How to Remove the Red Filter From Viral Tiktok Challenge Video?

Are you frequent on TikTok? Have you tried the viral red filter challenge? Here we will share all you need to know about this trend and also how to remove the red filter.

How do social media trends begin?

Various modern trends and practices revolve around gaining popularity through online platforms. These online platforms or social media are formed by a particular community interested in something.

Such a community is created by many people sharing a common interest and starts a specific practice that ends up being a trend.

One of the most popular online platforms of such movements or challenges is Tiktok, in which people upload short videos. Further, most of these trends require video editing and adding filters in the video. One of the most common trends is the silhouette challenge in January 2021 on the online platform Tiktok.

This challenge also involves a specific red filter like many trends and challenges. So you might be thinking about how to remove the red filter for these trends. Fortunately, some apps and methods allow you to remove unwanted filters from specific videos.

How to make TikTok videos

Social media platforms significantly impact today’s world-shaping on people’s online preferences and building community.

Considering the popularity of specific online media platforms, communities involved in a particular online app or platform can grow faster.

One of the most popular online platforms for sharing trends and challenges is Tiktok. Tiktok is a video-making app that lets you upload your unique content on your profile.

Uploading and sharing content allows others to view your videos and shorts. This, in the long run, can gain you many followers, which can result in building a community around you.

This works similar to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or any other social media platform. The concept here is simple, you upload content, and if people on the internet like it, you gain followers.

But unlike YouTube, which requires much longer videos to gain a specific watch time, TikTok videos are much shorter.

The length of a Tiktok video is a maximum of 3 minutes and a minimum of 15 seconds. This minimum and fast video duration requirement make Tiktok an engaging online app.

Creators can create shorts, upload more frequently, and engage in various trends and challenges.

One such popular challenge is the silhouette challenge involving a red filter. You might ask the question, thinking about how to remove red filter if not needed. Fortunately, there are ways to do it.

Similar apps for creating trending content

Tiktok is a video-making app to upload your content on your profile. In a way, it is similar to Vimeo and YouTube, which are also video-making and sharing websites. The concept is identical.

You make a video that presumably gets on the trending page, making it go viral. But more accurately, this app is made for shorter videos or reels like the Vine app or Music Ally.

Music Ally is another video-making app that was trending before the rise of TikTok. The most vital element in such apps is the music.

As you know, background music is necessary for any video-making app, but here it plays a significant role. These apps are mainly based on lip-syncing practices. This means the creator mainly lip-syncs with a particular song coupled with other activities.

Most times, people lip-sync to this song, while other times, these songs are used as background music.

Although Tiktok was launched back in 2016 but gained, it’s popularity in 2019 and 2020 with a fast-growing of approximately 700 million users.

In 2022, Tiktok has to stack 1 billion active users and content creators. And most of them involve themselves in trending challenges, especially the silhouette challenge with special red filters.

If you think such filters are unnecessary and want to know how to remove the red filter, we are here to help.

How a specific trend starts on online media platforms like Tiktok

Challenges and trends are popular practices performed by various individuals online. These challenges are viewed by other users, sharing it and copying your work, and re-creating by themselves.

A Tiktok challenge usually starts with a particular individual that does a unique thing on camera, records, edits, and uploads it. Other users then view these challenges, and if viewed by enough people, it gains particular popularity.

These videos are challenges, which means it challenges other users to do the same practices shown in the video. And gradually, many people do the same thing by watching others perform the trend.

When the process is repeated enough time, it hits high-level popularity on the social media platform. This is how most trends are started and reach high popularity on the trending page.

Top TikTok trends of all times

The most popular challenges are the drip challenge, don’t rush challenge, fake trip challenge, an art challenge, and more.

Other famous challenges are the flip and switch challenge, school bathroom challenge, finger challenge, buss it a challenge, make-up challenge, etc.

A few elements of such TikTok videos make up the actual challenge. Mainly the music and the filter play an essential role in the activity.

Music has an essential role to play in such challenges. Each kind of challenge or trend has its music used in it.

For example, a particular make-up challenge uses the song “Devil in disguise” by the legendary singer Elvis Presley while some dance challenges use “Stay” by Justin Bieber.

It is worth mentioning that the songs used in TikTok videos are often not in their original form. Some challenges use different versions of the original song like reverb, remix, etc.

Other than music, challenges also include the use of filters. The main attraction here is the silhouette challenge that involves a specific red filter. These filters can be present in the entire video of a particular part. You might not like the red filter present in the video and think about removing the red light filter from such Tiktok videos. Here are we to answer your question and present a desirable solution to you.

