Seven High-paying career options in engineering you didn’t know existed

Engineering is probably one of the most well-known professions globally, next to medicine. This fascinating field uses an array of systems, designs, and science principles to achieve practical goals such as building machines and structures.  The discussed definition is an understatement when explaining engineering because it is an enormous field of study with equal opportunities for High-paying career options

Apart from the conventional career celebration of being mechanical and civil engineers, you’d be surprised to know that numerous other engineering fields are equally or more high paying than the common ones. So, let’s see what we are missing out on with High-paying career options! 

  1. Structural engineer- High-paying career options: 

In today’s world, where almost the entire world’s landscape is dominated by skyscrapers, who wouldn’t hire a structural engineer? Structural engineering deals with the stability of artificial structures, from calculating construction plans to designing. 

It is a specialty within civil engineering where professionals observe and evaluate construction sites, develop specifications, review other engineers’ plans, and write reports. 

As a sub-discipline of civil engineering, this profession is more focused on analyzing the systems and integrity of structures and working on designs that offer the best outcome. 

Average salary: Structural engineers can earn an attractive average salary of about $83,000 per year. 

  1. Biomedical engineer: 

Bioengineering is a dream come true for professionals who have equal love for engineering and medicine. This rare combination makes bioengineering an extremely lucrative career option in the engineering field. 

Biomedical engineers can work in a wide range of settings, from research to instrument manufacturing, affecting their average income. 

For instance, biomedical engineering salary may differ according to the nature of the job and the organization. 

According to the Economic Research Institute data, a typical bioengineering salary revolves around $120 – 124,000 annually, making it one of the highest-paid engineering jobs. 

Average salary: While it depends on which position and how much experience you have; however, a biomedical engineer can easily earn a median salary of $91,400. 

  1. Environmental engineer:

It may be hard to believe that engineers can also use their skills and knowledge to develop solutions for pressing environmental problems. 

Nonetheless, environmental engineers exist, and they earn a handsome salary while trying to make the world a better place. 

Environmental engineers typically utilize their knowledge of engineering principles, chemistry, soil science, and biology to address, reduce, prevent, and even control ecological hazards. 

They mostly work with air pollution, water disposal, erosion, contamination, and more. 

Average salary: The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 3.7% growth for environmental engineers while currently, they are earning a median salary of $92,120. 

  1. Aerospace engineer: 

This engineering field is for you if you’ve got exceptional design skills, a knack for engineering, and a strong desire for a high payout. 

Not as popular as the conventional engineering fields, but aerospace engineering includes building and designing missiles, aircraft, satellites, and spacecraft. 

Since humanity’s next big step is to conquer space, the world will need tons of aerospace engineers to make space and air travel more efficient, feasible, and cost-effective. You’ll literally get to work with rocket science, aerodynamics, avionics, and more 

Average salary: Aerospace engineering is one of the top highest paying engineering jobs in 2020, with a reported median salary of about $116,500. 

  1. Engineering manager:

You’ve mostly heard that engineering is a practical and on-field profession where engineers are mostly concerned with building and designing. 

However, there is a career choice where you also get to work “corporate style” and utilize your mathematical skills. 

Engineering managers are tasked with making detailed development plants for new processes, designs, and products, coordinating activities, and managing and training staff. 

They ensure that the entire department runs smoothly and lead critical development and research projects. They work in a complex environment with management as the job’s core. 

Average salary: On the top of their careers, engineer managers can earn a whooping median salary of approximately $144,830, which can even go over $200,000 with increasing experience. 

  1. Nanotechnology engineer:

Nanotech is considered the future, making nanoengineering one of today’s most popular fields. With the increasing rise of nanotechnology in various fields, from textile industries to medicine, extensive research and development are required, which is achieved by nanotech engineers’ impeccable qualities and hard work. 

Nanotechnology engineering didn’t exist for common people until the last decade, and statistics already project a 6% growth rate and a very high satisfaction rate. 

Average salary: The payout rate for nanotech engineers is quite satisfactory. A starting level engineer earns up to $53,000/year, while the top 20% can earn $158,000 per year. 

  1. Marine engineer:

Marine engineering includes designing and building ships, boats, cargo vessels, submarines, and other marine machinery. 

Marine engineers are responsible for looking out for internal components, building the exterior, steering systems, electrical systems, and more. 

They are also responsible for maintaining marine equipment and learning about water conditions, affecting the components and machinery. It’s not a well-known engineering field but still lands in one of the top-paying careers in the area. 

Average salary: The top 10% can earn a huge amount of $147,000 per year, while the median salary is $92,400. 


The field of engineering is as old as humanity itself. It has countless sub-disciplines and specialties which are impossible to keep track of. 

While we are always ogling at mechanical, chemical, and civil engineering as the best engineering fields, some disciplines offer equal and sometimes even better career opportunities. 

If you are looking to pursue an engineering career that’s both unique and high paying, consider the options we’ve mentioned above. 

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