Gift for Newly Married Couple – Things to Buy for the Bride and Groom

Do you need to attend a marriage very soon? Are the wedding bells ringing for your friend, cousin, colleague, or neighbor? Well, it is time you start scrolling down to check out the fantastic gifts for marriage below. All the presents are budget-friendly and can be a unique gift for newly married couple. So, start scrolling down and you to see all the magnificent presents listed below!

Gift for Newly Married Couple

Getting the perfect gift for a newly married couple can be a difficult task. But the gifts for marriage listed below are innovative and are ideal for people who are starting to build up a new home and also the new home gift ideas for the moving in party, that the newly married couple will absolutely appreciate. Check out the following list to know what the best gifts for a newly married couple are:

A planter

If you are looking for wedding gift ideas for couples who have everything but not a backyard, this planter can help. More so, it is one of the thoughtful gifts you can consider purchasing. It is an easy way of reminding them to eat healthily and enjoy a backyard in their kitchen.

With this planter, the couple will easily be able to make a smart indoor garden. More so, these exceptional planters are self-sufficient. They provide themselves with the light and water they need to grow well. You can also choose the planters that give you some pods complementary to help the couple begin planting.

 Portable fireplace

Gifting a newly married couple to a portable fireplace can be a great idea. It can set up a romantic mood for the outdoors as well as indoors. It is hassle-free and will help you set the ambiance perfectly.

You only need some rubbing alcohol, and the fireplace is good to go! So, why not gift them this unique and romantic gift to start their new journey.

A meaningful serving tray

You can get a meaningful serving tray for the newlywed couple engraved in hearts all their favorite destinations. It can be their wedding locations or the place they met for the first time, or even the town where they have all their childhood memories.

It is not necessary that you have to give the newlywed couple their gifts on the day of the marriage; you can present them later. You can either buy a meaningful serving tray at a mall or order them online.

A UV Sanitizer

The UV sanitizer can be an ideal gift for a newly married couple. You can either purchase them from malls or any online store.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, you can utilize this high-tech box to disinfect whatever you place inside it. You can put your remote, car keys, phones, or any other device to disinfect them. The UV ray sanitizer helps to remove all the germs.

uv sanitizer

A Bluetooth Speaker with lamp

A Bluetooth speaker is always helpful. And what if it has a lamp with it? So, why not get a Bluetooth speaker to present a newly married couple? Some speakers available online can even change color. Get these to help them create a romantic mood with the preferred light and song with this Bluetooth speaker.

Customized throw blanket

Gifting a couple, a warm cozy blanket for the winter months can be a cute present. You can always choose the ones that are super soft and made with Sherpa and cable knit. More so, you can have their initials stitched onto the blanket too. So, if you are looking for a gift for a newly married couple, isn’t this a great choice?

Gift for Newly Married Couple


Since the couple moves into a new home, they might miss out on buying some easy-to-use kitchen appliances. You can get them an air fryer to make their kitchen work easy and remind them about their health.

Air fryers require almost no oil and help to abolish the traditional frying method. It will help anyone who uses it avoid oil splashing and even makes the food you eat healthily. So, an air fryer can prove to be a fantastic gift for newly married couple.

A fancy Guacamole maker

Almost everyone is fond of avocados. And what is better than gifting the couple a fancy guacamole maker? Get the newlywed couple a marble pestle or mortar to make guacamole in the fanciest way. Apart from making avocado salsa, they can use mortar and pestle to make nut butter too!

So, if the couple is a lover of nut butter or guacamole, they are sure to love the gift you are giving them!

A trendy Picture Frame

Pictures can bring a thousand memories within a few seconds. And gifting someone a picture frame can never go out of fashion. So, select a trendy picture frame to give the couple and help them live their special moments each time they look at the images.

You can try to choose the ones that come with a wooden block that allows you to put in almost 12 pictures. More so, these stylish picture frames let you rotate the block and see the images. You can either give them the wooden frame empty for them to place the pictures later. Otherwise, try to gather snaps from their engagement or wedding to put them inside the frame. It is not essential you would have to give the picture frame on their wedding day, you can always give it to them after their wedding if you wish to put their marriage snaps.

Evaporated Candles

You will hardly find anyone who does not like a candle-light dinner. So, why not get the newlywed couple some eye-catching candles that are hand-printed. Moreover, try to get the ones that evaporate rather than melt. These candles will not make a mess and will burn out without any hassle.


Food Decider Dice

What can be better than gifting a newlywed couple a food decider? Well, if they are struggling over deciding what to eat for dinner, all they would need to do is pull out this food decider dice.

