Moving A Home Without Money; Important Things To Know And Do

Moving a home is a big change and very expensive event. It is not only a big emotional decision but also quiet taxing financially too. For most of us, moving, usually is a complicated and difficult endeavor from start to finish. Moving within the same city is a big thing so moving to another state is altogether a giant move financially. We all get through money less phases in our lives and moving without money seems almost impossible even if you’re feeling optimistic about your future prospects. And if you don’t have any other choice but to find a way to move without money then you should keep in mind your situation and your potential solutions. You cannot be guided through each step of your move but yes, moving without money is possible. Here are a few things you can keep in mind and follow if moving without money:


Moving to another state is not a small decision which can be made in a rush. You should take time and research well before making such a decision. First and foremost, you should research on the prospects of securing a job and affordable housing in the new city and have an estimate about the cost of living in the chosen city. You must also search for the best moving companies, who can make your move affordable as you need money to be invested judiciously because of already low balance in your bank account.


You should be aware of the cash in hand and the money you need to spend to move to another city. Plan ahead for everything, even about the food and gas on the road while moving. Make a budget to keep an account of packing costs and travel costs. If you are not already having a place to stay in the new city then add the hotel charges too, to your budget. For assistance in planning your budget, you can even try online calculators. Keep the expenses as low as possible till you secure a moving companies


First of all the decision of relocation should be re-evaluated and you should look for scope of postponing it till you save some money for the move. Consider and rethink on the following:

* Is it necessary for you to relocate to a location?
* If yes, then how urgent it is to move. Could it wait for a few months until you can save some money?
* If you end up coming back to square one then you need to move now.


As you are moving to another state, it’s not advisable to take everything with you. In every household there are things which we hardly use, you can get rid of these extra and useless items by selling them. This way you will earn a handsome amount that can help you in planning a better budget for your moving. In addition to earning some money, this will also reduce the burden of moving more stuff and will lighten the packing load too.

Check online for marketplaces that buy used stuff at good prices and you can turn on your unwanted belongings into cash. You can even put up a garage sale if you have enough time in hand to wait for all to get sold off.


While selling away unwanted stuff, be careful about the items that you will need at new place too. Don’t sell everything in haste. There are certain things that you will need as you will enter the new city. Don’t discard your laptop just because it will add a good amount to your budget as it will be very helpful in hunting a job at the new place.

Keep your clothes ready for a prospective interview call. Keep your resume and important documents ready for a quick interview call. Basic toiletries, a few changes of clothes, credit/debit cards, checks, documents, banking documents and medications if any, should be kept at an approachable place.


Be realistic in your planning. Don’t expect things to be settled in days. Even if you have a job lined up, it will take you weeks to get your paycheck and you will need to survive till then. In case you do not have secured a job before moving, then it will be all the more difficult to survive till you get one. You may need to get whatever job you get in the beginning. If you will be mentally prepared for all these unexpected changes, it will be easier for you to survive.


Always be ready with a backup plan. In case your move do not work according to your planning then keep in mind the other options. Movegreen, our favorite Bay Area movers, are a solid option if you live close to San Franciso. Be open to ask for timely help from close friends and relatives, start doing some online works like blogging, and take some online surveys. You can return the favors taken by you once you get settled.

Above All be optimistic!!

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