Richest Family In The World:Billion Dollar Ancestry

The richest families in the world are spread across many countries. The rich bracket comprises of the royals, the pioneers and investors of international finance, entrepreneurial generations and maybe even a candy maker. Some found richness through politics; some employ over 2 million people.

richest family in the world

The top ten richest families in the world and their net worth are listed below:

1. The Rothschild Family of Germany with an estimated Net Worth of $350 billion – $2 trillion.

2. The House of Saud of Saudi Arabia with an assessed Net Worth $1.4 trillion.

3. The Walton Family of US with a Net Worth valued at $152 billion.

4. The Koch Family of US with an estimated Net Worth of $89 billion.

5. The Mars Family of US with an estimated Net Worth of $80 billion.

6. The Slim Family of Mexico with an estimated Net Worth $77.1 billion.

7. The Cargill-MacMillan Family of US estimated Net Worth of $45 billion.

8. The Bettencourt Family of France with an estimated Net Worth of $42.7 billion.

9. The Arnault Family of France with estimated Net Worth of $37.7 billion.

10. The Cox Family of US with an estimated Net Worth of $34.5 billion.

The Rothschild Family- The Richest Family

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The name Rothschild is a synonym for wealth. For more than 200 years, this family has remained the wealthiest and most powerful in the whole world. The primary resource of their wealth is the banking sector. On the other hand, they have enormous investments in other sectors that include real estate, oil, and construction. This extraordinary family originated with the head of the family, Mayer Amschel Rothschild, a Jew living in Germany in the 18th century. He was a court Jew (personal banker) to the royal family of Germany and the governors of the Roman states in Hesse-Kassel as well. The banking business began in the year in the city of Frankfurt. Simultaneously he continued the court services to the nobles and the royals of Germany which added up to accumulate a huge fortune. They have established banking business and financial institutions in Europe starting from the 18th century. They are the pioneers in funding for businesses and financing various infrastructure projects that include railways and the Suez Canal.

The Rothschild family began attaining wealth in the 1700’s, and ever since till date, the family has reproduced into a large number of descendants, so the Rothschild family wealth is not centralized. The Rothschild Group is the closest business linking to the “Rothschild Family” in 2016. The Rothschild Group is a multinational investment banking enterprise. But the income earned by the group does not generate enough income to support claims about the family’s wealth. The Rothschild family has funded both parties of all wars since the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815. They funded the winners and losers so that whichever side wins, they can make a profit. The annual revenue of the Rothschild Group in 2015 was estimated to $500 million. Their banking business and all other business dealings have ultimately made the Rothschild family a financial giant

In the mid-19th century, the Rothschild family was apparently the most successful global bankers. Mayer Amschel Rothschild is honored for being the architect of modern banking. Many descendants of the Rothschild family are billionaires with massive fortunes. The family is celebrated as the wealthiest family in history

The Rothschild Family

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1. The beginning

The novel creator of the Rothschild family; Mayer Amschel Rothschild was born in 1744 and raised in a Jewish ghetto in Frankfurt, in the German territory of Hesse. It was an era where the Jews lived in small communities that were remote from Christians. They were also restricted from leaving their villages on Christian holidays, on Sundays or at night.

Rothschild as a child lived in a house with around 30 other family members. At a very young age, he learned about business. His father, Amschel Moses Rothschild dealt with trading coins, silk, and other products for a living.

2. The family and business

The Rothschild is a unique family, originated in Germany. The Rothschild Empire originated in the 1760’s when Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812) founded a banking business in his native Frankfurt. Rothschild used the money that he received as a dowry from his wife and also from his own business deals to finance in the Industrial Revolution and sell armaments. He also started to extend credit to his customers, which was a huge add up to the current net worth of $400 billion. He had 10 children in total but he focused on his five sons namely Nathan Mayer-Rothschild, Salomon-Mayer von Rothschild, James-Mayer de Rothschild, Carl-Mayer von Rothschild and Amschel Mayer Rothschild. He sent each one of them to a different European city with a purpose of establishing the family’s financial services in areas that could bring in huge profits. They established banks in various European cities that included London in the United Kingdom, Vienna in Austria, Frankfurt in Germany, Naples in Italy, and Paris in France. Eventually, the family business stretched out all the way through a number of European countries.

