25+ Different Types Of Kisses And Their Meanings

A kiss is an essential expression of desire and intimacy. Kissing is a form of expressing feelings that fall short on words. There are different types of kisses and their meanings. The kiss is even honored by celebrating International Kissing Day on 6th of July.

A kiss doesn’t mean lip locking or a smooch. Kisses can be given on any part of the partner and each of them means something and shows what the kisser is feeling. One can differentiate between Love and lust, care and affection, respect or seduction etc.

A kiss says a lot about the couple, their emotions, love, and attachment. Listed below are different types of kisses and what they express.

Types Of Kisses & Their Meanings

The Forehead Kiss

The Forehead Kiss And Their Meanings

The forehead kiss is much sweeter than the cheek kiss as it shows the care and respects the partners have for each other.  It’s beautiful because it shows the commitment the partners have for each other. A forehead kiss, in general, means the emotional attachment that the partners share. If the forehead kiss is given after a lovemaking session it means that the man adores and loves his woman so much that he prioritizes her needs before his. This is because a forehead kiss after lovemaking does not do anything to him, but it means a lot to her.

The Eskimo Kiss

 The Eskimo Kiss And Their Meanings

The Eskimo kiss is placed by rubbing the noses of partners with one another. This kiss also looks playful. This type of kiss can be a flirtatious gesture among the partners and may be given when cuddling or snuggling together. This lightens the mood and may lead to a passionate kiss and more.

 The French Kiss

 The French Kiss And Their Meanings

A French kiss is also known as a deep kiss that involves a lot of passion and shows how intimately the couple is involved. It is the ultimate in the kiss category and is well-known all over the world. It is considered as the most romantic and the most arousing kiss of all times. It begins with 2-3 gentle pecks on the lips and slowly moving further by pulling the bodies very close to each other with the head tilted in opposite directions. The French kiss is mostly pleasurable as it is given with the eyes closed and the tongues of the couples explore each other’s mouth. The performance of a French kiss is a thin task while becoming proficient at the art takes up to some years.

The Single Lip Kiss

 The Single Lip Kiss And Their Meanings

A single lip kiss is an intimate yet soft kiss in which one partner’s lower or upper lip is sucked by another partner. It’s like sandwiching the single lip of another partner. This kiss is an act of foreplay that can lead to a lot more of a passionate time.

The Hand Kiss

The Hand Kiss And Their Meanings

A hand kiss, in general, is a sign of chivalry. In couples, a hand kiss is like a silent promise they make to love each other forever. A hand kiss may be given in the back of the palm or on the fingers.

The Earlobe Kiss

The Earlobe Kiss And Their Meanings

Earlobe kisses are the most effective form of kiss to arouse both men and women. Earlobes are the most sensitive parts and even the slightest feather touch will give extreme arousal. These kisses add more romance and spark among the couple. Earlobe kisses are very simple. It is just placing the earlobes of the partner between the lips. The earlobe kisses can be made more intense by rubbing the tongue in a circular manner.

The Butterfly Kiss

The Butterfly Kiss And Their Meanings

The butterfly kiss is given with the flickering of the eyelashes. The eyelashes of both the partners are kept very close to each other. This makes the partners in close contact with each other.  Before proceeding with the lip kiss the eyelashes may be flattered. The butterfly kiss represents some fun, playfulness, and love between the partners.

The Inverted Kiss / The Spiderman Kiss

The Inverted Kiss And Their Meanings

The Spiderman kiss has gained fame from the movie Spiderman. Here the kiss is given in such a way that the lips of the kisser get engulfed with the partner’s lips. The lower lip gets contacted with the upper lip and the upper lip gets in touch with the lower lip.

The Lingering Lip Kiss

Lingering Lip Kiss And Their Meanings

Lingering Lip kiss is the one that lasts for a short time. It is a closed mouth kiss with the involvement of the lips only. This kiss represents deep love for a person. Here the tongues do not get involved.

The Cheek Kiss

 The Cheek Kiss And Their Meanings

In many regions, cheek kissing is a form of greeting. But among couples in love, cheek kisses are a sign of affection. When partners adore each other they normally give cheek kisses.

The Peck

Types Of Kisses And Their Meanings The Peck

The peck kiss is a teeny tiny close-mouthed kiss that lasts for less than a couple of seconds. It is given out of love among the partners that have been together for quite a long time.

The Air Kiss

The Air Kiss And Their Meanings

Air kiss, also known as a flying kiss or blowing a kiss is a type of kiss where the kiss is given without any actual physical contact. Here, the kiss is blown by kissing the palm and blowing the kiss away. These kisses are often accompanied by the sound “mwah, mwah”. The air kiss is given when the partners are at distant or as a means of bidding bye.

