and SEO protocols to see if metadata descriptions were followed during the writing.

Plagiarism checker

This tool ensures that the content of your work is not only original but also unique. This website is a valuable tool for checking your content for plagiarism by ascertaining any cases of duplications. This tool highlights in real-time the matching content and executes simultaneously with the writing process.

Google Docs

Google Docs offer smart editing tools that can highlight students’ documents. Students can edit and style the content based on the students’ preference. Students can convert pdf documents to picture or word with this smart editing tool and insert pictures.

Thesis guide

It is critical to use the correct thesis to champion the write-up and to offer a road map to the easy reader. Whereas it is difficult to create a thesis, this tool offers points to remember when writing your thesis.

Parapal tool

The tool offers online writing exercises suitable for getting rid-off writing phobia within the student’s community.


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