Sleep Tips to Rest Before your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is probably one of the biggest days of your life and you would undoubtedly want to look your best on the day. However, the rest before your wedding day can be filled with a number of responsibilities and excitements that can deprive you of your sleep. Lack of proper sleep can have several harmful effects on your physical and mental health.

Fatigue, puffiness of eyes, dark circles, fine lines, irritability, reduced libido, etc., are some of the prominent signs that affect your overall appearance. We have therefore compiled a handy list of tips including some healthy sleep and lifestyle habits that you can practice rest before your wedding Day to help you sleep better.  

#01 The Sleep Schedule

You will inadvertently be needing a special sleep schedule till the night before your wedding that makes sure that you receive about 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep in the night. Stick closely to your assigned bedtime so that you go to sleep and wake up every day around the same time. The days and nights Rest Before your Wedding Day must sure be lined with parties and ceremonies. However, parties and holidays like these should not make you waver from your sleep schedule. Also keep in mind that your sleep schedule, just like your diet and exercise routine needs to be followed even on the weekends.

#02 Skincare Before Bedtime

Applying a moisturizer every night before going to sleep can help you retain the moisture in your skin and prevent dryness. Conditions like wrinkles, fine lines, rashes, acnes, etc., can be effectively combatted through moisturizers and night creams. Wash your face properly before going to bed but do not overdo it as this can ruin the natural microbiome and oils of the skin. It is also crucial to wear a night eye cream including components like retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, etc., that help prevent the formation of half-moons under your eyes.                                                                                                                                                                              

#03 Do Not Forget to Exercise

Between all the wedding decorations and cake arrangements, it is easy to be completely occupied with responsibilities related to the wedding. However, this doesn’t mean that you can slack off from your workout routine. Sneak out at least 30 minutes from your daily routine for light aerobic exercises such as swimming, cycling, jogging, etc. Try to wind up your work out before late afternoon as exercising too close to your bedtime can stimulate your body and increase its temperature which can make it harder to fall asleep.

#04 Mind the Fluids

We have often heard health experts preach the many benefits of drinking enough water throughout the day. It is however equally important to gradually lower your water intake as the day progresses as an overfilled bladder can drastically increase the trips you make to the toilet in the night. Alcohol enthusiasts should also avoid drinking alcohol too close to the bedtime for the exact same reason. Apart from being a natural diuretic, alcohol can also disrupt the latter half of your sleep and make it harder to doze off again. 

Rest Before your Wedding Day may require an additional boost of energy to take care of the day-to-day jobs. While this can be a good excuse to sip that additional cup of coffee in the daytime, it is advisable to avoid taking caffeinated drinks after sundown because the extra bit of stimulation that you receive from caffeine can increase wakefulness in the night and may even contribute to serious sleep disorders.

#05 Light Exposure

Exposure to natural daylight helps regulate the natural sleep/wake cycle of the body and controls the production of melatonin, the natural sleep hormone of the body. Make sure that your bedroom or workspace receives an ample amount of sunlight in the day. You can also shift to artificial lighting in the absence of a natural light source. You need to however tone down the lights as you reach bedtime because exposure to strong lights in the night can make it harder to fall asleep. 

This is exactly why you should also steer clear of electronic devices that spill blue light as getting exposed to the low-wavelength light is one of the primary habits that are harmful for your sleep. Devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc., should be turned off at least 90 minutes before bedtime. Stray notifications in the night can shoot rays of bright light even when they are on silent which is why it is a good idea to keep the screen down when you go to sleep. 

#06 Get yourself a New Mattress

Most of the time than not it is your old and saggy mattress that is making it harder for you to fall asleep. Mattresses that have developed lumps or uneven edges need to be immediately replaced by a quality mattress that is not only comfortable but also firm enough to support the weight and natural alignment of your body. People looking for qualities like extra durability and air circulation should go for innerspring mattresses due to their strong built and good ventilation. Go through this handy guide to learn how to use innerspring mattress based on your needs

#07 Bedtime Ritual

From the day you decide on the wedding date till the last night’s rest before your wedding day, you are bound to find yourself engulfed by some sort of stress or the other. It is therefore wise to practice a bedtime ritual that can help you fall asleep naturally in the night by soothing your mind and body. Practicing pre-bedtime activities each night before you go to bed such as reading a book, maintaining a journal, taking a warm shower, etc., are all examples of bedtime rituals that help you unwind. You can also try incorporating some moderate physical activities such as meditation or bedtime yoga that prepares you for the sleep ahead in a healthy way.

Bottom line:

A good night’s sleep can help regulate your blood sugar level, increase the glow on your skin, reduce heart risks, increase your productivity, and help consolidate memory, among other things. We hope that the tips mentioned above help you achieve the right quantity and quality of sleep so that you are at the best of your health on the day of your wedding.

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