Is Gwen Really Pregnant? All About She­lton and Stefani Gwen Kids

As Blake She­lton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship continue­s to flourish, recent discussions have shifte­d towards the possibility of them expe­cting a child. Following their engageme­nt announcement in October 2021, spe­culation arose regarding their pote­ntial parenthood. Adding fuel to the rumor mill was a joke made by Blake during a rece­nt episode of The Voice­. But is Gwen really pregnant? Let’s find out!

Is Gwen Stefani really pregnant?

The first reports of Gwen’s pregnancy appeared in May 2020. The couple had used IVF to become pregnant with twins, according to Star at the time.

It is expected that the couple will announce their choice to have children in the public eye. Even if they do not discuss every aspect of their private lives, they do let their followers know about the most significant news. This refers to their engagement, which they told their followers about in October 2020.

According to a story from December 2022, Blake Shelton struggled to strike a balance between being a friend and a mentor to his stepsons. The country singer was raising his three sons with his wife of one year.

Shelton said in 2021 that he, Kingston, Apollo, and Zuma Rossdale were always together. The actor admitted that he did not mind being all buddy-buddy with the guys, but he also recognized that they were listening to what he said.

The musician described it as “scary” since he knew he had a lot of responsibility and pondered if being a stepfather was tougher than being a biological parent. The answer to his questions, however, was said to be only around the corner.

Trying to conceive through IVF

Getting an affirmative answer to is Gwen really pregnant did not come easy. Stefani wanted nothing more than to give her husband “his own child,” a source claimed. The country singer’s wife “decided to give IVF another chance a few months ago,” the insider claims, after taking a hiatus from trying to get pregnant.

The singer apparently gave up on IVF since it was not working and was emotionally draining, but she decided to try again. Shelton’s departure from “The Voice” at the end of season 23 now allows him to be a more present father.

After being unable to conceive naturally, the singer and her spouse chose IVF after multiple rounds and treatments failed. The procedure had an emotional and physical impact on them, and physicians advised Stefani to rest her body.

According to a source, Stefani put a lot of pressure on herself to conceive for Shelton, which affected him as well, and he despised seeing her in that state. The singer paused and concentrated on their 2020 engagement, the wedding the following year, her work, and her children.

The couple apparently saw a Los Angeles specialist a few months ago, in 2022. To prepare, the No Doubt member began eating healthier, performing acupuncture, meditating, and other activities, and it was disclosed in early December that year that she “finally got pregnant.”

Stefani is reportedly pregnant with her fourth kid at the age of 53, fulfilling the couple’s family goals. According to some rumors, Shelton’s wife was already sporting an indication that she was pregnant!

Is Gwen and Blake having a baby?

Well it is time to know is Gwen really pregnant or not?

As per reports, Blake Shelton is Gwen are expecting their first child together. The couple has been married since 2021, and it is also not their first marriage.

Even though the ceremony was quite intimate, the couple received a lot of affection from everyone. This is her second marriage, and she has three children from her first.

According to a source close to Gwen, she is more than happy with her family. Gwen Stefani observed Blake with her children, she recognized what a great father Blake might be. That is why she desired to give Blake Shelton their own child.

They had been trying to get pregnant since 2021. So, her clinic visit photos were leaked, fueling pregnancy suspicions. But given her age and the fertility issues, she failed to conceive on several occasions.

Regardless, people noticed a baby bump on Gwen in a recent episode of The Voice. So it appears that all of the rumours were true. But let us wait until one of the parents formally confirms anything.

How Did the Couple Prepare for Their Future Child?

Shelton regarded Stefani’s children as if they were his biological offspring, even though they were not.

According to a source, he joked that his house had enough testosterone and that if he had the power, he would get “a girl.”

The couple was allegedly preparing their houses in Oklahoma and Los Angeles for the arrival of their child.

According to a source, Shelton had already purchased a pink cowgirl hat and boots, as well as worked on making other nursery items, such as the crib.

The country musician also indulged his wife, making sure she took it easy, relaxed, and remained calm after the long journey that brought them here. Shelton allegedly hired Taylor Swift to organize a tiny baby shower.

More celebs were anticipated to attend the event, which also included games, cupcakes, and mocktails. Stefani has curtailed her workload in addition to the country singer so that they could focus on their family.

According to a source, this is a “new chapter” in the couple’s lives. The coach of “The Voice” and his wife were supposedly “excited” about what is to come!

Stefani Gwen’s baby bump

Stefani walked the NYWICI Matrix Awards red carpet on October 26, 2022, sporting a pink dress that purportedly showed off her tiny baby bulge!

