Joie Chavis Age, IG, Life, Career, and Much More

If you browse fitness-related content on Instagram, you must have watched videos shared by Joie Chavis. She regularly posts fitness and short videos in bikinis that give her a whopping 2.2 million followers. She is famous in her niche on Instagram and in real life, where occasionally, you will find news related to her relationships.

There are many similar vloggers on the web, but Joie Chavis has created a unique image for herself because she remains in the news primarily because of her controversies. If you have watched her videos and are willing to know more about her, this article covers the complete information.

The Instagram model doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography page, and it wasn’t easy to find information about her. But we used our resources to bring complete and accurate information about Chavis. If you want full details on her, read to the end to find out.

Who is Joie Chavis?

She is an Instagram model, dancer, entrepreneur, and mother of two. Chavis frequently posts fitness content on social media, primarily on YouTube and Instagram.

She also owns an online website that publishes fitness, diet, and workout content and products on the website.

You will find the link on her Instagram account that redirects to her website, where you can purchase promoted products.

Recently, Chavis has released a series of TikTok videos, and we assume she is willing to teach and entertain her audience on TikTok.

It seems like the model is trying to grow her business by getting more eyeballs with the help of a viral platform like TikTok.

Chavis is already popular on Instagram and regularly engages with her short videos and posts.

She has a loyal fan-following who regularly makes purchases on her website, and it helps her to work as a full-time Instagram model.

With collections from the website and IG shoot, Chavis owns a line of swimwear called ‘JNL swim’ and a retail store called Shai.

All her businesses are flourishing because she manages to remain in the limelight, and people love the way she promotes her content on social media.

She has two kids, and occasionally, you will find her posting pictures and short videos on her official Instagram account.

Age, birthday, and education

Joie Chavis was born in Torrance, California, on Tuesday, 27th September 1988. She follows Christianity, and as of 2021, she is 33 years old.

Since childhood, Chavis has been interested in dancing and modeling. She completed her studies at Torrance high school and performed various cultural activities.

Her passion for dancing and modeling motivated her to work as a full-time model and entrepreneur.

Chavis created a profitable business for herself that left the model with a massive net worth that many other models only think about.

Not to forget, she is also famous for her past relationships with BOB WOW and Future. We will discuss her relationships more later in this article.

Joie Chavis family

The Instagram model belongs to a well-settled family. Their family belongs to a mixed racial background of African descent. She got her parents and sister Phatara Chavis into the family. Joie went out of her way to create a lifestyle of her own, but some credit goes to her open-minded family that allowed Chavis to live on her terms.

Her father, Peter Chavis, is a professional chef who works to bring bread and butter for the family. At the same time, her mother, Mary Chavis, is a homemaker who looks after both daughters’ proper upbringing. There aren’t many details available about her sister, but we believe she must be doing great in her life too.

Overall, Chavis belongs to a decent family that has contributed to her career and life progress.


Joie Chavis is also famous for her past relationship with two of her partners. She also got two kids from both fathers. Her daughter is named Shai moss, while her son is called Hendrix. Chavis is a proud mother of two and takes good care of them. You will occasionally find her sharing their pictures and videos on her official Instagram account.

Chavis also owns a business named after her daughter Shai moss, and both of her kids seem to be in safe hands. Joie Chavis is currently not dating anyone, and the custody of both kids is in her hands. Based on current news, maybe we will hear about her relationship soon.

Joie Chavis IG

Besides the controversies, relationships, and being a single mom, the model is well-known for her Fitness related Instagram content. She is a famous influencer with 2.2 million followers and a verified account on Instagram.

Chavis usually posts content related to Fitness, traveling, and hot bikini shoots that keep her audience engaged, and her performance is consistently growing.

She majorly focuses on creating short videos that are easy to consume for the audience. Still, you will find her appearing in sexy swimsuit pictures and videos, usually near the beach. Her audience loves watching Chavis expose her hot figure, which can be seen in the comments and engagement she receives on her account.

Earlier, Chavis regularly posted about fitness content and workout routine; still, these days, you will mostly find the Instagram model exposing her body in a photo shoot in a bikini or swimsuit. She has a link in her bio that takes you to her official website, where you can browse content related to her fitness routine and find some dietary and fitness products promoted by her.

It seems like her efforts are working, and because of her popularity, the website is growing continuously, adding more customers to the list. We hope it continues to go the same way.

Joie Chavis Age, IG, Life, Career, and Much More

Joie Chavis net worth

Currently, Chavis owns three businesses: her website, a swimwear line, and a  retail store in her daughter’s name. She also makes money with modeling, fashion, and collaborations through Instagram. All of her business is flourishing because of her popularity and loyal fan following.

As per wealthy people, Joie Chavis currently owns a whooping net worth of $2 million in 2021. Her carrier is seeing an upward trend, and she will add another million very soon. But as per the latest updates, she owns over $2 million in various assets.

