Is Post Malone Gay – All You Want to Know About His Life

Is Post Malone gay? The question might seem innocent initially, but certain connotations related to this question can be problematic. In short, no.

The rapper/singer hasn’t made any comments pointing toward the contrary. But the trend of assuming a celebrity is gay without them explicitly saying so is common.

People think this about many celebrities through gossip or some close relationships they share with other stars.

Other times, a celebrity is called gay because of their dressing style, way of speaking, or certain attitudes.

‘Is Post Malone gay?’ is a question that some parts of the internet asked after observing the rapper in interviews and on screen.

There have been many questions that general people and his fans have been asking about his sexual identity for a long time.

While that is none of their business, being a celebrity often doesn’t allow such privacy.

People must go the extra mile to keep everything under wraps from the paparazzi waiting for the barest scent to run a story.

Today, you will learn about Post Malone and find out the answer to the burning question, ‘is Post Malone gay?’

Why do people think Post Malone is gay

Post Malone is gay is a rumor floating around fan spaces for some time.

While most fans dismiss the story as just that, some people look for other clues to prove a hypothesis without a factual basis.

Celebrities don’t always get to keep their personal lives private.

Sadly, many people have failed to grow up from their middle-school humor and think ‘gay’ is an excellent way to insult someone.

In many circles, such terms are used to demean or insult individuals.

You will notice that it falls under the latter category in the loudest instances of this rumor online.

So, is Post Malone gay? He hasn’t indicated or confirmed such a thing.

In many of his concerts and shows, people have observed his lax posture and pronounced pose as indicators of his sexual identity.

This reveals a blind spot in people who assume someone’s sexual orientation by their body movements or behavior.

Some people may choose to express themselves through exaggerations or poses. It is not a general or essential feature.

The rapper and singer’s posture in some shows made them question his sexual identity.

is post malone gay

Post Malone girlfriend

Post Malone girlfriend is now his fiancée, and they have just welcomed a baby into their lives! He has said publicly how happy and excited he is to include a child in their lives.

Post Malone girlfriend came as a surprise to many of his friends. The ‘Sunflower’ singer has always been very private regarding his personal life.

Fans and the general public don’t know much about who his fiancée is and how they came together.

The rapper has been tight-lipped about his relationship after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend MLMA.

But as of 2022, Post Malone has revealed they have welcomed a baby, and he seems happy with his life.

From what little is known, he has always had girlfriends throughout his dating history.

The singer of ‘Cooped Up’ has dated Ashlen Diaz in the past, but nothing extensive is known about his current fiancée.

There have always been rumors that people spread about singers, especially rappers, about them being gay. Whether they are or not, they should have the opportunity to come out if they wish.

post malone girlfriend

Post Malone girlfriend MLMA

Post Malone girlfriend, MLMA, is now his ex-girlfriend. The Korean rapper is well known for her hits such as ‘Sweetie’ and ‘You Can’t Kill Me I’m Alive.’

Her music style is a mix of electronic, K-pop, and hip-hop. Her music has a surreal quality, and some critics have lauded her as a part of the popular rap SoundCloud movement.

The lady’s internet fame came in 2017 after she posted a viral Instagram post where her unique make-up style became the rage.

You might have heard about ‘wavy brows,’ and the trend started with MLMA. She also has a clothing line that is trendy in South Korean designs. Skoot is the label of the design company.

Many popular famous such as Billie Eilish, Jackson Wang, Rico Nasty, Blackpink, BTS, Grimes, and Rosalia have worn Skoot apparel.

Post Malone and MLMA have been in a short relationship that seemingly ended in 2020. However, they seem to be on cordial terms now.

That is why the ‘is Post Malone gay’ rumor is wrong. The artist has a pseudonym for her name.

MLMA stands for Me Love Me A Lot. She is also a famous artist.

Post Malone style sense

Post Malone gay rumor is baseless entirely. Is Post Malone gay? No, he doesn’t seem to be since his past relationships have been with women.

His hands and legs style while he sits, stands, or walks is quite common in the singing industry. Many famous rockstars and hip-hop artists have adopted the same manner.

Nothing is essentially gay about walking. People argue that such a line of thinking can be counterintuitive and prejudiced.

Someone’s sexual identity has nothing to do with how they present themselves.

They can adopt certain clothing styles if certain conspecifics favor them if they want unless they publically say they are gay; it is wrong to assume otherwise.

Is Post Malone gay? He isn’t; he is happily engaged with someone who hasn’t been in the spotlight.

Speculations about a celeb’s relationships and dating history are sadly something people tend to go overboard with.

