Top YouTube channels with amazing social experiment content that will make you smile

YouTube has quickly become one of the most well-known and commonly utilised online video streaming services due to its status as one of the world’s top video streaming service websites. YouTube has evolved into the site many people look for entertainment because it is packed with a wide range of engaging content, including anything from games to vlogs to practical jokes. 

Not only does it have an intriguing premise, but the video content of social experimentation also frequently strikes subscribers’ emotions. The sorts of social encounters that individuals participate in are likewise fairly diverse, ranging from those that highlight problems of racism and religion to those that raise questions about social standing. 

Here are a few YouTube channels that provide intriguing content related to social experiences and gangs for those interested in watching videos related to social experiences.


Through the use of their videos, Jubilee is attempting to start a movement for social reform that will be to the benefit of everyone. The channel is loaded with a range of videos full of the feeling that everything is working out for the best for everyone involved. This channel presents its content with a greater emphasis on a particular individual’s unique perspective on various topics, such as video games. Additionally, Jubilee is categorised as frequently downloading videos connected to dating content such as that found on the Tinder app, and this is done directly.  YouTube is so popular that people who enjoy Internet browsing or playing games such as online  NetBet also enjoy watching it. Since it was listed in 2010, this channel has gained more than 7 million subscribers.


Riceman’s YouTube channel has the intention of spreading goodwill over the internet, and it is led by a YouTuber who appears to be of Asian descent. It offers people a perspective of the other side of the world that they may not have previously had the opportunity to experience. You can find many videos on this channel that deal with the topic of gangs, which offers intriguing sociological experiences to observe. In addition, the Riceman channel features a wealth of prank videos and a variety of other entertaining videos that, you should know, are not any less interesting. Since its inception in 2006, the Riceman channel has been able to amass more than 1.8 million subscribers by providing viewers with a wide range of engaging content.

Do you want to react?

The chain responds to much content through social experimentation that moves the public to its core. Do you wish to respond to this? It prompts people to react when they notice particular occurrences in their environment. The Belgian channel brought up some fascinating topics in creating content from real-life social situations, including religion, humanity, and others. The videos were made to provide illustrations of constructive behaviours to make gangs and their environments better. Would you be interested in responding to the channel, which features a wide variety of engaging content? It has already surpassed 800 thousand in terms of the number of subscribers. 


The brothers Moe Bradberry and Ethan Bradberry run the YouTube channel MoeAndEthan, which features significant footage from the boys’ various social experiences. Not only does this channel upload content drawn from users’ social experiences, but it also frequently downloads prank videos contributed by users who are just as intriguing to the channel’s audience, the gang. This MoeAndEthan channel has only been up since 2014 and has already amassed more than 2.7 million subscribers.



A YouTuber who currently resides in Canada, provides a lot of interesting gang-related videos on his channel, which is known as JAYKEEOUT X VWVB on YouTube. The video content of social encounters involving many individuals around him drew subscribers’ attention, which was one of the elements that caught their attention overall. Because the channel provides video content that frequently educates viewers on many aspects of English language instruction, it is also appropriate for those studying English. In addition to the fascinating substance, Jay’s stunning good looks are another factor that piques ladies’ interest.


The DuoHK channel was started in 2015, and it provides users with a wide range of video content drawn from various unique social events full of encouraging words. Two individuals run this YouTube channel by the names of Kawasar Rahman and Habib Ahmed, and it frequently publishes videos depicting social events involving people who are homeless. Prank videos are occasionally downloaded onto the DuoHK channel, and the content relates to social experience. Only the DuoHK channel has more than 1.03 million subscribers.


Comedy Heaven, as its name suggests, is a channel that provides a wide selection of entertaining content that is ideal for those who are looking for some gangs or fun. This channel also provides a lot of video content that depicts comedic societal situations that viewers may watch and enjoy. In addition, the ComedyHeaven channel frequently uploads prank films that are just as interesting and entertaining for its audience. 

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