Is Lemon Water Good for You? How to Consume It Effectively?

Frequently you have heard that starting your morning with a glass of lukewarm water with a pinch of lemon is indeed a great start. Complying with the idea, yes it is good to have lemon water because vitamin C kicks off the toxin from the system. At the same time, receives you from stress. Therefore, today we will take a close look at the benefits of lemon water, and most importantly, we will discuss why is lemon water good for you.

Is lemon water good for you?

Without wasting much of your time on elaborating about lemon water, let’s cut the crap and get straight to the fact that lemon water is indeed good for your health. Even researchers also proved that with evidence. So, we will some of the benefits of having this citrus water daily.

Offers vitamin C to the body

An essential element present in lemon is vitamin C. Whenever you have lemon water, the body gets adequate vitamin C. The best about vitamin C is that it has antioxidants that fortify the body from free type radicals. Apart from that, it also prepares the body for catching a cold and flu. On top of that, it also helps to check high blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Collectively, vitamin C.

lemon water

Enhance skin texture

Adding this citrus water to your regime is also good for your overall skin. That means when you have lemon water, it replenishes the body’s water requirement and helps keep the body hydrated. As a result of which the skin also looks moisturized and supple. It is also true that lemon water checks the damaging, aging, and wrinkling of the skin.

Prevents bad breath

When you smell bad after having onion and garlic, you can quickly get rid of that by having a glass of lemon water. The lukewarm lemon water is pretty good to fight bad breath because it becomes the breeding place of bacteria when your mouth dries up. So with lemon water, you can activate saliva so that it won’t attract any bacteria.

No stones in the kidney

Do you know that lemon water can prevent kidney stones? Well, it is accurate, and that is due to the presence of citric acid in citrus fruit. The citric acid in the lemon reduces the acidic level in the urine. And that helps to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney. At the same time, it does not allow the stones to break into small pieces.

Good for dental health

Adding the citrus water would give you a chance to enjoy sound dental health as well. It does so by discarding the acid traces from the teeth. Once you take lemon water, it tends to increase the saliva level, which neutralizes the acid effect in the mouth. That apart, it also prevents any tooth pain. On top of that shields the teeth from teeth disorder like gingivitis.

It reduces the acidic effect

Do you know that lemon water can minimize the acidic effect in the stomach? It is so because the lemon has alkaline in its properties. And that can neutralize the acidic effect in the stomach and helps to minimize the acidic reflux. You should know that the ph level of lemon is three, and water is seven; therefore, the result is neutral. Moreover, lemon water is neither alkaline nor acidic. Therefore, these are some of the best sides that you can have from having lemon water.

Why should you have lemon water on an empty stomach?

This section will mainly talk about lemon water good for you when you plan to take it on an empty stomach. To know more, follow some of the privileges that you can get from the lemon water.

Fight infections

The first thing about having the citirus water early in the morning before breakfast is keeping the body infection-free. Also, the presence of pectin works to protect the colon. Therefore, in a line, you can say that lemon is a robust antibacterial agent.

No health ailment

Having lemon water in the morning is the best way to purify the body. Once you consume, it begins to cleanse the blood from toxins, it helps the body fight against any health issues.

Smoothens digestion process

Many often complain of gas, acidity, and digestion problems. But do you know that taking lemon water in the morning can solve the problem? For that, you need to take the lemon in lukewarm water.

Once you have it regularly, you will see no significant digestive issues will ever bother you. And that is because the lemon’s enzyme will interact with the other enzymes present in the stomach. On the whole, that will enhance the secretion of the gastric juices. On the other hand, you can have citrus water to prevent constipation because it works as an organic laxative.

lemon water

Lemon is anti-inflammatory

People with respiratory disorders, especially those who tend to catch infections, can have lemon water. Also, the water helps to fight sore throat and tonsil inflammation. Now it helps with those because it is anti-inflammatory.

Powerpack for body

Lemon is known as a fantastic source of minerals, vitamins, and potassium. Therefore adding lemon to your daily regime can provide lots of minerals and vitamins. But yes, lemon can also provide your body with phosphorus, citric acid, and calcium. On the whole, it arms the body against any health problem.

Can keep weight at bay

The weight problem is a standard topic these days. Many of you put the best to shred off that extra flesh from your body. But do you know that a glass of lemon water can do the magic at a wink? That means the presence of pectin in lemon checks the cholesterol in the body and also kills your craving. Therefore you don’t have to rush to the gyms to restore the body shape. On top of that, it also increases the metabolism of the body.