What are red filters on camera, photo, or video apps

Photo or video apps are currently the most popular app as it helps you show your presence all over social media.

Selfies, candids, video making, are some of the most trending things that make you viral over the internet.

Video-making or short reel apps have various elements that play a crucial role in video making. The use of music and editing of the recorded video is essential to the final upload.

But mainly, these music apps promote unique practices and challenges that go viral. In many challenges, camera filter plays a vital role. Such photo or video-making apps come with many different filters, and new filters are added on new updates.

One of the most common filters used in various challenges is a certain kind of red filter. Such red filters are used in challenges like the silhouette challenge, devil’s horn challenge, and more.

Often, such a filter might be unwanted, and you want to get rid of it. You may have quarries like how to remove a red filter from these Tiktok videos, and we have the answer to it.

What is the silhouette challenge on Tiktok

Tiktok is full of unique and creative challenges that people upload to get on the trending page. Other people on the internet view such challenges while trying to recreate their version. And this process is repeated several times as more and more people involve themselves in a particular challenge.

Of course, the main attraction of these challenges is the leading creator. But there are other elements to it, like certain music or a camera filter used in that challenge.

The music and filter used are unique to each challenge, and often lip-syncing is a part of it. This means every challenge have different music and filter used in it.

how to remove red filter

All about the viral silhouette challenge

One of the most prevalent challenges is the silhouette challenge that involves a particular red filter. If this is unwanted and you think about how to remove the red filter, there is a solution to it.

This specific challenge exploded into popularity back in 2019 on January 14, when content created by the name of Yoelise dropped such a concept.

Moreover, with time many other Tiktok user-created and re-created this video, making it a trend. By November 2019, this challenge became a mainstream success as many creators performed this challenge.


The silhouette challenge on TikTok also uses music, a song named “put your head on my shoulder,” sung by many great singers like Albert West, the Lettermen, and most recently by Michael Bublé. But the original composition was written and sung by Paul Anka back in 1959.

Image Source: Flickr

Of course, the song used in the TikTok challenge is not in its original form but rather a remixed and distorted version. Well, there is an inevitable transition of this song in the challenge. The song’s first 3 to 5 seconds is in its original form, and after the transition, the music is in its distorted version.


This challenge can be divided into two sections, where the first part uses the usual song and the second is the distorted part. There is a video transition between the two shots used to merge them smoothly.

The first part is where you stand before the camera without any effect or filter applied. Then after the transition, the distorted part of the song plays where you display a more defined shape of your body.

People add the red filter in the challenge in the second part. But there are ways to remove it if you think about how to remove the red filter. There are methods that we are going to discuss that helps you to remove this filter.

How people perform the silhouette challenge

The silhouette challenge is one of the most covered and uploaded challenges by various Tiktok users. Moreover, it went viral in 2019 as many used the filters Vine Rogue and Vintage Red to get a particular red silhouette effect.

But if you are having an issue with these filters and thinking about how to remove the red filter on Tiktok, do not worry as there are few methods to it.

  • People usually stand near a door, being visible to the camera. First, they pose in front of the doorway to make their appearance. Moreover, this background offers a sultry backdrop to have an impactful pose.
  • Then they proceed with the recording, which is on a standard camera mode without any filter or effect. Then they save that initial recording and proceed on a whole new recording with the red filter applied. This filter is mainly Vine Rogue or Vintage Red, where smooth and sultry dancing moves are made to emphasize their shape.
  • And after the two sections are recorded, it is merged by a transition. Then adding the distortion version of the song “put your head on my shoulder.”

What is the red filter on Tiktok used for the silhouette challenge?

Filters are an essential element of almost every Tiktok challenge as they give the challenge their uniqueness.

In the case of the silhouette challenge, people use a particular red filter that has an extreme contrast effect. Further, the filter used name is Vin Rouge Filter, which creates a silhouette screen.

You will see a silhouette figure on an extreme red filter in this filter. These filters became extremely popular as danced on videos by applying this filter.

How can you remove the red filter from a silhouette challenge?

You must be curious to know how to remove the red filter, and that is what we’re here to answer. You might have searched how to remove the red filter on silhouette challenge on Reddit as there are various solutions.

First, save a particular video and open it in any intermediate video editing app. The main property is increasing the brightness and decreasing the contrast and saturation of the video. Then if you also reduce the tint a little, the red filter eliminates entirely.

Final thoughts

Removing the red filter from the silhouette video is easy, and any video editing app will do this simple trick. However, many video editing apps only cut, trim, overlay, and do simple things. Such basic settings are not enough to remove the filter, and you need tint, contrast, and brightness options.

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