Mr Beasts Net Worth 2022 – Youtube, Business, Merch Sales, and More

Mr Beasts net worth has been an interesting subject since he rose to fame, as he is one of the most successful YouTubers ever! Want to know what was Mr Beast net worth 2021 and 2022? Stay tuned till the end!

Who is MrBeast?

Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, is an American YouTube star, Entrepreneur, and Humanitarian. He is one of the world’s best YouTubers, and his videos have a record of more than 122 million views. With so much credibility to his worth, Mr Beasts net worth is around $55 million.

Mr. Beast started his career when he was 12 and has never looked back. His videos revolved around creating expensive stunts and giving away money to charity or friends.

From his original content around estimating the worth of other YouTubers to getting one such for himself, Mr. Beast has come a long way.

Jimmy Donaldson, rose to fame with the name “MrBeast,” and touched the 1 million subscriber mark in May 2017. His current following, however, as of June 2022, is more than 97 million. The popularity he enjoys should be evident from these facts.

If you are a fan and want to know everything from Mr Beasts net worth to his journey and professional milestones, this article is for you. However, if you are someone, who is here just for the rags to riches story, you are in for a ride. So let’s begin.

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MrBeast Early Life and success

Jimmy Donaldson was born in May 1998 in the Kansas city of United States. He graduated from a local secondary school, Greenville Christian Academy, in 2016 and attended East Carolina University, only to drop out after a brief time. He had started creating YouTube videos and quit college to pursue this full-time.

Journey to success

Mr Beasts net worth of millions of dollars was not built in a day. Starting his video channel under the name “Mr. Beast 6000” at 12 was the first step on his long journey.

His early content comprised videos estimating other YouTubers’ worth, tips on creating content, and funny comments on YouTube drama.

He was less often seen in his videos during this time. In 2013, his subscriber count was 240, and he renamed the channel “That-dude.” Cut to 2015, Donaldson has started gaining popularity with his video series called “worst intros.”

They made content on the funny intros of YouTubers. People loved these hilarious videos; by mid-2016, he had 30,000 subscribers on his channel. It was at this time that he decided to quit college and move to create content full-time.

The move was not entirely welcomed by many, including his mother, who asked him to move out. But he didn’t give up and continued on his journey to fame.

As his channel gained traction, he hired some friends to work with him. They worked closely on determining YouTube’s recommendation tactics and successfully did so.

How did Mr Beasts net worth grow?

A few videos led him to the trajectory of the immense success he enjoys today. One of them was a video where he counts to 100,000 in a 24- hour video.

This act took him 40 hours and was received astonishingly well by the audience. This led him to make another video where he counts 2,00,000 in a 55-hour stunt.

Stunts in videos

A series of random stunt videos during this time contributed to his title of “YouTube’s biggest philanthropist.”

Attempts such as breaking the glass window with a hundred megaphones, staying underwater for 24 hours, or watching the paint dry were some of the content topics he chose.

Mr Beasts Net Worth 2022 - Youtube, Business, Merch Sales, and More
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Charity games

By 2018, he gave out $1 million to charity through these out-of-the-world stunts. This period was when the competition between the two YouTube Giants, PewDiePie and T-series, was at an all-time high. Donaldson showed his support by buying numerous billboards and advertisements on TV and radio.

Games and prizes

Among his various stints are some bizarre game videos that gained him thousands of followers and popularity. He gave winning prizes worth millions of dollars that changed people’s lives forever.

One of his real-life challenges had a winning prize of $200,000 and was in collaboration with Apex Legends. The game earnings from it were around $100,000 each.

In recent years, Jimmy created a competition stream named rock, paper, scissors that starred 32 influencers. The winning prize was $250000.

This video went down as one of the most-watched live events in YouTube’s history, with more than 6.5 million concurrent viewers. Another game followed this event with a grand prize of $3000000.

The number of such events and videos continues, but one thing that remained constant was his immense following.

With him giving away so much money with each such event, the number of subscribers poured in. All of this made him one of the most-watched Youtube content creators making Mr Beasts net worth what it is today.

How much is MrBeast worth

Mr. Beasts channel is known for the various stunts and games he creates and the money he distributes. But how does he earn this money?

Let’s break down his various channels of income.

Mr. Beasts is one of the highest-paid YouTubers in the world. In 2020, he announced that he earned $24 million from his youtube channel and other sources.

These sources included merchandise sales and his sponsorship collaborations with big brands like Electronic Arts and Microsoft. To understand this breakdown, let’s discuss this in detail below.

With an earning of about 3 million per month, Mr. Beasts net worth is set to sour high.

The source is:

Ad revenue

Ad revenue is the income creators earn to display advertisements and promotions on their websites.

The revenue dramatically varies from country to country. While a video ad in the US is much higher than in any other country, we can safely assume that the amount Mr. Beasts earn is quite something.

Assuming the average video CPM is $5 in the US and considering the 280 million views Mr. Beasts garner, he can easily churn out more than one million dollars as net earnings.


In the report of last year, it was reported that Mr. Beasts charges around $1 month to be a sponsor of his primary video page.

