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Curious about the houseplant trends of 2021? On this page you will find a handy overview of trendy plant varieties to inspire you. :-Whether you are looking for indoor plants that match a certain season, type of room, are popular among men or women, pots for your favorite indoor plant or gift inspiration. This overview will help you on your way through the jungle of possibilities and indoor plant trends!

These are the five most popular houseplant trends of 2021:

  1. Strelitzia

A fantastic plant with strong, large leaves that can become the eye-catcher in your home!

  1. Calathea

The leaf of the Calathea makes this plant so special. The plant closes its leaves at night and then opens them again during the day when the sun begins to shine. You can buy this Calathea at Blomster, also called in Denmark Tørrede blomster.

  1. Monstera

Large houseplants are hot! So is the Monstera, also called the whole plant. The Monstera is a very simple plant and also very popular in the office.

  1. Kentia Palm

A fresh green plant that also has an air-purifying effect. The kentia palm is an easy plant and looks great in any place in the house.

  1. Olive Trees

The olive tree remains a popular and beautiful houseplant that also does well on the terrace or balcony. The tree gives a Mediterranean atmosphere in the house and can even produce fruit during a warm summer.

Inspiration by season

If we do not count the Christmas tree, it is the case in a few households that indoor plants make way for other seasonal plants every season. Nevertheless, trends are visible per season because every plant brings a different atmosphere to the room. Houseplants are an addition to everyone’s living experience in all seasons and to help you in the choice, we show below some trends from the last seasons.


Create color and atmosphere on dark days. That is what we look for in a fine houseplant. Houseplants in winter can be any color, as long as they bring cosiness inside.

With the Orchid or Anthurium, for example, you can easily bring atmosphere into your home during this dark, cozy period. Due to the small size, there is always a place with these varieties where you can put them, for example in a light-rich place such as a windowsill.

Artificial plants create color and atmosphere and require virtually no maintenance. You can also use them again next year. These are some blossoms that you can find in many home magazines.


Spring is a happy period when the first plants also start to emerge outside and start to show their buds. In this season we see that houseplants exchange their place in the living room for a prominent place on a terrace or veranda. Please note that houseplants often cannot withstand frost, so in case of night frost it is wise to move the plants back indoors in good time. After Ice Saints (15 May) you are virtually assured that night frost will no longer affect you and that your precious patio plants can shine in the garden without looking back.

Citrus trees are especially popular in the spring. The trees come to life as the buds slowly develop into beautiful fruits. In addition to the bright colors of the fruits, citrus fruits also bring a wonderfully fresh spring scent into your home. Just think how nice it is when a wonderfully fresh and soft lemon scent permeates your home.

Olive trees are also very trendy. They bring a wonderful Mediterranean atmosphere inside and, just like citrus trees, make very good gifts!

And the Yucca Elephantipes. A must for every living room. For years with punctuality on one the most popular houseplants. Very beautiful, full, elegant and very easy to maintain.


In the summer it is important to have houseplants that can withstand sunlight and less humidity. During this cheerful period it is best to choose green, sustainable plants. Plants that are extremely easy to maintain in the warmer season are those that are suitable for hydroponics. The roots are directly in the water, so they need water less often. These are, for example, the ficus hydroponics or philodendrons hydroponics. Colorful plants also do well in the summer. Below are some examples of plants that were trending in the summer of 2021 and are still very much loved today.

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