How Long Does A Cold Last? We’ll Answer All Your Queries

One of the most common diseases experienced by almost everyone ranging from all age groups is COLD!

From infants to old people almost everyone suffers from this disease. It is seen that people aren’t aware enough to tackle this disease and usually they are ignorant about it which eventually worsen their conditions.

So this post will give answers to all your queries about cold and how to cure it. Stay tuned!

How Long Does A Cold Last.

What is cold?

Cold is a common respiratory infection. Cold is one of the most common human diseases. Rhinoviruses or coronaviruses are usually the ones behind a person being infected by this disease.

It is not a life threatening one, the symptoms are usually, hoarseness, stuffed and running nose, congestion, sneezing etc.

How do we detect the infection?

Usually common cold is initiated by a sore throat, which can even get worse or can go away in two to three days. The disease can also show more symptoms like Stuffed and running nose, congestion, cough etc.

How long does a cold last - medication

As stated above. Fever is not prominent in adults, and if fever persists it can be of low temperature. Unlike children they can suffer from fever.

How long does a person remain infected?

Usually a person remains under the influence of cold for about a week. The first three days are the most crucial ones as you are the most contagious one during this phase. Being contagious means you will have to stay back at home and you’ll have to take maximum amount of rest. if your health doesn’t improves even after a week of its incubation it may be possible that you might be infected with bacteria so the best measure in this case would be taking antibiotics.

For some people who have a really healthy regime, a question might be hitting their brains about how do they catch this disease even after being so fit!

How Long Does A Cold Last 1

Well it is not only about the kind of food you eat or the amount of exercises you do on a regular basis, below is the breakdown of the way this disease travels from one person to another:

Direct contact:

It doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, if by chance you come in a contact with an infected person by merely holding his hands, then you are prone to be infected by this disease.

Coming close to an infected person, holding hands, hugging etc. can all make you infected.

 Indirect contact:

Here it is not about the infected person, here focus is laid on the things used by the infected person. If the infected person uses anything like

If the infected person uses anything like door knob, toys, utensils, appliances etc. then it would be better for you to avoid touching those things because the infection remains surfaced on the things used by the patient for hours.

The last medium is Air!

U might have seen some people donning those green medical masks. Have you ever wondered that why do they Rome around like that. The answer is that either they don’t want to be infected by other’s infection or they don’t want their infection to be spread in the air!

So next time you better not mock those people (no Offence)

Ok so here we will be discussing about the existence of the infection in various age groups:

How long does cold last in toddlers:

How long does cold last in toddlers 1


Toddler being one of the most delicate ones are mostly prone to catch this disease. The symptoms can be easily detected in a toddler as it starts with a running nose along with mucus which in the beginning if clear but after that it starts turning green or grey. Sore throat, headache, cough can worsen the conditions and make the toddler feel really uneasy.

Later, fever may also rise so it would be the best to get some medications before the fever turns into pneumonia!

How long does cold last in toddlers

Usually cold remains in the body for about a week and in some cases for about two weeks. But if even after two weeks the infections isn’t gone that means it’s high time for a checkup before it turns into something unbearable!

How long does cold last in adults:

How long does cold last in adults

Rhinoviruses are mostly held as the main reason behind this infection. Most probably serious illness is not caused under such circumstances,

Most probably serious illness is not caused under such circumstances, however a person remains contagious for the first three days of when a person catches it.

Again the effects lasts for about seven days but in some cases it can take up to fifteen days. If even after fifteen days the person doesn’t recovers it will be good if he recommends a doctor or else the infection is surely to take a serious turn.

How long does cold last while pregnant:

How long does cold last while pregnant

During pregnancy the immune system of expecting moms gets depleted therefore ladies, you are more prone to be attacked by this virus!

And since you are pregnant therefore your immunity would surely get somewhat depleted therefore it will be wise if you learn how to tackle it beforehand.

Myth busted: ladies if you think that your uneasiness will make your baby feel uneasy too, then it’s time to take a sound breath, your baby is absolutely safe deep inside you.

The same criteria is for pregnant women. The infection would last for about a week and if the infection persists even after fifteen days of its incubation, it’s better to consult a doctor. Mostly doctors recommend pregnant women to have tea or to take a session of steam sessions in this case. Also, some ladies use a humidifier in order to keep their nasal passages moist.

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