The sponsor keeps on changing, but the amount remains primarily constant. With all his channels combined and companies approaching him for sponsorship, Mr. Beast should easily make a minimum of $1 million per month through sponsorships only.

Some examples of his sponsorship partners are Quidd, Honey, Dragon City, etc.


Merchandise is popularly called the holy grail for Mr. Beasts net worth. He runs an online store by the name “Shop MrBeast,” where he sells his merchandise. The range includes T-shirts, Hoodies, School bags, regular accessories, and more.

Various reports claimed that half of Mr. Beasts net worth, i.e., around $27 million came from this merchandise. That makes a monthly income close to $2 million.

Calculating all that we got from various resources, the total culmination comes to around $5 million monthly income.

With all this income, he should have been a top billionaire by now. But Donaldson has revealed in some interviews that he spends as much as he earns.

A big chunk of money is spent on creating content and paying salaries. The remaining by literally giving away. So the overall estimate is a little tricky.

What is Mr. Beasts’ success strategy?

With almost all videos crossing 20 million views, Mr. Beast has seemed to crack the code to success.

All of his videos garner a whopping 15-20 million views within the first 24 hours of posting. So what is it that people keep coming in and are attracted to his videos in such humungous numbers?

Let’s take a look:


Emotions are one of the most potent driving forces within humans. They are automatically inclined to anything that has an emotional touch to them. Jimmy has seemed to understand this virtue quite well.

His videos contain a bounty of moments that make you laugh, and then before you know it, you’ll be crying at something unfortunate. With this connection with the audience, Donaldson has managed to raise an army of dedicated followers.


Humans are suckers of stories. They will follow anything if it is told to them in a story format. Therefore, to form a connection and engage the audience with it, you need good storytelling skills.

Mr. Beast is the master of this skill. Notice how all his stories are like a short movie and not any random video mix tape?

Yes, that is what makes it exciting and engaging. The audience keeps returning to his channel for these reasons, making Mr. Beasts net worth is in millions.

Connect with the audience and make them feel like friends

This is easier said than done. Connecting with the audience regularly and making them feel heard and important is one of the most crucial things for any content creator. Now, what Mr. Beasts does is not something that everyone can do.

While giving millions of worth of things to random people or charity would not be a possible feat for all, connecting with the audience is something that should be done irrespective of your niche, content, or anything else.

In today’s time, to be successful, you need to build a friendly rapport with your audience.

Create attractive thumbnails and titles

Thumbnails and title descriptions are something that is the first thing that is seen as you scroll through any video. Creating attention-grabbing and relevant thumbnails is the key.

All of  Mr. Beasts videos have an accurate and interesting thumbnail accompanied by a title that instills interest and makes one want to open the video. This should be an effect that a good thumbnail should command.

Consistency is the king

You must have always heard that content is the king. But you also need to be consistent when it comes to YouTube and being dramatically successful.

To prove this point, consider that Mr. Beast posts around 14 videos a month on his main channel alone. He has other channels too, where also he posts content regularly.

One thing to notice about Mr. Beasts’ content is that he had never stopped posting, even when his content didn’t perform well in his initial days. This consistency eventually led him to the success he enjoys today.

Mr Beast net worth 2021

Mr Beasts net worth in 2021 is $25 million. His videos are a big part of this revenue, but he is more than that. He runs other businesses and is involved in many investments and partnerships that are important to his overall success.

Here is an overview of his investments and partnerships:

  • Jimmy actively investor in a tech startup called Backbone
  • He has partnered with the creative Juice financial network and introduced Juice Funds
  • He is also a long-term investor and partner of financial technology company current

Interesting agendas

The things contributing to Mr Beasts net worth fall under a vast range outside YouTube as he is involved in several successful businesses. Let’s look at them below:

Finger on the App

Finger on the app is an online multi-player game that Donaldson released in collaboration with an art collective called MSHF in 2020.

This game, much like the ones he makes videos on, was a challenge, at the end, a winner would walk away with a grand prize.

The reaction and participation were obviously huge, which called for a sequel. But the app crashed multiple times due to a large number of downloads. But they sorted it out, and a 19- year old boy won at the end.

Beast Burger

Towards the end of 2020, Donaldson partnered with over 300 restaurants across the US to create a virtual restaurant for burgers.

This was designed as an app, and on the first day after its launch, Beast Burger ranged number 1 in the Apple store. They have sold more than a million burgers to date.

Social work

Apart from his YouTube and Businesses, Donaldson plays a big part in many charities and social work. With things like “Team trees,” “Team Seas,” and “Beast Philanthropy,” he has given back to the societies in bounties.

What is Mr. Beasts net worth 2022?

Right now, as of June 2022, Mr. Beast net worth stands as $56 million. These include his YouTube earnings, merch sales, advertisements, businesses, investments, and more!

Final thoughts

There is no question why Mr. Beast received maximum votes as the “Most well-liked YouTubers” repetitively. He has a kind heart, and people love him. So, let us all admit, it is one of the biggest reasons why Mr Beasts net worth is what it is!

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