30 Great White Shark Facts

If you want to dig some details of the Marine creatures then nothing can make you more surprise than The Great White Sharks. This gigantic fish is the king of the Sea and is full of alluring facts.

So without further delay let’s have a looks at some extremely interesting great white shark facts.

great white shark facts

Great White Shark Facts

Here are 30 facts about Great White Shark, an incredible creature:

1. Carcharodon carcharias is the scientific name given to the great white shark and they are most vigorous and horrifying Shark species.

2. We can find these sharks in the cold shallow water of almost every costs of the continent except Antarctica. The largest number of great white sharks swims in the Dyer Island also called as “Shark Alley” located on the cost of South Africa.

3. They are not just carnivores but also the cannibals. Which means they can eat another great white shark if suffering from excessive hunger.

4. Talking of the shark’s cannibal behaviour if the shark has two or more shark babies called “Pups” in the womb. It is often found that the largest Pub eats the younger ones, in the womb for survival. The true predators!

5. In a year a great white shark can eat up to 11 ton and after a full stomach can easily survive for nearly 3 months.

6. Thinking how the great white sharks can digest their meals. Just as the huge body, the great white shark also has a giant liver which is around 25% of his total body weight.

7. On an average, a great white shark has a life expectancy of 60 to 70 years but the surprising thing about them is, researchers found a 16 million years old Great white shark Fossil in the ocean and scientists believe they are even older sea creature than this. Such a long time in the ocean!

8. Great white sharks have a dorsal fin and one can see this fin above the water when the shark swims. So, while swimming in the sea, when you notice such fin coming towards you, you better start swimming faster in the direction of the beach.

9. On an average, a great white shark can have a length of 21 feet, though the longest great white shark has a record of 26 feet or around half of the basketball court.

10. The female great white sharks are always large in length than the male great white sharks.

11. Another interesting great white shark facts are the normal weight of any great white shark can be around 1 ton however the heaviest found wild great white shark showed up the weight of more than 3.5 ton. Massive!

12. They are the fastest marine predators and can hunt with the lightning speed of 35 mph.

13. One of the electrifying great white shark facts is that they have a true six senses which include hearing, smell, taste, sight, touch and electroreception. Beware they can even hear your blood pumping heart or can smell the blood from miles.

14. Heard about the sea lion, he is just a matter of single bit for the great white shark.

15. The great white sharks normally hunt in the dawn, at the time of low visibility. Though Rest is the matter of hunger!

16. Another great white shark fact is that they use a special type of mask called countershading. Which makes them tough to notice in the water.

17. The great white shark has 5 teeth rows with 46 teeth in each row. Any prey who got into the mouth of this giant shark has simply no chances of survival.

18. The funny great white shark fact here is he loses around a thousand of teeth in his lifetime, however, he manages to get it back as well.

19. The hunting techniques of this monster fish include biting the prey and leaving them to bleed and turn weak. And then showing up again and hunting the prey with an ease. Such a mercy less creature!

20. You just have to flip the great white shark on his back they will immediately become motionless. This great white shark fact is called ‘Tonic immobility’.

21. For communication, great white sharks do not make any noise. Instead of producing the sound they prefer to communicate via essence and body language.

22. One cannot keep the great white shark in an aquarium no matter how big the aquarium is, because if jailed they start behaving weirdly like endlessly swimming, hitting their nose on the glass, quit eating and will finally die.

23. Normally great white shark doesn’t eat humans, still if caught one, they can take a bit, have a taste of human blood and leave human no sooner he realises his mistake.

24. Then what these sea beasts actually eat? When young, the great white sharks prefer to have small fishes, I mean not that small ones. Once they became big and powerful they love to dine on sea lions and leopard sharks.

25. Just as the great white shark does not eat humans cannot munch on the shark’s meat as it curbs the high amount of mercy.

26. The great white sharks do not have eyelids. Just for the sake of protection, they roll the eyeballs in the sockets so as to protect them during the fight.

27. Great white sharks are much more senior on the earth than the dinosaurs.

28. Though they have been called the great WHITE sharks but their back can also be of dark blue, black, grey and brown in colour.

29. The great white sharks are the predators which are present on the top of the food chain. Which means animals or marine creatures can’t kill the great white sharks. Still, they are the endangered species. How? Because of the overfishing and illegal hunting of this fish done by us humans. This one is a sad great white shark fact.

30. Stats show that today we are left with not more than 10,000 great white sharks. Which makes the shark very rarely available in nature.

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