How to Select the Best Air Duct Cleaning Company in Dallas-Fort Worth?

Air ducts are an integral component of an HVAC unit. It carries the produced air from the HVAC unit to your space, and thus it helps to keep your space comfortable. But over time, this air duct can have leaks, which can decrease the performance of the HVAC system. Besides, dust and other micro-particles can accumulate inside the duct work and pollute the indoor air. However, you can get rid of these air duct problems by cleaning the ducts regularly. 

In DFW, due to humid conditions, homeowners have to run their HVAC unit almost 24/7. And to get the maximum out of the HVAC unit, ducts need to be clean and have no leaks in them. For air duct cleaning, Dallas has several HVAC companies that you can trust.  

When you hire a professional and certified air duct cleaning company, they will follow all the guidelines while cleaning the air ducts. Thus, duct cleaning will be safe and effective. 

But like most homeowners, if you are confused about how to select the best air duct cleaning company in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, this is what you need to know.  

5 Steps to Select the Best Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth

  • Shortlist the Duct Cleaning Companies

As a first step in selecting the air duct cleaning for your AC unit, you will have to shortlist a few companies. For shortlisting the duct cleaning companies, you can ask your friends and families who have recently cleaned their HVAC air ducts. 

You can also look for duct cleaning services online and check their reviews and testimony. Besides, you can check review platforms like Yelp and Google to know about the actual feedback of the customers. 

List all the duct cleaning providers with a rating of 4.0/5.0 or more on these platforms. 

Ensure that you have shortlisted at least 10-12 duct cleaning companies. This will give you more flexibility in choosing the perfect air duct cleaning company for your AC or furnace system. 

  • Check HVAC License and Certificates 

HVAC license indicates the person who holds the license is well versed in the HVAC system. Moreover, getting an HVAC license isn’t easy. Getting one requires years of experience and in-depth knowledge about HVAC and air ducts. That is why hiring an HVAC air duct cleaning professional with an HVAC license almost guarantees that you will get the best air duct cleaning service. 

Apart from checking the HVAC license, it would be best if you also enquired about the HVAC insurance. Because during duct cleaning, accidents can happen, and when there is HVAC insurance, you won’t have to pay any extra money for the additional damage that occurred during the duct cleaning. For air duct cleaning, Fort Worth and Dallas companies offer this HVAC insurance to the homeowners while cleaning the air ducts.    

  • Compare the Duct Cleaning Quotations

After checking the HVAC license and certificates, you will have to compare the duct cleaning quotations from different companies. Also, while checking the quotations, read the package description thoroughly. Ask the salesperson what services are included in the HVAC air duct cleaning package. Will they clean the whole HVAC unit or just the air ducts? What air duct cleaning method will they implement? How much time will they need to clean the entire air duct?

When comparing the duct cleaning quotation, if you notice that some companies are asking for less than their competitors, you should consider it a red flag. Because duct cleaning companies that ask for surprisingly less than others are usually novice or scams, you must avoid such services.  

  • Enquire about the Cleaning Method

Usually, there are two ways to clean the air ducts – chemically and by using eco-friendly cleaning treatments. When you clean the ductwork with chemical agents, it eliminates all the bacteria and other microorganisms inside the air duct. However, the drawback of this cleaning method is it can trigger allergies and several respiratory illnesses. On the flip side, when you use biological cleaning treatments, it won’t trigger any allergies or respiratory disease. Moreover, it cleans the air duct more efficiently and is good for the environment. That is why before hiring an air duct cleaning company, ensure that it uses eco-friendly or biological cleaning agents.

  • Ask How Long Will It Take 

Ask how long will they need to properly clean the ducts. This is a must-ask question because it will allow you to organize your space for cleaning. Apart from asking about the air duct cleaning time, you will have to ask the duct cleaning company whether they are going to move the furniture or cover them during the duct cleaning. Without moving or covering the furniture, you will find a layer of dust on them when the ductwork cleaning is done.

Furthermore, ask them whether they will dust off the space and furniture after the duct cleaning or not.


Before selecting the best air duct cleaning company, ensure that it has good customer feedback. Also, while choosing the duct cleaning company, you can consider your friends and family’s recommendations. But most importantly, ensure that the duct cleaning company has an HVAC license and years of experience. Also, try to avoid hiring a novice duct cleaning company to clean the HVAC air duct.

If an air duct cleaning company meets all the above requirements, you are good to hire that duct cleaning company.

Again, while cleaning the air ducts, if you notice that there are leaks in them, you should repair them as soon as possible. Because as I stated above, leaks in the air ducts can lead to a loss in efficiency and other HVAC problems. 

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