John Madden Net Worth 2021, Career, Life, and Achievements

John Madden was a renowned football coach in the National Football League. Though he started his career as a coach, he was also an eminent sports commentator. With his multifarious interests and stints within football, inquisitiveness about John Madden net worth had always been rife.

To speak of a few other feathers on his cap, he was also an avid writer. Being a famous face of football, Madden endorsed several brands. With his immense success came limitless affluence. Having essayed the role of a victorious football coach and a successful commentator, the net worth John Madden is believed to be roughly $200 million.

John Madden net worth

A fluent commentator, he was also the first broadcaster to earn $1 million. However, it was from Madden NFL, a video game dedicated to him, that he made the major chunk of the $200 million that encompassed John Madden net worth 2020.

While John Madden net worth Forbes is a matter of public scrutiny, one shouldn’t overlook his dedication and passion for football. Considering his monumental contribution to football, Madden NFL was created as a token of respect for the coach and commentator.

Not only did he lend his name to the game, but he also went into the deepest details of it to ensure it was a symbol of perfection. As coaching was in his veins, he saw the game as a teaching tool. He was determined to make the game as realistic as possible. According to him, this would help players learn about football and develop an interest in the game that ruled their lives.

Early Life

Madden was born to Earl Madden, an auto mechanic, and Mary Madden in Austin in 1936. In his effort to provide better for his family, he moved to Daly City, California, in the year 1942. He made a move to get a better-paying job and envisioned a better life for the family.

He was also intent on invigorating his son’s passion for football. This encouraged Madden to play basketball, football, and baseball right from high school. With time, he realized the significance of education and decided to join Community College. He was, in fact, the first member of his family to receive a college education.

John Madden’s Life in College

During his tenure in college, Madden was nothing less than a football sensation. It took a little while for his talent to get noticed. Consequently, he was awarded a football scholarship to the University of Oregon, where he studied pre-law. However, his knee operation came as a major setback, and he could never make it to varsity competitions.

Madden aborted his pre-law studies a year later due to his growing disinterest in the subject. After this, he turned his career around to pursue a degree in education. Hereafter, he went to various colleges, such as the College of San Mateo and Grays Harbor College.

He then attended California Polytechnic, which is in San Luis Obispo. This is where he revived his football career. He played as an offensive and defensive tackle in football. He was also an active baseball team member, where he was a catcher.

Madden eventually completed his bachelor’s and master’s in education at the same college. The exposure to multiple community colleges made him grasp the value of such educational institutions. He once said community colleges were a cost-effective way for everyone to pursue higher studies.

John Madden before Oakland Raiders

Before joining as a linebackers coach for the Oakland Raiders, Madden served as an assistant coach at Allan Hancock College in 1960. He was then promoted to the position of head coach two years later. After the conclusion of this stint, he joined as an assistant coach at San Diego State. This is where he got his break with the Oakland Raiders.

The glorious coach

Madden officially began his coaching career in 1969. He joined as the linebackers coach of the Oakland Raiders. After two immensely successful seasons, he was appointed as the head coach of the team.

With his promotion to the position of head coach of the Oakland Raiders, Madden became the youngest coach in the history of the American Football League. He was also known to be loved and cherished by his team, whom he led from 1969 to 1978.

With immense success comes limitless affluence. Having essayed the role of a victorious football coach and a successful commentator, the net worth of John Madden is believed to be roughly $200 million.

Under his motivation and guidance, the Oakland Raiders witnessed 103 wins, 32 losses, and 7 ties. Madden is also responsible for the team winning its first Super Bowl title. An acclaimed football coach, Madden saw the team through numerous AFC championship appearances.

Not only did he never have a single losing season with the Raiders, but he is also known to hold the highest winning percentage of 75.9. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell couldn’t have been more accurate with his exclamation about Madden “He was football” when the latter passed away in 2021.

John Madden net worth

The sports commentator

Madden was one of the most famous personalities in the National Football League circuits. With an exemplary career in coaching, Madden moved toward sports commentary at a later stage. It is at this juncture that he was showered with extensive love.

With his intricate knowledge of the game and quick-witted analysis of football games, he bagged the reputation of an unforgettable icon. His career in color commentary or sports commentary started in 1979 as a commentator on CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System).

