Leanne Morgan Comedy Career, Life, Husband, Kids, and More

Leanne Morgan is a famous American comedian. Born on 3rd October in Middle Tennessee, the comedian enjoys a massive fan following on social media. She has over 284K followers on Instagram and over 207K subscribers on YouTube.

The famous comedian frequently posts content on YouTube. The bone-tickling lady usually creates content on topics about day-to-day life. She has been in comedy for 22 years and is loved by her fans, especially for being extremely relatable.

Leanne Morgan husband and family

Leanne Morgan is married to Clayton Homes. The couple has 3 children; 2 daughters and 1 son. Morgan is a stay-at-home mother and has often spoken about feeling like a spy in her children’s lives in her YouTube videos.

Leanne Morgan was raised in a rural community in Middle Tennessee. She always credits her mother, Lucille, and her upbringing for the person and performer she is. Besides her debut into comedy as an adult, it is interesting to know that her first stage performance was at the mere age of 10.

Another interesting fact about Leanne Morgan comedian is that she attended the University of Tennessee where she got a degree in Child and Family Studies. Leanne Morgan married her college boyfriend at 21, but they separated a few years later when she realized he was abusive.

Leanne Morgan comedian

In an interview with Charlie Berens, Leanne Morgan once said she always wanted to be a comedian. She also said that she loved comedy. At a party once, she had said something so funny that it made the guests berserk.

At this party, it struck her that she could do something in comedy. She was always confident about her sense of humor and storytelling capability. She has also been heard saying that she was from a small town and didn’t know the right way to attain her goal.

When Leanne Morgan husband and she were traveling to Los Angeles, she finally found a path! She attended a comedy show there and thought that she would certainly be doing the same someday.

Leanne Morgan Comedy Career, Life, Husband, Kids, and More

The initial days as a comedian

Though the story of Leanne Morgan comedy success took some time to unfold, the comedian started by selling jewelry at gatherings and parties. However, her humor hogged the limelight more than the jewelry did. At one of these parties, she cracked a joke too funny, making one of the guests almost pee on the couch. Not surprisingly, she was booked out very soon after a few of these incidents.

Leanne Morgan credits the female guests of these parties the most for her rise to stardom within comedy. She has never shied away from mentioning how people repeatedly told her she was made for stand-up.

As Morgan worked as a salesperson for a Christian jewelry business, she once ran into a comedian at one of these parties named Dennis Swanberg. He was well-known in those times for Christian comedy.

He also encouraged Morgan when he told her, “I think you need to try stand-up,” she finally knew that she had to make this happen. Morgan said, “It was little things….people just came in my path, and I just fell in”.

Though she began with small gigs in rotary clubs, she was a mesmerizing presence who could draw limitless laughter from the crowd. It was in 2001 that she finally initiated her journey into professional comedy on a big platform.

Leanne Morgan career

With her move to San Antonio and her family, she could finally chase her dream.

San Antonio had a comedy club where she started performing. While the comedian says the club wasn’t a great fit for her, it was a decent starting point. Amidst most Hispanic comics with a specific style of comedy, she stood out.

This is when she moved out of the club in San Antonio and started performing at Cap City Comedy Club. Morgan had to travel to Austin, Texas, as that’s where the club was located. The club was run by Margie Cole and Rich Miller.

Morgan credits Cole for giving her career the much-needed boost. Noticing her talent and potential, Cole moved Morgan from the opening act to the headlining act. Though the comedian was particularly unwell when it happened, Cole wouldn’t hear a word of it. Instead, Margie Cole kept pushing Morgan until the latter headlined.

Relationship with kids

Having married at a young age, Morgan had her kids pretty young. The comedian has indirectly admitted to sharing great camaraderie with her children on many shows. However, her kids initially hesitated to be part of their mother’s comedy sets, especially in middle school.

Morgan once described her kids’ middle school phase as the “drought phase of her career.” She felt that’s the one phase of your kids when you can make fun of them, mainly because children go through puberty during this period. However, she has always respected the boundaries of the personal and the professional.

Surprisingly, the comedian says that now that her children are adults, they don’t get bothered by what she says on her shows. She claims that it gives her the liberty to be flexible and innovative.

Morgan describes one of her most memorable moments as when her son acknowledged her professional prowess. When told by his professor that his mother’s achievements were note-worthy, her son told her how proud he felt. The comedian describes this as one of the most rewarding moments of her life.

Leanne Morgan and her “famous fans”

As an iconic comedian, Morgan has some of the most prominent American celebrities on the list of her fans. Some eminent personalities are Paula Deen, Reese Witherspoon, and Philip Calvin McGraw. Interestingly, Morgan once appeared on the “Dr. Phil” talk show hosted by McGraw.

