Various amenities you can enjoy in flights to Dubai


We all just love to enjoy those special services and amenities while onboard on the flights to Dubai. So here are mentioned all the amenities that you can expect in your flight to Dubai.

Amenities you may expect with an Economy class flight ticket

The following are some of the major amenities that one may get access to while flying through gulf air flights to enjoy in flights in Dubai, in an economy class.

  • Relax in the comfortable seats provided.

Economy class seats are of extremely high quality, and they are meant to provide you with great comfort and are also made with some innovative design that sets them apart from the others. Economy class seats come with a seat pocket at the top of the seat, and you can easily choose between a range of seat types, the one near to the window, the one near to the washroom, the one near to the emergency exit for better leg space, the one in the middle row or the side ones. You can choose a seat wherever you are comfortable.

  • High-Speed data services

In every flight to Dubai, you will be getting high-speed internet facilities, using which you can stream to any online platform for entertainment, or just surfing through online sites, chatting with friends online, or just completing your work while being on the flight.

  • Delicious food and drinks

Economy class passengers can get to choose and eat from a varied range of food available on board and enjoy their journey munching some good food and refreshing by having any kind of drink they want. One would love to have a coffee and just chill while reading his or her favourite book while travelling.

Amenities you may expect with a Business class flight ticket

Business Class has got a lot more to offer you than the economy class. Following are some of the major amenities that one may get access to while flying through any flights to Dubai, in a business class.

  • Just sit back and relax

Business-class seats are much more spacious and comfortable than those of the Economy class. Seats in the business class have got more space, wider chairs, more legroom, thus providing you with all the things needed to relax and enjoy the journey with the airlines. Most business class seats are crafted from Italian leather, which is the perfect one to provide you with a good sleep as you take off to your destination and in the most relaxing way possible.

  • Stay Connected with internet

Business-class passengers are provided with onboard Wi-Fi packages so that you don’t have to compromise because of the weak internet facilities. You can easily turn your seat into your office with a fold-out desk to continue with all your work.

  • You can have some mouthwatering delicacies

You can choose from a delicious menu of food that provides you with meals, snacks, and other complimentary hot and cold beverages while travelling through a business class. Generally, the menu in the business class of any flight to Dubai is an internationally inspired menu to please all kinds of taste buds of the passengers travelling. They offer you a customized and a quite good portion breakfast, lunch and dinner to keep you going while you are travelling with them. However, the food options may differ depending on your destination. So, you just have to sit back and enjoy the food and hospitality that you are being provided with.

  • Onboard Entertainment

Most airlines providing flight to Dubai provide its passengers of the business class with great onboard entertainment. You are already being provided with Wi-Fi using which you can stream any movie or series, but apart from this, every business class passenger has access to various online platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, and various other platforms for viewing movies and series. So, in no way, you are going to get bored on a long journey flight. You just need to relax and have food and just binge-watch your favourite series.

  • Various other amenities

Business-class has still got to offer you many more amenities. Each passenger is provided with a personal kit that consists of an eye mask, a great quality headphone, a comb, and a small hand towel that may also be provided sometimes.

Now that you have all the information regarding the available amenities on gulf air flights to Dubai making a final decision will be somewhat easier for you.



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