Let’s wait and see how much she adds after becoming famous in recent controversies. Well, we hope for good.

Joie’s plans

Joie Chavis is not open with her plans, and most news articles about the model are full of controversies or biography. Also, there are no updates on her official YouTube channel or Instagram about her future projects. It seems like Chavis is happy with whatever is going on in her life and willing to continue the same growth pattern.

Suppose you are interested in what your favorite model is up to and willing to know everything about what she is currently doing. In that case, we recommend you follow her on Instagram, where she regularly posts content. That is the best place to know accurate information because the media will only cover controversies or anything that brings traffic to them.

Joie Chavis kiss with Diddy

Chavis was again in the limelight when she was caught kissing the American rapper Diddy on his luxury yacht in Italy.

The 51-year-old Diddy was found locking lips and cuddling the 32-year model, which sparked another controversy. Their photos went viral on social media, and people started predicting that they might be dating.

It was a surprise for people because Diddy was already in a relationship with Cassie Ventura from 2007 to 2018. He also got six children from the marriage: D’Lila, Jessie, Justin, Christian, Chance, and Quincy. Currently, Diddy is single, but dating with six kids is undoubtedly a surprise for his fans.

Chavis ended the controversy by releasing a video on her official YouTube channel stating that she is not a gold digger and has worked hard to make her career since she was 15.

Chavis added that she was a single mother and didn’t receive child support. She doesn’t ask for things for her kids; instead, she manages them all alone. Indeed, their father does stuff for them, but they do it according to their time and will. Chavis also said she doesn’t need anyone’s money to take care of her kids and can handle it independently.

It looks like a plotted controversy that acted in favor of the duos. They received a lot of media attention after those images went viral. It indeed has added more fans to their lists.

Joie Chavis Age, IG, Life, Career, and Much More

Joie Chavis relationships

Besides her content, Chavis is famous for her past relationships that don’t tell, and she separated from two kids.

After she cleared the misconceptions about her kissing with Diddy, it’s clear that the Instagram model is currently single for how long? No one knows! Let’s learn about her early relationships.

Joie Chavis and Bow Wow

Joie Chavis and BOW Wow started dating back in 2010, but the relationship only lasted for three years, and the couple got separated in 2013 with a girl child, Shai. She currently lives with her mother, and Bow Wow hasn’t completely separated himself from his daughter; he meets occasionally.

After the recent controversy between Joie Chavis and Diddy, Bow Wow expressed his feelings for Chavis, saying now it’s easy for him because, with time, you understand that everything is not perfect.

You have to accept the flaws of each other for a healthy life. He said with maturity; you don’t like drama. Chavis is like her male buddy, and she knows that Bow Wow will do anything for her. She is like a homie to him.

Despite being separated years ago, they both seem to have a connection because of their daughter, and it’s good to see that the ex-couple is maintaining a friendly relationship, which is suitable for the proper upbringing of their daughter.

Joie Chavis and future

Chavis remained single for five years after breaking up with Bow Wow. But in 2018, the single mother was dating another American rapper, Future. Initially, their relationship remained drama free, but not for very long.

In April 2022, Chavis claimed that she never received child support from Future. At the same time, an audio clip surfaced on the web where you could hear Future admitting that he was never in love with Joie. They both agreed to remain, good friends while continuing their careers as they used to.

Future also added that he never loved Joie as she knew it. Further, he said that he never told Joie, “I love you,” but they maintained a good friendship. Even Chavis doesn’t seem to be much concerned about the drama because recently, she was seen kissing and cuddling Diddy on his Luxury yacht in Paris.

Chavis is a proud single mother; currently, she is not planning to have any relationship. She manages the kids independently and doesn’t seem to be requesting any children from their fathers.

Joie Chavis Age, IG, Life, Career, and Much More

Facts about Joie Chavis

Here is a list of a few exciting facts about Chavis that are worth knowing about her.

  • She loves tattoos; you can find one on her waist, shoulder, and hand.
  • Joie likes to shop in expensive malls and purchase luxurious products.
  • She likes to eat vegetarian food items and follows a strict diet and fitness routine to maintain her figure.
  • She uploaded her first picture on Instagram on 10th Aug 2013.
  • Chavis loves to spend Christmas with her kids.
  • She loves to click hot pictures and record short videos, usually by the beach or the swimming pool.

Final thoughts

Joie Chavis’ life is full of controversies, and it seems like she creates them by herself to remain in trend and get noticed by her fans. Anyways, all her tactics work. With time, she successfully made a converting Instagram account with 2.2 million followers and three businesses that helped her reach a massive net worth of $2 million.

Recently, she was searched the most for her kissing, cuddling picture with American rapper, Dizzy. Let’s wait and see what lies ahead in the line for her followers. After analyzing her details, we are sure that another piece of news related to Chavis is already waiting around the corner. Let’s see when it arrives.

I hope you got to know the best information about the Instagram model. Please let us know if we missed something important.

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