The 5 Most Popular Diamond Shapes and Types in Abilene

When buying a diamond you have to consider several factors and be prepared with your diamond preferences. In that way, shopping can be more convenient for you and you can save time as well as money. Check on every possible jewelry store that offers the diamond you have in mind and once you have decided which store can offer you this visit a wholesale jewelry store in Abilene and see the diamond up close. Know the features of your diamond and one of the factors is the shape determines what shapes are trending to have an idea of what is ideal for you or the wearer. 

Popular diamond shapes and Types

The round-cut diamond (a classic shape, perfect symmetry, and popular choice)

This is the most popular diamond shape and this makes it the most expensive one. The demand for a round diamond is still high up to this time, it is because they can be versatile on any jewelry and they can match any fashion statement. The brilliance of the round diamond is perfect since the cut is symmetrically balanced. 

The emerald-cut diamond (excellent symmetry and clean lines)

This cut has become popular since most reputable people and celebrities opt for this shape on their rings. Since it has become trending more and more people are liking it. This cut has a huge table which makes its clarity and color more obvious. When grading this diamond the flaws can easily be seen. Its elongated shape can also make it appear bigger which can be good for a diamond since bigger diamonds are expensive, you can get a lower carat and still make it appear bigger. 

The curvy pear shape diamond (graceful appearance and classic engagement style)

The end of this shape is rounded and the other end is pointed which resembles a pear. This shape can be good for those who want a unique shape for their jewelry. The shape can also make it appear bigger than its actual size and when worn the finger of the wearer makes it appear longer that’s why they are perfect for engagement rings since women are crazy about having a slim finger. 

The oval cut diamond (elongated appearance and narrow shape)

The oval’s shape has similar brilliance to the round diamonds and its shape makes it appear bigger. This shape makes an elegant appearance and unique jewelry, the elongated shape also makes the finger appear slimmer when worn. They can also be perfect for pendants as it looks bigger than their usual size. 

The vintage vibe of the cushion-cut diamond (fancy shape and brilliant style)

Cushions cut has been used by people from the upper class and that makes them wanted by many. The cushion cut is shaped like a pillow, a square with rounded corners. It can be perfect for vintage design rings.

Which Cuts of Diamonds are Most Expensive?

The round brilliant diamond still tops the list when it comes to the most expensive diamond. Since they are popular and have the most perfect facet for diamonds the demand for this shape is continuously increasing. 

Which Cut of a Diamond has the Most Sparkle?

To maximize the sparkle of the diamond it should have a perfect cut with 58 facets and the round diamond never fails to have this feature no matter how small or big it is. Each facet of the diamond absorbs enough light to create a mirror effect and creates a bright reflection. 

Relevance of Choosing a Shape for your Diamond 

  •     Each diamond comes with a price tag, checking in the diamond you want to have can help you prepare the proper budget for it. The pricing can be seen online and you can use these references to estimate how much will your diamond cost. 
  •     Choosing can diamond can make your jewelry more personalized, for instance, if you want trendy jewelry then go for round brilliant diamonds but if you want something vintage then a cushion cut can be a good choice. You can pick a shape that matches your personality or the wearer’s personality. 
  •     Having a shape in mind can make your shopping more convenient. You can save time since you can check who among the jewelers in Abilene has the shapes you want and your can narrow down your choices of stores you have to visit. Visiting jewelry stores is an advantage since you can see their diamonds up close.

So better have a list of the diamond’s specifications and you can start choosing a store in Abilene to buy your diamond from. 

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