Enlightenment and Peak Mystical Consciousness

What does it feel like to be enlightened and reach the highest level of mystical consciousness? Let’s find out. 

Enlightenment is an 18th-century concept or movement, which orbited around the idea of God, spirituality, nature, and humanity. This was widely practiced in the West. Enlightenment was expressed through art, politics, and philosophy. It was quickly adopted by a wide variety of people. 

The spectrum of enlightenment includes meditation, and through meditation, it is possible to experience mystical encounters. 

It is a great way to mend our ways and lifestyle and gives us a fresh start to work on our beliefs and ethics. We approach life in a more humane way. It makes it easier to let go of aggression and be as blissful as nature. 

This helps you to be more considerate towards others, and you can work more on empathizing with them. Mystical consciousness is when you are aware of the religious presence and shape your life and mind according to it. 

Enlightenment Through Meditation 

It is possible to reach a mystical state through meditation. There is a Hindu term called “Shankara,” which means “unconsciousness”, and through repeated meditation, blocking out the thoughts and worries of real life, you can obtain it. 

This way you can experience the beauty of nothingness without the influence of subject, object, or emotions. It’s like experiencing no bliss or solid insight on anything but just a void and nothingness. One might question this experience and say if we feel nothing, how is that an experience? Well, there is definitely an emotion that makes us feel the void inside us. Some might be afraid of it, and some may simply get used to the peace you feel in emptiness. 

The question remains – does turning to enlightenment turn you into a saint, or you can still have flaws and not be at the level of obtaining the positive aspects of mysticism and enlightenment. 

Some people prefer ditching the usual form of therapy and meditation to seek peace and tranquility. For some, the simplest ways, such as Zen and psychological therapies, fail. They end up seeking peace in other forms of meditation. One of the ways to get linked with mysticism and spirituality is by practicing, “Transcendental Meditation”. This involves you sitting with your eyes closed and repeating mantras. 

People who practice Transcendental Meditation say that it feels like magic and is very effective. The preachers and practitioners say that it helps to reduce crime rates and warfare as a lot of brain waves are interconnected and work for the same purpose- peace. You can check out Medium Finder Website to learn more about spirituality, meditation, and enlightenment. 

The Enlightenment Experience

Through meditation, we can gain the access to the idea of reality that is complementary to time, space, one’s identity, and culture. This form of meditation includes different cultures, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, and Taoism. 

These practitioners describe their state of pure consciousness differently but experience a similar deep reality of life and its meaning. 

In higher states of being aware, consciousness becomes a subject and object for itself. Moreover, there is a kind of reflexivity to this consciousness; it’s like self-awareness. 

The Final Stage of Enlightenment 

The unitive mystical state is also known as the final stage of enlightenment. Your awareness unveils not only your consciousness but also the inner and outer meanings of reality in this stage. The universe, space, time, and you, everything is united. 

There might be more stages after this, but it is still not known. 

Is Enlightenment 100% Effective? 

For some, as mentioned above, this process of rejuvenation works like magic. You should know it doesn’t guarantee you permanent happiness or being ecstatic to the fullest. However, you can have control over human emotions and their qualities, such as love, hate, wisdom, knowledge, desire, ignorance, and fear.

Enlightenment can be satisfying to many extents, especially if it’s for your mental peace and tranquility, but the mind is much more complex than that; it remains unchanged in many aspects. 

Mystical consciousness can often end up in narcissism. It’s like an aphrodisiac. Once you get a hold of the fun part of it, you would not want to go back. The feeling is so strong that the practitioners often feel very Godly of themselves. The greed for power is strong; no one wants to step down from feeling so powerful. 

The downside is that it doesn’t really give you the answers to topics related to science, such as about the universe. This only makes you feel Godly and that you are part of a bigger picture, a larger than life plan. So ultimately, all that surrounded by it might be timeless and aimless in the end. However, some have direction and a purpose to it. 

Not to mention, enlightenment increases your ability to concentrate. In addition, it gives greater observational power to an individual with a greater intuitive sense about people. 

Why Take All the Trouble?

One might ask if enlightenment changes us so little, why should we put so much effort into learning it. The answer is simple. It takes us to a place where we experience nothing. A void. The heart’s reality. You don’t find God or a theory or ecstasy here. However, it still has a way to console you and builds you up to be a better version of yourself. 

In the end, it is about rationality that embraces the aspect of humanity. You can also call it a religious revolution. 

Would you Take Up Enlightenment? 

From what we see, we can conclude enlightenment is nothing but a way to shape your lifestyle in such a way where you practice humanity and peace. It’s a peaceful take in life. 

It is not as hard as it sounds. Yes, it definitely would take some time to perfect the meditations and its tricks and to fully get in the mood and cancel out distractions while you try to obtain the highest peak of mystical consciousness

Enlightenment, in the end, emphasizes shaping your views on philosophy, politics, and scientific matters. It teaches us the art of tolerance. It’s wise to take up enlightenment to shape yourself into a better version of yourself, don’t you agree?

If not, meditation never hurts anyone. Mental health matters as much as your physical health. Hence, it is a healthy practice we should normalize. 


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