Unsecured loan in Vietnam: how to get a loan quickly?

Unsecured loans are available in various sizes to meet any customers’ needs. In case you are interesting in learning about unsecured loan in Vietnam, the following article is for you:

What is a loan which is unsecured?

An unsecured loan is the personal loan that does not require any kind of mortgage to secure that loan. The financial institutions will check the credit score of a customer to decide whether to provide a loan or not.

Normally, unsecured loans (vay tín chấp là gì) in Vietnam are offered in smaller amounts, compared to mortgage loans. These loans usually have shorter loan terms and have more flexible lending requirements.

This kind of loan is issued by both traditional banks and financial entities. Commonly, these personal loans might be more suitable for people who want to borrow less, in a shorter time period.

Instant loans in Vietnam: How to apply

Payday loan is a very common type of unsecured loans helping customers cover their expenses before payday. Payday loan is a suitable option for those who have a negative credit profile, as the requirements focus on the ability to pay back the loan.

In Vietnam, you can easily apply for unsecured loans via online websites or mobile apps. You can choose a reliable lender (for example: OnCredit) and go to their website or download their application.Then you will begin to fill in the application form with personal and financial details.

To meet the requirements for a payday loan, the customers are required to be over the age of 18, currently being employed and be a resident of Vietnam. The loan will be quickly approved if you are qualified enough. Loan amount is usually deposited in customers’ bank accounts within 24 hours.

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