Henry Metal: Challenging Traditional Rock

Sarcastic lyrics blended with heavy metal riffs; lying on the antagonistic distortion of power chords;is what defines the rebellious Henry Metal’s music. Using rock music to challenge the norms and laws is pretty common in the music industry but Henry Metal has taken it one step further. He is cleverly using his music to spread his message among the masses with a hint of hilarity. Inspired by the greats of heavy metal like Black Sabbath, Megadeth and Iron Maiden, Henry Metal is trying to touch the roots of forbidden dark metal music.

Henry Metal

Seven commercially successful albums in just ten months;sounds nearly impossible but Henry Metal has achieved this with ease and is determined to take his music to the next level. Hiding his face with paint and masks gives him more freedom to express his concerns without thinking about the consequences.The energy of his songs is capable of driving the listener crazy and lose control of his consciousness. Despite being criticized heavily for the simplicity of his music, Henry Metal isn’t shy about saying whatever he wants to in the face of the critics.

His songs are aggressively melodic replicating the state of rock in the 80s. The ability to shift the tempo flawlessly and hitting certain areas of the brain make his music a unique amalgamation of dark and happy rock. Henry Metal debuted with “So It Hath Begun” in April 2017,which introduced him to the rock lovers as a comedian playing with heavy metal. The album opens with the track “You ain’t seen nothing yet” partly inspired by the music style of Black Sabbath and Judas Priest followed byeasy “Wrist is pissed” and heavy “Butthead Maven” to take the listener on a roller coaster ride. “Terrible Driver” is a tribute to Glenn Danzig while “Henry’s Saga”, “God you’re so hot”and “The Boss of Me”isspecially composed for badass rock lovers.

Henry Metal

“Wizard vs Demon” is the second album that was released just after a month of the success of the first one. The song “Heavy Metal Is dead”is humorously addressing the decline of heavy metal in the recent times. “Fukushima Ceviche”is an attempt to expose the deceit of modern medicines and “Rock Out” is bringing back the magic of the 80s. In July 2017, Henry released his third album “The Maestro Abides” in which he has openly attacked the forces working against the freedom of thought and speech. Opening track “Thought Police” is perfectly describing the whole idea of the album. “Speed Walker” makes fun of the useless exercisers of our planet. “Models and Bottles” is criticizing the modern pop music. “Bankster” is exposing the dark side of fiat monetary systems. “The Maestro Still Abides” is almost a reenactment of Van Helen’s maniac acts in the 80s. It is melodious as well as entertaining.

In the very next month, “Metal O’Clock” came as a comical fusion of various metal styles along with a flavor of modal jazz. The album is an unusual combination of honest thought expression and questioning the credibility of authorities in a funny and easy way. “Henry Metal V” and “The Essential Henry Metal (Vol. 1)” were released back to back in the month of December. Both albums are more concerned about Henry’s urge for diverse and versatile music styles. In this album, he made it clear why he is putting a great amount of effort into producing music.

2018 started with the release of “War in Heaven” which is perfectly described by Henry himself “If you’re pissing people off, you know you’re doing something right”. The album is a better representation of Henry’s fearless and honest approach tomaking a difference in the music world. “War in Heaven” received negative reviews from the critics and Henry was labeled as a “Derivative”. “Deadlift Cowboy” was out in February 2018and received positive commercial reviews. This album is Henry’s more serious and mature take on the issues like organic food, sexual harassment or deadlifting. The impact of the album is not that easy to describe in words as it needs to be listened to get the message.

While having fun with his skills and capabilities, Henry knows how to hit people musically and intellectually. He wants some serious business,not in terms of making huge chunks of money but spreading his message among the people.

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