The importance of sharing your story online

Do you ever think of sharing your life story? There are several ways you can share your story. You can choose to share it online and reveal your identity or remain anonymous. You can post your story on an anonymous blogging website and no one will know who you are. Whichever way you decide to do it, there are several benefits when it comes to sharing your story online. These benefits are not only for you but for those around you.

You might not think sharing your story will make any significance but it can make a difference in your life. The points below will help you see the importance of sharing your story online.

1. Your identity is safe

With cyber bullies running loose, there is need to protect your identity online. Just because you are sharing your story online does not mean that your identity has to be revealed. You can use anonymous tools or post on anonymous blogs that will keep your identity hidden. This ensures that you are safe and can post without feeling like you will be victimized.

By posting your story anonymously, you can start a conversation that you would have shied from. You can discuss controversial topics that people stay away from because they come with a lot of judgment or stigma. Since it is difficult to discuss something like rape or domestic violence without being stigmatized, you can share your topic online confidently without revealing your identity.

2. You can give others a voice

There are many people who have gone through the same experiences as you but do not have the strength and confidence to do it. However, when you post our story, you give them that voice they lacked. When you speak out, you do not do it for yourself but also for other. You show others that you went through challenges and came out on top.

You do not need to be a celebrity or influencer to make a difference in someone’s life. By posting your story on a blog or even on your social media profile, you can reach someone who needed to see they are not alone. Your story matters since it gives others a chance to speak through you.

3. You can inspire others to tell their stories

Other than being the voice for others, your story is important as it inspires others to tell their stories. When you share your story, you give others the chance to heal and find closure. This is because telling your story can give you closure. By helping others share their stories, you help them get the closure they need to heal.

When you tell your story, people can get that extra push they need to overcome the challenges they are going through. They learn that they are strong and can do anything. If you overcame and became stronger, they can do the same. If they went through something that has stigma attached to it, they can get strength knowing that they are not the only ones and they can be successful regardless of the events of the past. Wouldn’t you want to share your story knowing that you will give someone hope?

4. It can give you the closure you need

Sometimes we go through things that tear us down. For you to heal, you need to have closure. Telling your story online can give you the closure you need. You get to relive the events and although it might seem scary, you can understand what happened better. For instance, if you were sexually assaulted, you can understand that it was not your fault and that the assault does not define who you are. You accept that it happened to you and see that you are strong enough to overcome anything that comes your way.

It will also give you a chance to reflect and see what you have gained from the experience. You will re-affirm your values and see where you went wrong. You will work hard to meet the standards you set for yourself as sometimes you get overwhelmed with everything and forget your goal. When you get the closure you need, you can move on with your life. Sharing your story could give you the peace and hope you have been looking for.

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