These are the overall goodness you can gain from having lemon water on an empty stomach.

Skin and hair benefits of lemon

As discussed, lemon water is not only about improving digestion and enhancing metabolism. But it is one of the best ones for adding glow to your skin and hair. So take a look at some of the pointers that will give some clues on that.

Prevent breakouts

Having lemon water can accentuate digestion, and that helps to clear the bowels as well. Remember, uncleared bowels deposit the toxins in your body. Therefore it reduces the chance of getting acne or breakouts. Besides that, you can try this home remedy as well. Cut a piece of lemon and add drops of water to that. Rub that gently on the breakout area. You will see that the antibacterial characteristics of the lemon will help to prevent that at once. And the best thing is that you will see that blackheads will also fade away.

Restore the body salt

After a rigorous workout, you start to sweat out, and because of that, the body loses salt. But you can quickly replenish that by having a lemon drink. To prepare the drink, you need a teaspoon of lemon water, including a pinch of rock salt and half a teaspoon of honey. Stir the mixture nicely, and then sip it at once. Indeed after having that, you will automatically find yourself quite charged.

Lightens up the skin scars

People who are prone to breakouts tend to prick the acne, and as a result of which they get a scar. But it is not the scar that you get on the skin. You can even get the same on the elbows as well. Thus to fight those scars, you can use lemon juice to prevent that at once. Now, this is because of the presence of citric acid that works as an organic bleaching agent.

Make weak nails stronger

Many of you often complain that your nails are too brittle, and it often breaks away. Honestly, that kills your beauty. To keep your nails look stylish and dazzle when popped with nail polish, make sure to include lemon water in your diet. In that case, you can prepare a DIY mask for your nails. It is easy and straightforward to compose. And to prepare that, you will need drops of olive oil with lemon juice. This will help fix yellow marks on the nails and allow the nails grow stronger.

Natural face cleanser

You all know that you need to indulge in a cleaning, toning, and moisturizing routine to keep the skin look supple and replenished. But instead of using the cleanser from the shop, you can use a homemade cleanser. And to prepare that, you can take a teaspoon of lavender or chamomile oil and then mix that with a teaspoon of lemon juice. Stir it well, then apply it on the face. For people with dry skin, they can add yogurt to the mixture as well.

Scrubber for lips

Many of you suffer from lip problems like chapped lips. Seriously such lips don’t look pretty. And you cannot put a generous amount of lipstick on that. But if you apply lemon juice on the lips with a teaspoon of sugar, you can certainly get rid of the chappy lips.

Use as natural astringent

Do you know that lemon juice can act as an organic astringent? Yes, you can use it, but you have to mix the juice with a teaspoon of water. And apply that on the pores to keep the pores minimized. That also helps you get a flawless skin as well.

Tips on the lemon types and the best among them

In this part, we will discuss the various types of lemons and discuss the best in the market.

Regular sized lemons: These lemons are yellow in color and oblong in shape. The best is that you can get this quickly in the grocery markets.

Natural lemons: These are ordinary lemons, and you can consider this as the superb in the lot because it has great health goodness. You can have it apart because it is organic, and no pesticide or chemical is used to cultivate this.

Will lemon water clear bowels?

Yes, definitely lemon water helps to clear bowels easily by softening the bowels. But yes, make sure that you take the lemon water in the morning.

How should you make lemon water with ginger and honey?

Instead of taking lemon water as it is you can have it with ginger and honey. First, take lukewarm water and then add a tablespoon of lemon juice. After that, you can add a teaspoon of grated ginger juice and a teaspoon of honey.

Few pointers on side effects of having lemon water daily

Looking to search for an answer, is lemon water good for you? To that, we can say that yes, it is good. But you have to keep specific size effects on the mind as well.

Can affect the teeth enamel

Having citrus water more than once a day may affect the teeth enamel. It is because the lemon water is a bit acidic.

Cause stomach problem

The acidic properties of the fruit can cause the stomach to face various disorders. It also causes acid reflux, or you can say it can cause heartburn.

Can aggravate migraine

Having too much of the juice can aggravate issues like a migraine. It is because people with migraine problems should stay away from too much citric acid.

Final thoughts

Well, lemon is a miraculous fruit as it has both positive and negative attributes. But if you search for is lemon water good for you. Then you can have it because it is loaded with goodness. At the same time, be sure to have it in a limited amount.

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