5 Tips to Planning a Tea Party

There are many tea fans that always go out for tea, but what they don’t know is that once in a while they can hold their own tea party. Tea parties are great for people to interact and spend time together.

Though you can have tea during an event such as a birthday, it doesn’t have to be only during events that you take tea. You can plan and make a tea party where it’s just tea and some snacks in the company of your friends.

Here are some tips that will guide you when planning for a tea party.

Tips to Planning a Tea Party

Send invites early

Don’t just set any date and take into account the seasons of the year like holidays and climatic conditions. Check your calendar and pick a date that you feel will be most suitable. Find a time of the year when most of the people that you intend to invite will be available.

Make a list of the people that you would like to attend and send out invitations early. This will give you time to note those that will accept your invite so that you can make proper plans for the day depending on the number of people that will be present. With an estimate, it will be easier to work within your set budget.

Plan on tea and food

Both tea and coffee are some of the drinks that you can prepare for a tea party, but being the main course, the drinks have to be in plenty. Pick on the type of tea that you prefer, be it English tea or any other. You can also have an assortment of different guests prefer different types of tea.

The tea can also be accompanied with essentials like lemon slices, ice cubes for iced tea, sugar, fresh herbs such as mint or basil, honey, and cream for a wider selection for your guests.  Don’t just let it be plain tea, include foods like sandwiches and other pastries for a proper balance.

Table setting and decoration

Setting out a nice presentation will make the party even more fun, beautiful and enjoyable.  The appearance of the table where your guests will be seated is an important factor when decorating. Settle on a nice presentation of your cutlery and cups. You can also place some tablecloths and flower centerpiece for a shiny look. Arrange the teacups early.


Entertainment is an important factor for any kind of event so pick out the right kind of music.  Soothing music such as jazz or a bit or classical music is normally ideal since it’s soft and creates an aura of peace. Soft music also allows guests to converse as they sip their tea slowly enjoying the moment.

Be ready to have fun

Even after some hectic preparations, you should be ready to enjoy during the party. Feel free and enjoy taking those sips of tea in the company of your friends and loved ones as the conversations go on.

Tea parties provide an awesome set up to share a lot of things and moments. However, limit the number of guests. A small tea party is easier to handle and all guests can converse comfortably.

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