According to a source, her friends were thrilled about her pregnancy, while she and her husband were “beyond overjoyed” and considered it a “Christmas miracle.”

Shelton, then 46, published a social media snapshot of himself and his wife posing for photos at the event two days later. He called her his “favorite person” and stated he was “proud” of her, prompting one admirer to ask below the post:

“Does that look like a baby bump?”

Another person wished the couple well and expressed happiness that they were “increasing their family!” The admirer claimed that the two had experienced “many blessings” from God.

A third person remarked that Shelton would be a “great father” after spotting the alleged baby bump.

Some sources claim that the pair was already preparing to have their fourth kid, and that the country musician was eager to become a father because he was already a loving stepfather.

Is Gwen Stefani Hiding Her Pregnancy?

In addition to the photo of her pregnant cat, the famous singer shared a video on Instagram. During the Christmas holidays, she was wearing an oversized sweater while baking gingerbread cookies with her husband.

Fans speculated after seeing the footage that the award-winning singer was also cooking something else in her oven. Fans speculated that the “Holla Back” singer was expecting her first child with her spouse, which she is keeping hidden.

While it is unknown whether Gwen Stefani is hiding her baby bump, fans are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the lovely singer and Blake Shelton’s darling child.

Gwen’s ‘The Voice’ Finale Outfit Fueled Speculations

Fans thought they saw the tiniest hint of a baby bump under the “Rich Girl” singer’s plunging Alexandre Vauthier leopard print mini dress, which she styled with a gold bikini underneath, as well as fishnet tights, a fierce sky-high pony, and bold red lips, on Monday, December 12.

Gwen’s fans were not shy about expressing their thoughts on the two Instagram posts she shared of her finale look, including a video set to her own version of “Jingle Bells” and another two-image carousel featuring her stunning look in greater detail, both of which were posted the day after the finale aired on December 13th.

“So you’re pregnant or what?” one admirer questioned frankly, adding, “Do not let the gross magazines announce for you.”

“Amazing! Looks like a small baby bump,” another fan sarcastically commented, to which someone replied, “No, she is just trying to gain weight to look more ‘country.’

What do fans want to know is Gwen really pregnant?

One reason why Gwen’s pregnancy has our interest is her age. Being 53 year old right now, it is not just surprising but also scary. Most people cannot fathom this as a possibility, especially due to unsupportive health conditions to bear a child at this stage.

Fans are impatiently awaiting confirmation from the couple, as this is not the first time the rumor mill has speculated about the couple having their own child.

The same publication that claimed the couple’s hopes had come true released an article in 2017 about Stefani appearing to be pregnant.

Reports emerged in early 2016, just months after Blake and Stefani began dating. The country singer responded to inquiries about him and Stefani starting a family with:

“Don’t you think it is a little early to be talking about that?”

The following rumour surfaced months later, though it was short-lived. Stefani said on April 1, 2016, that she is expecting a girl via ultrasound, which coincides with Life & Style’s current report. It was, however, an April Fool’s joke.

Another outlet joyfully and incorrectly reported in 2020 that the couple had conceived via IVF. Blake became the fuel for rumors a year later, in March 2021, after a comment he made on “The Voice.”

Stefani was absent from the episode, and when asked where she was, he joked that she was “delivering twins right now.”

Gwen Stefani kids

Even though the Hollywood power couple has yet to conceive a child together, Stefani was already a mother of three!

Previously, the singer was married to Gavin Rossdale. The now-divorced couple had three children, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo, during their twelve-year marriage. After splitting up in 2015, they remained co-parents and prioritized their children.

Gwen Stefani is a stepmother in addition to her three sons. Daisy Lowe, her ex-husband’s kid, whom he shares with his former lover, Pearl Lowe, is her daughter.

Blake Shelton is getting a taste of fatherhood and loving it. Shelton enjoys being in the spotlight.

Blake Shelton, on the other hand, does not yet have any children. The country music artist is getting a taste of fatherhood and loving it.

Shelton likes being Stefani’s kids’ stepfather. He even stepped down as a coach on “The Voice” to be more involved in their lives. He is having a good time with Gwen Stefani’s blended family.

The famous singer, on the other hand, has been outspoken about Stefani’s desire to have a daughter.


1. Blake and Gwen have been together for how long?

Blake and Gwen have been in a relationship for eight years. When they were co-mentoring a reality program in 2015, they started dating. They got married in July 2021.

2. Is Gwen Stefani really pregnant?

There has been no formal confirmation on is Gwen really pregnant or not. Fans, however, appear to have detected a baby bump on a recent broadcast of The Voice.

3. Who is Gwen Stefani’s child’s father?

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani’s husband, is the reported baby daddy.

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