9 Tips for First Time Flyers to Make Their Journey Easy

Traveling through an airplane is an amazing experience yet a dream for many. Be it a domestic or international. Flying saves a lot of journey time and helps in reaching the destinations sooner.

tips for first time flyers

Planning a trip is a beautiful experience. One needs to decide on the destination, the airlines, the itinerary, the places to visit and stay etc. For instance, if the flight is from Jeddah to Riyadh which is at an aerial distance of 83 km, it would take around 1h 45 minutes to travel. First you need to book a ticket in Jaddah to Riyadh flights. Best airline to travel to Riyadh is the Saudi Arabian airlines. Some other airlines are Flyadeal Airlines 101,Nesma Airlines 10, Flynas 14 and Sky Prime Charter 60.The closest airport in Riyadh is the King Khalid International Airport. Guaranteed comfortable stay at top Hotels like Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh, Al Faisaliah Hotel, and Makarim Riyadh Hotel is located quite close to the King Khalid International Airport.

Kingdom Center, Al Faisaliah Mall, Prince Abdul-Aziz Bin Mohammed Bin Ayaf Park, Al-Maalem Park, Universal Bowling Center, and King Abdullah Park Foundation are some fun places to visit in Riyadh.

But flying for the first-time could be a hard task. Hence certain tips will make it easier for first-time flyers.

The tips for first time flyers are categorized under four overheads:

Before the flight

1. Gather travel documents and photo ID’S

Photo identification issued by the government is very necessary whether you are flying domestically or internationally. It could either bea driver’s license, a Social Security card or a Taxpayer’s ID. For an international flight, a passport valid for six months from the date of departure and a VISA permitting entry to the destination country is required.

2. Buy a plane ticket

The best and easiest way to buy a plane ticket is to buy it online. It helps you search for multiple dates and flight times for your planned destination

3. Planning the luggage

Planning the luggage depends on the place you are traveling to. Keep the luggage packed a couple of days before the journey. The luggage has to meet the weight limits. Detailed information on the baggage limit will be provided on the airline website. Free baggage allowances ranging from 7 to 15 kilos are allowed. Along with the packed baggage, a small carry-on luggage weighing around 7 kilos is permitted.  The cabin baggage guide should be clearly read for information about hand luggage weight restrictions and sizes.

At the Airport

4. Reach before time

The location of the airport, facilities provided and parking costs must be known in advance. In case you are not aware of this a buffer time for emergencies must be saved. Arrive two hours early for a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight so that any emergencies may be handled without panic.

5. Check-in at the airline desk

As soon as you arrive at the airport, approach the schedule board to find out about your flight.

Keep in hand the photo ID ready and keep an eye on the signs to the check-in desks. The officer will look up your reservation and print boarding passes.The baggage will be weighed and baggage fees will be collected. The luggage will be tagged and placed on a conveyor belt to be taken to the plane.

6. Go through the security check

The IDs and boarding pass must be presented at the security gate. Shoes and jacket must be taken off at the screening machines. It will be placed in a clear bag and sent down the conveyor along with the luggage and carry-on bag. After walking through the metal detector the luggage, carry-on bag and the clear bag with shoes and jacket may be retrieved.

7. Find your gate

The printed boarding pass contains the gate number. The electronic display installed in the airport also displays the flight code and gate number. Those signs need to be followed to get to the gate and wait for the gate agent to call for boarding.

At times random, unexpected cases of flight delays may happen to which you need to be prepared. You could use the extra time to take a walk or sip some coffee.

Inside the plane

8. Find your seat and settle in

Each row will be numbered. Check the numbers above each row and find your seat. The small carry-on bags may be put small bags under the seat in front and the larger bags in the overhead bins.

In case it is a long flight, bring or wear something warm. Feel comfortable to ask for a pillow and a blanket to sleep in.

As a first time flyer, the takeoff may give you Goosebumps and also build up a pressure in the ears, so bring some gum or candy that could help take your mind off.

The food and refreshments will be provided in the flight by the flight attendants either for free or for sale.

Land and exit. Yay!!You made it!

9. Collect your baggage

The long journey comes to an end and the flight lands. Get off the plane and collect your baggage. Baggage claim signs have to be followed at the destination airport. The electronic display will show up your departure city and flight number. Once the conveyor starts moving, your bag arrives.

Collect your baggage and move out of the airport with a joy of finishing the first journey successfully.

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