People were so adamant that Post Malone was gay that they tweeted at Q Eye to invite him over.

The show is mainly for queer individuals, who responded when Post Malone didn’t want to come.

Post Malone was very relaxed about the speculations and joked that people thought he was gay because he smelled and looked terrible.

is post malone gay

Is Post Malone bisexual

No, the singer and rapper have been in relationships with women and exclusively with women. It seems that he is straight.

His fiancée has welcomed a child, and this is the first child in Post Malone’s life.

He is a young celeb who shot to fame because of his hit songs ‘Psycho,’ ‘Sunflower,’ and ‘Congratulations.’ The artist is covered in several tattoos and has a disheveled appearance.

It is why many people have speculated whether he swings both ways or not!

Post Malone doesn’t have the character of the usual kind of rockstars that people imagine them to be.

He is not a womanizer, nor does he usually rap about women or money and fame, as is the general course of most rap songs.

Post Malone is different and doesn’t dissuade the rumors coming his way.

He offers an amiable neighborhood rapper type of feels, making him popular with certain people. Moreover, he didn’t react when people called him gay or speculated the same.

He seems to be a laid-back and chill kind of guy. He has reached colossal success recently, and there is more you have yet to see from him.


Post Malone is a singer and rapper who has sold over 80 songs! He has achieved 10 Billboard awards.

His real name is Austin Richard Post, and he is famous for mixing genres and variegated vocals. He is a talented musician who started his career in 2011.

But it was not until 2015 that Post Malone got recognition for his talents. ‘White Iverson’ made him famous, and he gained a following after the release of his single.

This brought much attention to Post Malone, and his career moved up the hill. His first album was in 2016, and its name was Stoney.

‘Congratulations’ became his diamond single, and he was later nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys. He is a man of many talents.

Post raps beautifully and is also a songwriter and record producer. He has many fans who adore him and his songs.

Post came into the mainstream in a greater capacity after the film featured his song ‘Sunflower’ in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, 2018.

Malone has recently released his fourth album this year which has been quite popular with the crowd. Malone is a well-liked artist.

Post Malone net worth

Post Malone has a net worth of $45 million.

This estimate is according to 2022 considerations. The artist was born in 1995.

The net worth of Post Malone is only a rough estimate and doesn’t reflect the actual figures.

The analytics find the data, source them from different sources online, and then calculate the actual net worth of the star. Post Malone is a talented artist, so he has much famous online.

He has a large following and is famous for mixing genres in music together. His works reflect a deep thought of emotions and merged genres like hip-hop and rap.

You can see elements of R&B in his album too. AMA and Billboard music awards are on his shelves, and he will likely get more recognition and accolades.

Some of his singles have become diamonds as well as gold. People have provided rough estimates about his yearly income. His annual income is anywhere between $5-$10 million.

He has several houses, which are significant assets. He has a place in Las Vegas, Texas, and Los Angeles. Post Malone is quite fond of cars.

He has quite a few of them. He has driven vehicles like Cadillac, Porsche, and Subaru.

Career prospects

His 2022 album ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ has recently been released. His last album was in 2019, which was Hollywood’s Bleeding.

After that, ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’ will be his next album. Post Malone has been teasing the album’s release for a long time.

Fans thought he would drop the new album in 2020, but that got delayed and didn’t happen for another two years.

When he finally announced that his album would be released in 2022, his fans were very excited.

He went to Jimmy Fallon’s show and shared some crucial nuggets about his new album and what it was about.

You can watch that interview if you want to listen to Post Malone talking about his album. Post Malone’s album also had a collaboration with Doja Cat.

Fans have been waiting for this album for a long time. Post Malone released the album in June. Recently, Post Malone was going on his music tour for the album.

The term began in September. Fans love his newest creations, and Post Malone has not revealed any news about his next album.

If you are interested in learning about his tours, you can do so. Amid this, it is essential to keep in mind that Post Malone is not gay.

Final thoughts

So, is Post Malone gay? No, he is straight! With the development of society and the progress of human civilization, in this diverse world, no one, gay or not, should feel bad about their identity. Everyone should be proud of their existence. If you also want to encourage others to be brave and be themselves, you could make some customized gifts for them, such as custom enamel pin. It will be a sweet way to tell them about your attitude and let them feel your goodwill. And he just became a father to a baby girl.

The year seems to be going great for Post Malone, who just released his album in June and is now set to go on a tour in September.

Fans have waited for a long time for his tour, and the rapper is creating a stir one show after another!

Let’s wait for some more record-breaking tracks to come our way.

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