Love Stars but Can’t Travel to Space? Gaze Upon Them by Visiting These Destinations

If I had to describe the stars and galaxies in one word it would be – Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious which means extraordinarily good and wonderful. How about you? Is it your dream to gaze upon jaw-dropping flashing stars?

Stars are like the billions of people on earth, each more unique and dazzling than the other. I assure you, that there is no need to travel to space to contemplate at the spectacular milky way, the galaxy. How privilege, are we, as humans’ beings, to witnessa magnificent film just by leaning the head back and tilting the chin up. They are a flashing reminder that beauty is in the little things. Attached to the space, we dread to get a closer glimpse of this gift given to us by nature.

In a veil of darkness, you can watch or stare deeply at the stars winking at you. Here are some amazing destinations for star gazing.

Sahara Desert in Morocco

Stargazing in Merzouga. How amazing is it to stargaze in the desert, far from the civilisation? You will be able to be in communion with the flickering stars.Like petals, those stars will make your heart melt. From birthstone blue to molten gold, it has a palette of colours gleaming like little pulses of light. This place is a breath-taking place like any other.This might be an unforgettable living experience.

LIanthony Priory

If you are a stargazer you wouldn’t want to miss the milky way stretching across the starry sky of Brecon Beacons National Park – LIanthony Priory in UK. Sparkling and shimmering stars in their heavenly finery, a show that will leave you gasped in surprise. Like snowflakes these sequin-silver declined in endless colours are awe-inspiring and unique. This destination must be on your bucket list.

Griffith observatory, CA


Griffith Park Observatory is found at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. This destination will make you thrill and you will love every minute spent there. Stars like pinpricks and scattered moon dust in the sky, twinkling and dazzling. In places, they are solar-yellow or any other colours. The glistering of the stars gives us a sign of hope, that we aren’t lost souls. It brings serenity and captures our feelings.

Westhavelland International Dark Sky Reserve

Westhavelland Nature Park was named the first International Dark Sky Reserve in Germany. At this fantastic place, you will find dark skies near big city light. Stars like asters and pentagrams, twinkling and dazzling till the outer space. Some are furthest away, so far that you could just get just a glimpse of its natural beauty. Other polar-white stars glistering and pulsing outside the span of what the humanity can perceive. A sensational place to visit for star gazing.

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