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Sapnap, whose birth name is Nicholas, also known as Nick, is a famous American YouTuber. If you are curious to know how old is Sapnap, his personal life, and how he builds his career, this is the article for you.

He is mainly known for his Minecraft videos, where he builds different areas and does challenge videos, and he got known in the gaming community after collaborating with Dream.

Personal Life of Sapnap

Sapnap was born on March 1, 2001, in the United States. He had spent most of his childhood in Texas. Also, he is half-Greek.

Nick has two younger siblings. He stated that he loves Filipino cuisine. His step-mom is Filipino, and he has had Filipino foods for a long time now.

Right now, he lives with Dream in Orlando, Florida.


After graduating from his school, he went to college to study computer science. However, he dropped out to pursue his career in the e-sports industry.

How Old Is Sapnap?

If you are wondering how old is Sapnap, he is currently 20 years old. He was born in 2001, and his zodiac sign is Pieces.

Also, if you want to know how old is Sapnap when he started Youtube, he was only 18 years old. At that time, he was only in his final years of high school.

Social Media Platforms

Sapnap is on multiple social media such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. His official id on different social media are:

Minecraft: Sapnap

Youtube: Sapnap, SapnapVods, and SapnapLIVE

Instagram: @sapnapinsta

Twitter: @Sapnap and @Sapnapalt

Twitch: @Sapnap and @Sapnapalt

Tiktok: @sapnaptw

Spotify: Sapnap


Sapnap started his Youtube career in late 2019. He is known to collab with his friends, Dream, Bad Boy Halo, and George Not Found.

Moreover, he mostly participated in Minecraft videos such as “Minecraft Speeddrunner vs Full Diamond Juggernaut and Minecraft, But Mobs Spawn Every Time.”

Earlier in 2021, he has announced that he wants to be a musician as well. Also, in April 2021, he announced that he had formed a band which is called Power. The band has five members: Sapnap, Wisp, DanTDM, Time Deo, and Krtzyy.

Also, he announced that there would be an international music and gaming tour. The tour has started on the 12th of the same month, and it will end in late 2023.

how old is sapnap

Collaboration with Dream Team

A dream team is a collaborative group that consists of Dream, George Not Found, and Sapnap.

About the other members


Sapnap knew Dream for a long time, and they met at MCPVP in 2013. At this time, Dream shared his Skype with him. They became friends soon after and met thrice as they both lived in the same city.

However, after MCPVP, they could not meet as Dream was afraid of Sapnap’s mom during their first meeting.

Moreover, they have been friends when Dream was 13 years old and Sapnap was 12 years old. It was also Dream who told Sapnap to make a Youtube channel.

Also, Dream was the one who gave Sapnap the idea for his username. His IGN used to be Pandas Can PvP. Later, Dream suggested it be “pandas” but backward, making it “sadnap.” However, as someone already took “pandas,” so he changed his username to Sapnap.

In early 2021, Sapnap posted a pic of him with Dream’s pet Patches, and fans believed that they met again this year. Later during a stream, they confirmed that they had been hanging out recently.

George Not Found

Sapnap has said that the first time he met him was on Munchy MC. However, Geroge cannot remember their first meeting, and in a video on June 2020, he said he met with Sapnap through a server.

But later, he said that it was Dream who introduced both of them.

Moreover, Sapnap calls George Not Found as Georgie, and they often argue about who is taller between them.

Minecraft Championships (MCC)

It is a Minecraft Tournaments for Streamers and Youtubers. Noxcrew is the company that organizes and runs this. Sapnap has participated in multiple MCC and even won them despite being new to MCC.

Here in the game, there are ten teams, and each team has four participants. They play various minigames, which all the players decide.

The minigames in MCC are:

  • Parkour Tag
  • Rocket Spleef
  • Big Sales at Build Mart
  • Ace Race
  • Sands of Time Sky Battle
  • Battle Box
  • Skyblockle
  • Hole in the Wall
  • Parkour Warrior
  • Bingo but Fast
  • Survival Games

All the minigames are rotated so that it does not become monotonous. However, the minigames change when there is a special event or a holiday.

Scoring System

The MCC uses coins so they can know about the score of each team. Each player on the team earns these coins by winning the minigames. Then all four teammates’ scores are calculated.

Moreover, the points multiply as one team wins more games, which means most players encourage their teammates to vote for minigames that they are not good at the beginning of the event. In this way, they don’t lose points by the end of the game.


Lastly, two teams with the most points face each other, and the final round is called “Dodgebolt,” where the season’s winner gets decided. Due to this game, even the team with fewer points can win the event.

Moreover, the game has five rounds, and whichever team wins the three rounds will win the event. Officially this game is also described as “An Elimination Game Where The Aim Is To Remain As The Last Team Standing.”

Furthermore, in the game, both the teams stand against each other on the field. However, one team cannot go to the other side of the map where another team is present.

At the start of the game, two arrows are dropped, and the players need to pick them and shoot the other team. Once an arrow hits a player, they will be eliminated for that round.

Team Names in Minecraft Championship

Every team has a name of a color and a mob or an animal. The name of all the teams are:

  • Krimson Krakens
  • Yellow Chickens
  • Cyan Creepers
  • Red Rabbits
  • Aqua Horses
  • Yellow Yaks
  • Purple Pandas
  • Green Guardians
  • Orange Ocelots
  • Blue Bats
  • Lime Llamas
  • Cyan Coyotes
  • Sapphire Simmers
  • Yellow Yolks
  • Green Geckos
  • Pink Piglets
  • Aqua Axolotls
  • Pink Parrots

Minecraft Championship also has special Holiday teams for Christmas and Halloween.