Some companies produce food decider dices with images engraved of the respective foods like pizza, steak, fish and chips, etc. So, gifting this funny yet innovative gift can be an ideal choice for the couple. Select this gift for the newly married couple, and they will indeed thank you later for the present.

A way to see shows together

If you think about wedding gift ideas for the bride and groom, this device can be a great choice. You can gift them a device that connects to the TV and helps them watch any web series or shows together. Plus, some also come with a voice remote. So, you can buy them a device to help them watch any of their favorite shows together.

Greetings from their favorite Celebrity

When you think about wedding gifts for couples who have everything, this can be a great idea. You can visit online websites to choose the couple’s favorite celebrity and pay for it. Finally, the celebrity will put in their special message that the bride and groom will love watching. You can choose film stars to athletes to musicians or even reality show TV stars. Isn’t this the most creative gift for a newly married couple?

Gift for Newly Married Couple

Photo Calendar

One of the best gifts of marriage to give a couple is a photo calendar. Collect all the cute moments and pictures to place them on the calendar. You can either wait until their wedding to get candid pictures or try getting old snaps. Place them on each of the days and give them 365 days of happiness worth remembering throughout their life. A photo calendar can be the best gift to give a newly married couple.

A Personalized Address Stamp

Since the couple is officially married and will stay in the same house, you can get them a personalized stamp. You can get the stamp curated with their name and address. Also, try to place a few customized postcards for them to send to friends and family.

Even though we have many ways of communication, postcards and letters have different feelings of warmth. So, why not give the newlywed couple a vintage feel?

A Spa Voucher

Honestly, marriages tend to be exhausting and tiring. Marriage is indeed the most special day for the couple.  But by the end of the big day, the bride and groom are tired. So, why not help them rejuvenate themselves at the spa? You can select a lovely spa that offers premium services for couples. The spa will help them relax their stiff muscles and ease out well before they go for their honeymoon.

Spa Voucher

A Set of Couple Luggage Bags

It is not necessarily essential that you always have to present gifts that belong to the home or are personalized. Some utility items like luggage bags can be a great choice to give to a couple. You can select soft and soothing colors rather than choosing loud hues for the couple.

Also, consider the size of the luggage bags while purchasing them. You can select two different sizes of luggage bags for each of them. So, they have a choice to choose the ideal size depending on the length of their trip.

Personalized Wall Art

If you are looking for personalized items to decorate the couple’s new home, gifting them a wall art can be a great idea. You will get several options online that will give you ample ideas about how to create personalized wall art. Some online sites do have customized wall arts that require you to place pictures or quotations. So, you can easily order them online and give the newly married couple something intriguing to put up on their wall.

Couple’s Watch

We know that gifting a couple’s watch is cliché and old-fashioned. But it is one of the most thoughtful and emotional gifts to give people who are beginning their new journey.

The couple is promising each other to remain together for a lifetime, and there is nothing better than celebrating it with a couple’s watch. You can get several renowned brands that offer couple watches that complement each other. So, gifting couple watches can also be an option to give a bride and groom.

Gift for Newly Married Couple

Gift Card

A couple knows best what they require the most. It can be dinnerware or kitchen utensils or bed linen or decorative items or electronic gadgets. So, if you run out of all ideas, presenting them with a gift voucher can be the best choice. You can visit a mall and get them wedding vouchers online so that the couple can select whatever they wish to purchase. If you prefer giving cash as gifts, this is a unique way of gifting it to a couple.

Quick Tips to Purchase the Perfect Gift for Newly Married couple

Now that we have given you 20 marriage gift ideas, let us check out how to purchase the perfect gift for a newlywed couple:

Select a Budget

Before you go out shopping, you must settle for a perfect budget. After you decide what your budget to get the gift is, you can start searching. The list of gift items mentioned above is not exceedingly expensive. So, you can select one or more of the gift items to give a married couple from the list above.

Know the Likes and Dislikes of the Couple

Another essential factor to consider while giving a gift to a newly married couple is knowing their likes and dislikes. Once you are sure about this, it becomes easy to give anyone a gift.

Consider your relationship with the couple

Before purchasing any gift, it is vital to know your relationship with the couple. If it is a formal relationship, gifting a couple’s watch, kitchen utensils, UV sanitizer, portable speaker, or a planter can be ideal. But if it is your best friend or cousin, you can always give them personalized and customized gifts. So, always consider the relationship with the couple before purchasing their wedding gift.

Final Thoughts

Now, this brings us to the end of our blog today. We have offered a plethora of gifts for marriage to give a couple.  So, deciding on the perfect gift will not be difficult for you.

Purchase the best gift for newly married couple from the list above. And don’t forget to let us know in the comment section below which one you bought for the soon-to-be-married couple!

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