When Dr. Phil asked her how her husband would rate her on her home-maker skills, she said he wasn’t always pleased about how she kept the house. However, Morgan admitted that he has always been highly supportive of her. He also respects how she takes care of the children.

One of the biggest compliments for her was when Dr. Phil’s wife told her that he watched her all the time and found her very funny. Morgan thought it was pretty exciting and “crazy” to know that he had watched her.

Another fascinating fact is that Morgan was supposed to star in a sitcom with Paula Deen as her mother. However, the show never took off. Morgan met Deen for the first time through the talks of the show. This was also when Deen interviewed Morgan.

Sometime later, Morgan appeared on one of the episodes of Deen’s show called “Paula’s Best Dishes .”Morgan has also done many opening acts for Paula Deen over the years. She recalls her time with Deen as marvelous and maintains that Deen was always the kindest.

Leanne Morgan’s Opry Debut

Leanne Morgan did her first show with the Grand Ole Opry debut on 26th October 2021. As someone who had grown up hearing about the Opry, this was a dream come true moment for her.

Though she was sad that her parents couldn’t make it due to the pandemic, she knew they were incredibly proud of her. When asked minutes before the show about how she felt, she said, “I don’t wanna think about it because I will get torn up!”. However, the comedian’s set was received very well by the audience. She received immense adulation for her act at the Opry.

Morgan said it was beautiful being on that stage for her. She also exclaimed that the stage almost took her breath away. However, she settled into it very soon and rocked the scene like all her performances.

Leanne Morgan on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Leanne made an appearance on the Kelly Clarkson Show in 2022. Even on the show where she appeared as a guest, Morgan managed to take everyone’s breath away with her humor.

When singer Kelly Clarkson asked her about her dress, the comedian said she chose loose clothing because of the weight she had gained over the pandemic. After this, it didn’t take more than a second for the audience to burst out into laughter.

One exciting trivia that Kelly shared on the show was that Morgan’s kids had to drive Morgan back to her house to help with her lenses. When asked about the story. Morgan shared how her middle child had gone from the University of Tennessee to be with her and help her.

Leanne Morgan Comedy Career, Life, Husband, Kids, and More

Leanne Morgan on WVLT

Morgan also appeared in an interview with Harry Sulivan. When asked how the pandemic has been treating her, Morgan quirkily said it has been really sweet. She mentioned how her fans were interested to know how she was doing.

While caring for her parents during the pandemic, she posted a video of her making jell-o salad. This garnered enormous views on social media. But it also moved Morgan as she realized that her fans cared about her beyond just comedy.

Leanne Morgan net worth

As a successful comedian, most of Morgan’s earnings come from her comedy shows and tours. According to reports, Morgan’s total net worth is $1 million. She also owns an online store for t-shirts and other merchandise. This is another source of her income.

One of her most well-known tours is the “Big Panty tour .” Apart from popular shows, Morgan is also known to do private and public events.

Leanne Morgan comedy tour

Morgan’s tour “Big Panty” won her many accolades when it started off in 2021. It was a tour that went across 100 cities commencing on 19th June. On this tour, Morgan performed on some of the most prestigious stages in the US. Some cities where she performed were Chicago, Illinois, Indiana, Florida, and more.

Social media following

Being a popular public figure, it is no surprise that Morgan enjoys a massive fan following on all social media platforms. The comedian has a humungous following of 1.4 million fans on Facebook. She is one of the most famous comedians on this platform. She also has around 8051 followers on Twitter.

Leanne Morgan shows in 2023

For fans eagerly waiting for Leanne Morgan tickets in 2023, wait no more! Morgan is slated to do a comedy special with a prestigious OTT platform very soon.

Apart from this, Morgan will start her next tour “Just Getting Started” with Outback Presents this year.

Those who want to spend their spare time watching her can watch her YouTube videos. Apart from that, Morgan has also appeared on many reputed shows such as ABC’s The View and Nick at Nite’s Funniest Mom. One can’t help but notice her sense of humor even on these shows.

Morgan also has a comedy special called “So Yummy” on VidAngel. One can also see her videos on Dry Bar Comedy, which have over 50 million views.

Thus, she is a celebrated female comedian, one that is rare to find. Not only is she known for her sense of humor, but friends and family describe her as the kindest person they know. Despite a late start to her career, Morgan has shown the world what a woman can achieve if she sets herself up for it. She inspires millions of women (especially aspiring comics) who want to make it big in their lives.

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