Sunscreen Sensitive Face & Dry Skin : What You Need to Know

Everyone needs sunscreen when staying outdoors for any length of time, but when you have any type of dry skin issue, things get a little more complicated. However, thanks to sunscreen sensitive face, you can stay protected from UV rays without causing unnecessary irritation. 

Whether you have ichthyosis, psoriasis or eczema, it can make the application of regular sunscreen rather uncomfortable, but as we’ll soon be finding out, choose the right product and that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case at all. 

Preventing Sun Damage, Cancer & More

The sun shines strongly on hot sunny Summer days of course, but what shouldn’t be forgotten is the wearing of sunscreen sensitive face whenever it’s daylight outside. 

That means if you want to avoid wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and in worst cases, melanoma, then you need to wear protection all year round. If the sun’s up, you should be wearing it!

With a high SPF, broad spectrum sensitive sunscreen on, you can get all the protection you need without exacerbating your dry skin problems. Next, we’ll show you how products like this are able to help.

The Gentlest Ingredients Available 

The problem with many regular sunscreens on the market – particularly when talking about chemical sunscreens – is that they tend to contain ingredients that are known to make sensitive or dry skin issues worse. You’ve often got artificial fragrances added to make the product smell nice or coloring to ensure it has an appealing aesthetic when applied.

Unlike sunscreen sensitive face, standard chemical sunscreens can often irritate the skin. Sure, they’ll provide an adequate barrier against the sun when applied frequently enough, but at what cost? It might be better than sunburn, but not by much, as your skin becomes inflamed for other reasons. 

Mineral Sunscreen Is Often the Best

When you’re searching for the right product for your own dry skin needs, it’s typically best to try a mineral sunscreen brand. They’re known for being highly effective and kind to the environment, but it’s how they work that makes them suitable for people with problem skin. 

That’s because it:

  • Doesn’t need to be absorbed into the skin to protect.
  • Is made from naturally occurring ingredients. 
  • Stops UV rays before they have a chance to cause damage.

Chemical sunscreen needs to be fully absorbed into the skin to provide sun protection, however, mineral-based varieties sit on the top. This means that they’re much less likely to irritate it. 

The fact also that they simply reflect away rays before they cause damage, results in your skin staying safe and sound underneath – on the proviso you keep applying it every 2 hours, of course.

Mineral Sunscreen Sensitive Face : The #1 Dry Skin Choice

Basically, if you have dry skin of any kind, then mineral-based sensitive skin sunscreen is going to be your best choice. Sitting on the top of the skin and formulated to ensure no aggravation of existing problems, you’ll stay nice and safe while treating your skin super-gently. 

Of course, it always pays to do a patch test, so if  you’re unsure in any way, we’d recommend trying out a little area and seeing how you get on. You could do so in conjunction with your current sunscreen to give you something to compare it against.

As always, check with your dermatologist if you have any questions, as there’s a whole host of other considerations that you might need to make and it’s best to be safe than sorry. 

For most with dry skin though, mineral sensitive sunscreen is your go-to option.

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