Preventing Hearing Loss: take care of your health today

Hearing is people’s unique ability! We enjoy the sounds of nature and the voices of loved ones, interact with the outside world and learn through hearing! Unfortunately, our carefree life in the world of sounds is often interrupted by the development of hearing problems. The hearing organs are a complex and fragile system, easy to damage and difficult to repair! Can you prevent hearing problems? Yes, you can! You can avoid a lot of trouble if you follow your audiologist’s advice.  Let’s talk about it in more detail.

What do the statistics say about hearing loss?

Many Americans don’t think about their hearing health until they encounter a problem. In fact, hearing problems are one of the top 10 most common diseases! According to the WHO, millions of people around the world have a variety of hearing problems. These include hearing loss, tinnitus, and chronic otitis media. At the same time, the problems continue to spread rapidly!

Modern lifestyles, unhealthy habits, and poor public awareness create fertile ground for the spread of hearing problems. For example, more than 35 million people in the United States already have them, and the number is constantly growing, despite everything the government is doing! Not only is hearing loss spreading rapidly, but it is also getting younger! Just 15 years ago, hearing loss was the hallmark of the elderly because of age-related changes. Today, more and more teenagers and children are seeing an audiologist.

What problems do people with hearing loss have?

Most citizens believe that hearing loss is simply the inability to hear or make out words during a conversation. That is a big mistake! Few people realize that the hearing organs also play an important role in other processes of human life. As a result of hearing loss, these too are impaired, causing new difficulties and problems for the patient.

For example, with hearing loss, you may experience frequent dizziness. It is associated with a loss of spatial orientation, which can lead to falls. And falls, in turn, are already dangerous for older people. Spatial disorientation increases the risk of serious injuries, including fractures!

Because of problems with hearing organs, the brain rearranges itself, shutting down some parts and amplifying others. What does this lead to? Doctors have noted a gradual decline in cognitive abilities in patients who have long had hearing loss and refuse treatment!

Headaches, dizziness, fatigue, irritability, and difficulties at work or study are just some of the problems that Americans with hearing loss have. Typically, the situation worsens dramatically over time. In addition to physiological difficulties, there are psychological ones. Because of the constant tension and stress, the person closes himself off and stops communicating with friends. It leads to gradual isolation from society. Some patients develop depression in the face of hearing problems.

Hearing loss is a serious problem. It drastically changes a person’s life. Hearing loss does not go away over time, it only progresses, causing new troubles and difficulties!

Tips for protecting your hearing health

Hearing loss is a serious problem in our society. It is especially urgent for big cities. Here, people have the maximum number of negative influences on their health, including the hearing organs. Can I restore my hearing? Yes, if you contact an ear doctor Staten Island. The specialist will diagnose you, determine the degree of hearing loss and help you choose hearing aids. You’ll have to wear hearing aids daily if you want to hear again. Unfortunately, there is no other option for restoring your hearing.

Don’t want to wear medical devices all your life? Take care of your hearing health today! It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance! Audiologists note that you can reduce the impact of many negative factors by following these recommendations!

Take a regular hearing test

The earlier you learn about hearing loss, the more effective the recovery process will be. Unfortunately, in most cases, hearing loss happens gradually. A person does not notice changes until the problem becomes serious. Do you want to avoid it? Get your hearing checked, even if you don’t feel any problems. Audiologists recommend checking your hearing at least once a year. Is your profession associated with constant noise? Then check your hearing health at least once every six months.

Say no to bad habits

Bad habits harm our health. Unfortunately, hearing is no exception. Alcohol and smoking disturb the cardiovascular system. A proper diet, vitamins, and minerals are the best help for your body!

Avoid prolonged noise exposure

Prolonged noise exposure is one of the most common causes of hearing problems. Noise exposure gradually destroys hair cells, which do not regenerate. Neurosensory hearing loss is the result of such exposure. Try to attend noisy events such as music concerts, festivals, and nightclubs as little as possible.

Wear hearing protection

For some people, noise exposure is closely related to their profession. They are professional musicians, construction workers, and airport and subway workers. To avoid hearing problems, you should wear special earplugs or noise-protection headphones.

Treat throat and nose infections!

Complications from upper respiratory diseases are one of the many causes of hearing loss. Some Americans self-medicate, and some don’t take medications or see a doctor at all. Such attitude can lead to chronic otitis media and further development of hearing loss. Do you have a cold? Get treatment! It’ll keep you safe from unpleasant complications!

Following these simple tips can greatly reduce the chances of hearing loss! Take care of your health and enjoy the sounds of nature and the outside world!

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