Some of the Most Misleading but Popular Hollywood Movie Posters

We know that modern-day movie trailers are trying their best to pack most of the action sequences and push maximum plot into them in just a couple of minutes. However, movie posters generally, would be telling you much more about the film as compared to a trailer. However, movie posters could sometimes confuse and mislead you. As per , more often than not, studios are not efficient or they are very scared to let the audience know in advance what the film is all about. That is the reason why you are often clueless about some of the movie posters. They are pretty vague and misleading at times. Here are some of the vague film posters that led to highly popular films.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire’s poster is highlighted with the caption ‘the feel-good film of the decade’.  You could see the confetti and the bright smiles on the poster even though the film’s hero is being sadistically tortured during most of the film. His entire life before this torture was supposed to be miserable. However, ironically, the poster shows that he is having a gala time with a pretty girl. If you are interested to collect film posters of Hollywood hits, you could have easy access to the masterpieces online today. Simply buy prints online India.

The King of Comedy

Robert De Niro is looking delightfully goofy and crazy as a promising stand-up. Moreover, the suit seems to be a laugh riot. Talking about goofy, the co-lead is Jerry Lewis! You must be expecting that lots of crazy antics would be coming up. Surely by crazy antics, we mean delusional obsession, kidnapping, stalking, and a host of deranged felonies.

Jerry Maguire

Today we are aware that Jerry Maguire is supposed to be a romantic comedy with a sporty angle. However, when the film was due to release, the film publicity and ad or poster campaign fully relied on Tom Cruise. The film was targeting to cash in the phenomenal popularity of Tom Cruise as an actor. In the movie poster, he is wearing a tie and smiling. However, when you see the tagline that says “Everybody loved him… Everybody disappeared’, you would be compelled to assume the movie to be logically an art flick.

Vanilla Sky

You would come across Tom Cruise’s face once more on this film poster. Only on this occasion, he is looking more intense and less smiley. This could easily double as an impressive poster for Minority Report or even a poster for Mission Impossible. The poster fails to reveal how intensely surreal mind-fudge this movie actually is. The poster does not at all give you any clue about Vanilla Sky.

Kramer vs. Kramer

The poster seems like a picture-perfect family in the United States, Mom, dad, and a cute kid. Can anyone make out what the three are up to? Are they having fun putting their heads together and enjoying a badminton session in the backyard? Even though the poster could mislead you to think that way, the film is about a terrible custody and divorce battle that involves major character assassination and high-paid lawyers. If you are interested to collect film posters of Hollywood hits.


Popular Hollywood movies have left an impact on our minds and everyone wishes to collect something associated with those films even today. The best way to remember those hot favorite Hollywood masterpieces is to collect their posters.

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