Christmas Team Names

  • Red Reindeer
  • Yellow Yetis
  • Purple Penguins
  • Sapphire Santas
  • Coral Carollers
  • Emerald Elves
  • Pink Presents
  • Cyan Candy Canes
  • Teal Turkeys
  • Mint Mistletoes

Halloween Team Names

  • Fuchsia Frankensteins
  • Mustard Mummies
  • Aqua Abominations
  • Lime Liches
  • Cyan Centipedes
  • Orange Oozes
  • Violet Vampires
  • Green Goblins
  • Red Ravens
  • Blue Black Cats

Tournaments Sapnap participated in MCC

Tournament Name – MC Championship 7

This is Sapnap’s first tournament at Minecraft. If you want to know how old is Sapnap when he participated in this tournament, then he was just 19 years old at that time.

Moreover, his team was Purple Pandas, and his teammates were Sylvee, Dream, and George Not Found.

They came 4th in the event, and their total point was 19,371. Sapnap’s score was 2,963, and as a single player, he came 8th.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 8

In this event, he was on the team Green Guardians, and his teammates were George Not Found, The Eret, and Krtzyy.

They came 4th in the event, and their total point was 17,067. His score was 2,497, and as a single player, he came 10th in the event.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 9

For this event, he was on the team Green Guardians, and his teammates were The Eret, George Not Found, and Krtzyy.

They came 2nd in the event, and their total point was 20,621. His score was 3,459, and as a single player, he came 3rd in the event. However, they lost in the final round.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 10

Sapnap was in team Cyan Creepers, and his teammates were Sylvee, Kara Corvus, and Captain Sparklez.

They came 6th in the event, and their total point was 14,431. His score was 2,284, and as a single player, he came 14th in the event.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 11

This is the 5th event, and Sapnap was in the team Fuchsia Frankensteins. Karl Jacobs, Dream, and George Not Found were his teammates.

His score was 2,533, and as a single-player, he came 10th in the event. Also, they came 2nd in the event, and their total point was 19,657. Also, this is the first time he has won Minecraft Championship.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 12

In this event, he was on the team Purple Pandas, and his teammates were DanTDM, Shubble, and Smajor1995.

Moreover, they came 4th in the event, and their total point was 18,383. His score was 3,138, and as a single player, he came 3rd in the event.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 13

Sapnap was in team Coral Carollers, and his teammates were Wisp, Krtzyy, and DanTDM.

They came 4th in the event, and their total point was 18,869. His score was 2,886, and as a single player, he came 4th in the event.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 14

In this event, Sapnap was on the team Blue Bats, and his teammates were Katherine Elizabeth, Punz, and SeaPeeKay.

Also, they went to the finals but lost this time. Moreover, the team score was 22,740, and his score was 3,380, and as a single player, he came 3rd in the event.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 15

For this event, he was on the team Red Rabbits, and his teammates were Michaelmcchill, Quackity, and Dream.

Furthermore, this time he won the championship, and the total point his team got was 22,740. Also, as an individual player, he came first as well, and his point was 4,223.

Tournament Name – MC Championship 16

This is the latest event, and Sapnap is in the team Green Guardians. His teammates are The Orion Sound, RT Game, and Sylvee.

However, the event hasn’t started yet, and it is stated it will begin later this year.

12 Facts about Sapnap

  1. Sapnap’s real name is Nicholas, and he was born and bought up in Texas. Even though we know his name but we still don’t know his full name.
  2. He still does not have his official profile on Wikipedia, but many websites have written about his professional and personal life.
  3. How old is Sapnap when he decided to do YouTube? He was a senior in his school when he decided to join the YouTube community.
  4. Also, he is a twitch streamer. This is a site similar to youtube. All of the videos have thousands of views, and he has more than 2.6 million followers on Twitch.
  5. He has 2.6 million followers on his Twitter, and on Instagram, he has 2.1 million followers as of September 2021.
  6. People started noticing him from his youtube channel. Also, most of the time, he does challenge videos with his other gaming community friends. Some of his most popular videos on youtube are “Minecraft Manhunt,” “Minecraft, But Mobs Are Randomly Hostile,” and “Minecraft but It’s Raining Cats and Dogs.”
  7. Sapnap has being a twitch streamer since March 2021.
  8. He is 178 cm or 5’10” tall as of 2021.
  9. Also, he has green eyes, and he stated that he is kind of fluent in Greek.
  10. Nick has four pets in total. He is three cats named Mogwai, Lily, and Storm, as well as a dog who is named Cash.
  11. He said in a video that he could play violin since childhood.
  12. If you are curious to know how old is Sapnap when he started his career in e-sports, then he was 18 at that time. Also, he started streaming in 2019, more specifically on July 18.

Final thoughts

Sapnap is one of the famous gamers in the world right now. After winning the last MC Championship, he got many sponsorships and got a dedicated fanbase.

Moreover, this article covers his personal and professional life, such as how old is Sapnap, his career in the gaming community, and collaborations. We hope this was helpful to know more about your favorite gaming YouTuber.

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