The Angel Kiss

The Angel Kiss And Their Meanings

This is the purest and the sweetest form of a kiss. This is when the peck is laid above the eyelids as a sign of affection. These kisses are not meant to turn on the partners.

The Biting Kiss

 The Biting Kiss and Their Meanings

Those partners that love each other’s company and share a deep and intense physical intimacy often give the biting kiss. This is a kiss where the upper lip of a partner is gently nibbled by another partner. These kisses also add some spice and spark into the relationship

The Neck Kiss

The Neck Kiss and Their Meaning

The neck is a very sensitive and erogenous spot for both men and women. Women love it when her man hugs her from behind and kisses her neck. It is romantic and erotic at the same time. Neck kisses are different from vampire kisses as this does not involve biting and sucking. It is just a warm kiss that will give Goosebumps to any woman. Neck kisses can be made more exciting by lightly brushing the fingertips before the kiss. Neck kisses show how happy the person is to be with their partner and how much they enjoy kissing each other.

The Teaser Kiss

The Teaser Kiss And Their Meaning

A teaser kiss is a tease done to the other partner so that they crave to be kissed passionately. It involves light brushing of the lips and nose against their cheek, neck, jawline, and lips whilst heavily breathing. This shows the playfulness and the flirtatious fun-loving nature of the partners.

The Vampire Kiss

It is a deep kiss on the partner’s neck. The neck is rather a very erogenous spot for both men and women. A vampire kiss involves lightly brushing the lips against the neck and slowly starting to kiss followed by sucking and nibbling on the neck. There are chances of leaving a hickey by the vampire kiss. This is a guaranteed form of kissing to turn on the partner as well as get turned on for further actions.

The Wet Kiss

A wet kiss is also called an open mouth kiss. It is a sign of an intense and strong physical relationship and sexual energy. The partners explore each other’s mouths freely without any hesitation or boundaries. So these kisses may often lead to the bedroom for a romantic lovemaking session. Some tongue action is also seen in the wet kiss. It shows the intimacy among the partners. Both men and women enjoy wet kisses and find whether or not they are compatible with each other.

The Lizard Kiss

The lizard kiss is a weird style of kissing where the tongue of one partner moves in and out of another partner’s mouth in quick strokes during a makeout session. The lizard kiss shows a lot of adventure and excitement among the couples.

The Hickey Kiss

A hickey is also called a love bite. A hickey kiss may be given by kissing more tightly, harder, and aggressively by sucking and biting and also using the tongue to lubricate the area. It may be given by the man or the woman. The hickey bites show the wild and passionate side of the couple.

The Secret Message Kiss

Just as the name says, a secret message kiss is where the couple whispers secret messages to each other with their lips brushing against each other. While French kissing the couples may give out secret messages out of love, maybe a code word they both share etc. the passing of the secret message need not necessarily be with lips, it could also be with tongues of the partners. This makes the kiss more erotic and adds much more romance into the relationship.

The Jawline Kiss


The jawline kiss is the one that is enjoyed mostly by men. If the jawline kiss alone is given, it shows how much the woman adores him. If it is added in the foreplay when the woman kisses his neck, the earlobe, and the jaws and then to the lips, it shows how much she wants him. Women also tend to enjoy the jawline kiss as it is quite near to the neck.

The Breath Kiss

Breath Kiss

Breath Kiss is one of the most romantic types of kisses where the breathing pattern of the partner has to be followed while kissing. The kiss could be a wet kiss or a French kiss but while performing any type of kiss inhale deeply while locking lips of your partner and slowly exhale when the other inhales. This can be very sensual and romantic if practiced right.

The Love Kiss

Love Kiss

The love kiss is a kiss given out of love and affection. It is not given to turn each other on or to create lust. It is given purely out of love. It is just a peck on the closed lips, with no involvement of tongue. These kisses are generally seen among those couples that have been together for a long time and actually care about each other emotionally than just physical love.

The Upside-Down Kiss

Upside-Down Kiss

Like the Spiderman kiss, an upside-down kiss is when the couple is facing upside down. An upside-down kiss may be given to each other’s lips or to each other’s foreheads while lying on a couch or a bed.

The Lip Kiss

Lip Gloss Kiss

A lip gloss kiss is the one where the female partner applies lip gloss or lip balm on her lips and gives a deep smooch to transfer the juicy and flavored lip gloss on to the partner’s lips. This shows the playfulness among the couples.

Now that you know 26 different types of kisses and their meanings, hopefully kissing would never be boring again! Share your views in comments below.

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