Palm Reading Made Easy For The Spiritual Ones Out There!

Palmistry is the art of exemplifying or predicting the future through palm reading. There are certainly many techniques and variations when it comes to inferring the meaning of palm lines, you can start off by getting acquainted with palm reading by studying four major palm lines -> head line, the heart line, the life line, and the fate line.

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Three of the four major lines are relatively easy to locate on the palms (head, heart and life). The fourth major line in palm reading is the fate line. At times this line is faded or broken, or may even be absent altogether. Don’t be anxious if you are not able to find your fate line easily. Fragmented, chained or missing lines give signs as to how you will live your life and what characteristics you possess.

Once you’ve recognized the 4 major palm lines, you can get started with palm reading and interpret their different meanings. For all the spiritual ones out there here are some easy palm reading tips that’ll help you know more about your future ->

Head Line – The head line represents reasoning and intellect.

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Position -> Placed at the middle of the palm

Basic palm reading tips for understanding head line meanings

  • Short Head Line -> Intuitive and Intelligent
  • Long Head Line -> Determined and Ambitious
  • Faded Head Line -> Poor Memory
  • Deep Head Line -> Brilliant Memory
  • Broken Head Line -> Dissatisfaction and regret
  • Straight Head Line -> Selfish and Materialistic
  • Forked Head Line -> Career Change
  • Chained Head Line -> Mental Confusion
  • Double Head Line -> Inspired by a Muse, Talented
  • Absent Head Line -> Mental Imbalance and Laziness

Heart Line – This line runs horizontally across the upper portion of your palm.

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Position -> Upper part of your palm

Basic palm reading tips for understanding heart line meanings:

  • Short Heart Line -> Self-Absorbed
  • Long Heart Line -> In need of a partner, Romantic
  • Faded Heart Line -> Weak Heart and Sensitive
  • Deep Heart Line -> Stress and worry
  • Curved Heart Line -> Logical and Intellectual Mind
  • Straight Heart Line -> Deep and Strong Feelings
  • Chained Heart Line -> Karmic and Intertwined Relationships
  • Broken Heart Line -> Distressed and Troubled Relationships
  • Forked Heart Line -> Divorce, Heartbreak
  • Absent Heart Line -> Heart is ruled by logic, Heartlessness

Life Line – This line begins between your thumb and index finger and runs down towards your wrist. Generally this line is curved.

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Position -> Mid Palm to Lower Palm

Basic palm reading tips for understanding life line meanings:

  • Short Life Line -> if your life line is short don’t get bewildered by the myth that you’ll have a short lifespan – a short life line doesn’t mean a short life. If the life line is short, observe other signs (deep, broken, faded etc.)
  • Long Life Line -> Vitality and Good Health
  • Faded Life Line -> A life of less energy
  • Deep Life Line -> Life is Smooth
  • Chained Life Line -> Multifold Life path
  • Broken Life Line -> Losses and Struggles
  • Double Life Line -> A life with a Soul Mate, or a family member or a friend serves as a caretaker or guardian.
  • Forked Life Line -> Different meanings depending on the placement of the fork on the hand. By and large forks point towards life change or diversion. Although they can also indicate split or scattered energies.
  • Absent Life Line -> Nervous and Anxious


Fate Line – This line is also called as the line of destiny

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Position -> Fate line is placed at the center of your palm, slanted or vertical line divide the palm in half.

Basic palm reading tips for understanding fate line meanings:

  • Deep Fate Line -> Inheritance
  • Faded Fate Line -> Disappointments and Failures
  • Jagged Fate Line -> Indecisiveness and Struggle
  • Forked Fate Line -> Dual Destiny and Conflicts
  • Chained Fate Line -> Inconsistency in life
  • Broken Fate Line -> Difficult Circumstance or Trauma
  • Absent Fate Line -> A Preplanned Life

Fame Line – This line signifies wealth, success and talent

Position -> Fame line runs parallel to fate line.

Fame line gives light to your destiny or fate, indicating vividness or creative ability

Note -> This line may not be present in some palms.

Intuition Line – This line normally shadows the life line as intuition shows keen insight into an individual’s life.

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Position -> Intuition Line runs parallel to life line

The more prominent your intuition line appears (longer, deeper) the stronger the sign that psychic ability is a prevailing attribute for the individual. Intuition lines are not easy to spot, and may be missing entirely.

Love Lines – This line is also called as Marriage Line

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These are short horizontal lines seen on the side of the hand underneath the pinky. Love lines are a sign of the number of noteworthy and significant relationships for a person in their lifetime. It is easier to spot these lines if you bend the pinky faintly towards your palm.

Children Lines

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These are vertical lines between the pinky fingers. Children lines normally root out of love lines signifying births that are a result of those relationships.

Health Line

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These are vertical lines that begin below your ring finger. An absent health line generally signifies that health is not an issue. Severity of sickness is perceived by the strength or weakness of health line.

Travel Lines

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These lines are located on mid to lower palm below pinky finger. These lines are a sign of travel, however they can also merely illustrate a longing to travel.

If you are hooked on palm reading, or if you’ve participated in some pious palm reading sessions, don’t shy away from sharing your wisdom in comments below!

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