Top Concentrates You Can Find at the Licensed Medical Dispensaries

With the legalization and proliferation of medical marijuana dispensaries, you have a wide variety of options to choose from when buying medical marijuana. Cannabis concentrates are a popular form of medicines used to treat cancer and several other ailments. Here we take a look at top concentrates that you can buy at licensed medical marijuana dispensaries.


Shatter is a cannabis concentrate that looks like glass. It has a hard, translucent appearance, and it is one of the most photogenic types of marijuana products. The shatter wax contains an extract derived from the plant’s essential oil, which includes terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds in the cannabis plant. The term shatter is derived from its texture, and this cannabis concentrate breaks and shatters like glass. Shatter contains 70 to 90% THC. 

Hash Oil

Hash oils are a cannabis concentrate that can be used for dabbing or burning. This cannabis extract can be rubbed onto the skin, eaten, vaped, or smoked. Hash oil is known to contain 90% THC. Since hash oil has more potency than other medical marijuana products, it provides excellent relief to people who have cancer and chronic pain. 


Budder is a form of cannabis wax. It is often confused with honeycomb wax or crumbles wax that falls in the cannabis wax category. However, Budder has a different texture. It is neither as light or brittle as honeycomb wax, nor does it crumble when you take it in hand. Budder is extracted using butane and CO2.

The chemical solvents are blast through marijuana buds to extract THC and CBD. The potential harmful solvents are removed from the extract by passing heat through the concentrate and applying air pressure, which purges the chemical solutions leaving the cannabis concentrate behind. 

Live Resin 

Live Resin is manufactured by taking freshly harvested cannabis and then freezing it to subcritical temperatures. The low temperatures are maintained throughout the extraction process. 

The Live Resin cannabis concentrate is known to have higher medical value due to its extraction process, which keeps valuable terpenes profile intact. The final product also carries the original flavor and fragrance. 

Crumble Wax 

Crumble wax is a popular form of cannabis concentrate that you can purchase at medical marijuana dispensaries. This extract is primarily identified by its malleable texture, which crumbles when you take it in hand.

It is also known as honeycomb wax due to its cell-like structure. The crumble wax is not limited to dabbing. This cannabis concentrate is produced using a solvent. 

Cannabis Oil Distillate

The Cannabis oil distillate is a semi-translucent liquid containing 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled THC sap. Its sheer versatility, unmatched purity, makes the Cannabis Oil distillate a clean and potent medical marijuana product with the limitless application. 

The distillate comes from a short-path distillation method used to produce single compound oils that can attain up to 99% purity. For isolating compounds like THC, several layers of refinement are employed in the distillation process. The cannabinoids and terpenes are extracted from cannabis plants through CO2 solvent-based extraction techniques. The distillate has around 95% THC.

These are top cannabis concentrates that you can buy from medical marijuana dispensaries. Due to their higher purity and higher THC content, cannabis concentrates are popular than other medical marijuana products that have a lower level of THC.

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