3. Charity and donations

Rothschild with children led various charitable campaigns contributing too many areas of the Jewish community giving rise to over 30 foundations. They comprise public libraries, hospitals, orphanages, old age homes, and special funds allotted for the purpose of education. Much financial support was given to The Jews’ Free School in London. Their generosity made it possible to have educational advancements in Austria, France, and Israel. Along with the contribution towards education, the family also donated around 60,000 pieces of artwork to several organizations. Other contributions include the creation of social housing in the cities of London and Paris.

4. Family wealth retaining strategy

Mayer Amschel Rothschild dictated that the family wealth will not be inherited directly by the female descendants of the family. Hence a Rothschild lady had no choice to inherit wealth from either of her parents. As they attain an age at which they ought to marry, they were cut off from the family wealth. The main reason behind this was to prevent the loss of family’s fortune. This persuaded the daughters to figure out a way to make wealth for themselves. The daughters, having lived a royal life like princesses found it a hard task to make that much of wealth on their own. So it made more sense to marry the men of their own family to inherit the wealth and then continue their royal life. As a result, for more than 200 years, the Rothschild family has intermarried amongst themselves. This is formally identified as Avunculate marriage where uncles and aunts can marry their nieces and nephews.

5. Rothschild family today

The family has taken a low-key public profile since the late-19th century. They have shunned the public display of wealth by donating many famous estates and vast quantities of art to charity. At present, the businesses of the Rothschild family are on a smaller scale unlike in the 19th century focusing on a diversified its interests beyond banking. The family fortune currently includes investments in wine making, farming, mining and real estate. Today several descendants of the original Rothschild family are still alive, but the family does not relish the same global financial power as it did in the 1700’s and 1800’s. The Rothschild Group owns an investment banking firm that serves several nations, earns annual revenue of about $500 million.

Rothschild Family Conspiracy

For more than two centuries, the Rothschild family has been a topic of conspiracy theories. These theories take in a number of forms, like claims of controlling the world’s wealth and financial institutions and encouraging or discouraging wars between governments.

The Rothschild has been accused of everything from breaking out wars for personal gain to financing the Holocaust to assassinating the U.S. president. However, most of the  Rothschild conspiracy theories are not based on any factual evidence.

  1. The Zionist Jews Conspiracy

It is believed that the Rothschild family is descendants of Zionist Jews. The Zionists are known for taking over any country and have its people follow in the Jewish faith. The Zionists have made sure that the most of the powerful people in the world belong to their community. This has been achieved by practicing Avunculate marriage because in Jewish culture the children belong to the mother’s native i.e. if a woman is Jewish then her children are born Jewish.

  1. The War Plot Conspiracy

The Rothschild family has funded both the parties of all wars since the Napoleonic Wars of 1803 to 1815. Napoleon Bonaparte was campaigning to acquire Britain in 1815. The Rothschild family made a plot.  One son stationed in Paris funded Napoleon’s war effort to conquer Britain. Another son, stationed in London funded General Wellington’s war effort against Napoleon and the war broke out. The family realized that if Britain won the war it would be more profitable and the British royal family would be obligated to their family. The funds to Napoleon’s army were limited and Britain began to win.

  1. The Stock Market Conspiracy

Nathan Mayer-Rothschild was into British stock market. He was clever enough to know that Britain was winning the war so he started selling off his British bonds in large quantity. Looking at this other traders settled that France must be winning against Britain so they too sold all of their British bonds. This resulted in the drop in the price of the bond. This caused an economic breakdown in Britain. On realizing that the other traders have sold all their bonds, he started to buy them again at incredibly low prices. Because of his richness, he could easily buy all the bonds that the Bank of England had issued that year. When the ordinary citizens came to know that Britain had won in the war, they could not accept the fact that they have sold all the British bonds. Now after the win, the value of the British bond went so high that Nathans investment got him a 20% profit on all his British bonds investment and he owned all of them. This made the Rothschild own the British economy and the Bank of England.

Just like the Britain economy crash of 1815, the Rothschild family has deliberately created economic crashes in many other countries to make a profit.

The Rothschild Conspiracy theories date back to the 18th century. The main reason for these conspiracies is the family’s wealth. There was a popular the anti-Semitic acceptance by the people that “The Jews control the world’s money supply.” Along with this, the Rothschild family is often linked with the theories about the Illuminati, association with the New World Order, and also some other dark money groups that apparently hold the strings of world governments.

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