The color commentator’s most notable quality about Madden lay in how he narrated each player on the field. Players who would otherwise go unnoticed were brought into the limelight, thanks to Madden’s unique way of chronicling their achievements on the ground.

During his tenure as a commentator, he partnered with Pat Summerall in 1981, and they eventually became one of the most celebrated duos in the history of American football. Their acclaim was not only lauded with love and affection from people but also with the network compensating them heavily. This only ensured a consistent increase in John Madden net worth. This topic has been subject to much speculation over the years.

With the infinite admiration that they received, the duo moved on to Fox Broadcasting Company in 1994. Madden could simplify the most complex facets of football into simple, understandable points. This helped him carve a niche for himself within American football and also in the hearts of his fans.

His stint with color commentary won him innumerable accolades. He was awarded the Sports Emmy Awards 16 times. Madden is the only commentator to have appeared on all major television networks of the USA: ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

His exposure to multiple networks as a sports commentator had much to contribute to the net worth of John Madden. However, the monetary aspect was less his focus than the effort and fervor he put into his jobs.

John Madden net worth 2021


His illustrious coaching career ended abruptly as he complained of burnout and stress. He was also suffering from multiple health disorders like ulcers at the time. Issues pertaining to his personal life also came into the limelight as one of the reasons behind his decision.

He bid adieu to his coaching career finally in 1979. On his retirement, he sadly remarked that he would never return to coaching again. Little did he know back then that this decision would take him to newer heights!

Awards and achievements

The list of accolades that Madden received was endless. He was christened as the AFL coach of the year in 1970. This was followed by the Touchdown Club of America deeming him the coach of the year in 1976. It was in 1977 that Madden and the Oakland Raiders reached the pinnacle of their football careers. He led the team to a scintillating victory at the Super Bowl XI.

Coming to his recognition as a sports commentator, he was awarded the Emmy for outstanding sports personality at various points from 1981-95. He is one of the few personalities to have one 16 Emmys.

Madden NFL

In 2008, Madden received one of the highest levels of recognition that anyone within the field could imagine. EA Tiburon, an American gaming company, launched a video game named Madden NFL. It is a simulation game that is in demand to date within the gaming industry.

The game is believed to have sold over 130 million copies worldwide. It has also inspired many eminent personalities in football. Per the record, the game has generated revenue worth $4 billion. This has made it one of the world’s most profitable video game franchises.

No wonder this game is one of the primary reasons behind the humungous John Madden net worth 2021.

Madden: Films, Advertisements, and cameos

Madden was cast in the film Little Giants in 1994. The film was a sports comedy directed by Duwayne Dunham. He also acted in the movie The Replacements along with his sports commentary partner Pat Sumerall. Madden essayed the role of himself, i.e., a broadcaster in the film.

In the year 2021, Fox network released a documentary named All Madden. The documentary highlighted Madden’s career growth from a high school player to a coach and then a commentator.

Owing to his fame and popularity, Madden also endorsed a plethora of brands. An influencer that he was, he endorsed brands such as Miller Lite and Toyota. He was also the brand ambassador of Ace Hardware, Verizon Wireless, and Sirius Satellite Radio. These appearances gave way to a public image of Madden as full of love and respect for the luminary.

Just as Madden’s presence soared football to greater heights, his glimpses in numerous television series and films started doing rounds. He appeared in a cameo role in the Simpsons in 1999. In 1982, Madden hosted one episode of NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Owing to the many projects he had under his wing, it is not a surprise that the much-talked-about net worth of John Madden was a whopping $200 million.

Eventually, his work in films and series escalated to the point that he had to build a production studio near his residence. This minimized the traveling he had to endure to fulfill these commitments.

John Madden net worth 2021

End of an Era

Madden passed away on 28th December 2021. The cause of his death remains unknown. It was an emotional moment for many who had the opportunity to work with the football aficionado. His death ended a glorious career that spanned over 40 years.

Madden was a football player, a coach, and then a sports commentator. He was an all-rounder. With his appearances in films and advertisements, Madden proved that there was no job on the planet that he couldn’t accomplish.

This is why his death shocked the millions who loved, admired, and worshiped him as a hero. Not only did he attain great feats in his career, but he is also responsible for rousing the careers of many budding footballers during his coaching gigs. Hence, Madden’s demise is truly the end of an era of infinite accomplishments within football.

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