How To Deal With Conflict in the Workplace

 When a group of people spends a lot of time together there’s always a chance that some type of conflict will arise. When it is managed, conflict can be easy to deal with. However, it’s not always easy to know how or when to deal with such issues. 

Here’s how to can start to deal with conflict in the workplace:

Identify the issue 

You may only hear about any ongoing conflict when you learn that someone has retaliated to something. It’s crucial then that you understand retaliation in the workplace as well as conflict. When someone retaliates it’s usually because they think they have good reason to. So, try to identify the issue. Why did they retaliate and what caused the conflict in the first place? Try to find out because when you do, you can begin to deal with the issue at hand. 

Talk in a Safe Place

One of the best things that you can do is to talk to the person or people involved in the conflict. If someone has an issue with you, try to have an open and constructive conversation. Make sure that you have plenty of privacy to talk about the issue and give the other person or people the opportunity to have their say. Talk outside of the workplace if you can so you all feel free to talk a little more openly and constructively. 

Listen to What is Being Said 

Listening to another person’s side of the story is key. They need to feel as if they are heard so make sure that they are. Everyone should have the opportunity to express how they are feeling and what they’re concerned about. Set some ground rules if you need to, but keep the conversation fair and safe. Ask for someone to mediate if you have to. 

Work on a Common Goal 

Try to work towards a common goal. Work on resolving the issue so that everyone involved is happy. Resolving the situation should ensure that it never resurfaces. This may mean that you need to have a serious talk about the issues in the workplace. However, resolution is key. Communicate with everyone involved and come up with ideas that could help to put the issue behind you. 

Communicate Effectively 

If and when the issue is resolved, be sure to continue communicating. Don’t presume that the issue is 100% behind you or anyone else involved. Talk about how things are going and communicate effectively. If the issue appears to be resurfacing, do what you can to resolve it once more. You may also want to consider working on new ways to deal with the problem. 

It’s common for conflict to arise when you spend a lot of time with others. Working to resolve conflict doesn’t just help the workplace to become a nicer environment. When you try to resolve issues you also develop new skills and become more confident about tackling issues that arise in the future. 


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