Dunkin Donuts Low Calorie Drinks for Calorie Watchers

Dunkin Donuts needs no new introduction to people who love coffee. But apart from coffee, they also produce a variety of other beverages, snacks, and many more tasty items. So, if you love Dunkin Donuts and are looking for some healthy drink option, then read on below. We have made a list of all the Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks and much more! Read ahead to know it all!

Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks

Low-calorie drinks are generally low in sugar content, and you don’t absorb many calories from these drinks. A low-calorie drink will also benefit you with other additional nutrients and antioxidants.

It will also help in boosting your energy. People who are going through a weight loss process also prefer low-calorie drinks.

People who love Dunkin Donuts drinks often are fixated on calorie intake. So here are some low calorie and low sugar drinks for all health-conscious people:

Cold-brew toasted almond, blueberry oat

Ordering a cold brew coffee in Dunkin Donuts will be your best choice for a low-calorie drink. This drink has almost no sugar, and so it is listed among the Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks.

It contains approximately 20 grams of calories in a small size which will surely boost up your energy as a morning drink. In addition, you can add toasted almond or blueberry or oat to it, which will make this drink even more healthy and fulfilling.

Hot coffee or hot latte with oat milk or coconut milk

Those who like a cup of hot coffee in the morning can grab a cup of hot coffee or a latte from Dunkin Donuts. This is another drink among the Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinksTo add extra flavor to your drink, it comes with added coconut milk or oat milk.

These flavors will spice up your drink a little bit. The net calorie you will absorb from a short cup of this drink is just 10 grams.

Hot macchiato with oat milk or coconut milk

The next on the list of Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks is the hot macchiato. The hot macchiato will be a treat for you with a lesser calorie intake. This Dunkin Donuts famous espresso just has 30 grams of calories in a small cup.

Since it is a milk-based drink, you can add healthy coconut or oat milk with low fat and low-calorie index.

Brew yourself the perfect cup of coffee

Ice coffee or iced latte with oats milk or coconut milk

Another one among the Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks for those who like ice coffee over hot coffee is the iced coffee or iced latte with oats milk or coconut milk. Dunkin Donuts iced coffee or iced latte is a good option for those who want an iced drink with a lower calorie index.

For extra flavor and even for the best, you can order oat milk or coconut milk as these kinds of milk contain minimum fat. From this drink, you will get around 10 grams of calories.


Another among the Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks is Americano. This is a perfect low-calorie drink for espresso lovers. From this drink, the calories you get just 5 grams of calories for a small cup.

But the calorie intake will differ according to extra shots only if you add any. This espresso is prepared with hot water. So we would suggest all expresso lovers giving this one a try.

Small cappuccino or cafe Au Lati with whole milk

If you are a cappuccino lover and are conscious about your health, this one is for you. This drink has a low-calorie index of 45 grams of calories and is made with whole milk, which is skimmed. So this drink will give your coffee a smooth and thick blend of cappuccino.

Unsweetened iced tea- green, blueberry, and raspberry

When you are looking for Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks, it does not constrict itself to coffee only. This is a great low-calorie ice tea that you mix with green, blueberry, or raspberry shots.

You should order a cup of ice tea that is not sweetened. Only then will it be serving you just 5 grams of calories in a small cup.

Hot espresso

Hot espresso is another drink listed among the Dunkin Donuts low calorie drinks. You can have a cup of hot espresso in Dunkin Donuts as a morning drink or can have it at any time of the day for an instant energy boost. If you go for a medium cup, you will absorb only 5 grams of calories from this hot espresso.

Dunkin’ doughnuts flavour shots calories vs. swirls

Dunkin Donuts drink lovers love to modify their regular drinks to avoid monotony. So Dunkin doughnuts have offered some flavour shots and flavour swirls to their menu card.

These flavour shots and swirls give your standard drink extra taste and spice. Many of us get confused over shots and swirls, so let’s see their distinction and discuss some of them.

Dunkin doughnuts flavour shots generally come without any added sugar. As a result, they taste sweet, but both of them don’t have any artificial colour or added sweetener.

Flavour swirls contain more calories than flavour shots in a medium size. For example, you will find around 150 to 160 grams of calories in flavor swirls, whereas you will give you just 5 to 10 grams of calories from the same quantity of shots.

Flavour shots come as a non-dairy product, whereas all of the flavor swirls are made with dairy. An exception is the Mocha flavour swirl.

You will get various flavour shots which are hazelnut, blueberry, vanilla, coconut, toasted almond, raspberry.

The variety of flavors swirls includes seasonal flavors such as French vanilla, peppermint mocha, caramel, hazelnut, and butter pecan.

Dunkin Donuts and Smoothie

Dunkin doughnuts flavour shots ingredients

Here is a list of a variety of flavour shots you can try:

Raspberry shots

Raspberry shots give a fruity flavour of raspberry to your tea or coffee. If you are a coffee lover, it is recommended not to add this particular shot to your coffee.

It can overpower the coffee flavour. Instead, you can add it to iced tea to give your tea an excellent and fruity taste.

Coconut shots

The coconut shot tastes precisely like a coconut. So if you would like to add coconut or coconut milk to your coffee or tea, this shot is perfect for you. You can also add this shot as a base as an alternative to milk for a lower calorie intake.

Hazelnut shot

Dunkin Donuts has hazelnut shorts and also hazelnut swirls. Hazelnut swirl is sweeter than hazelnut shot. If you don’t like to have sweet coffee or tea, you can add a hazelnut shot for flavour. This shot will definitely make your drink tastier.

Blueberry shot

The blueberry shot may not overpower your coffee’s taste like a raspberry shot. However, even though it is a fruit shot, it doesn’t have the overpowering fruity taste. Instead, it will give your coffee or tea light and great taste. Moreover, it is also low in calories.

French vanilla shot

French vanilla shot gives your drink a flavor of vanilla but not sweetened it. Those who like unsweetened drinks can add this flavor.

Toasted almond shot

Those who like almond flavor can add this shot to their drink. This shot will addedly give you a toasted flavor. And this shot will definitely spice up your drink.

Dunkin Donuts flavour swirls

Here is a variety of Dunkin Donut flavor swirls you can try:

Mocha swirl

Mocha is a combination of coffee and chocolate syrup. So if you like to add more coffee or chocolate flavor to your coffee, you can add this swirl. You can also add this to tea if you want. Swirls additionally sweeten your drink because swirls are sweet.

French vanilla swirl

The French vanilla swirl adds a vanilla flavor to your coffee or tea and sweetens your drink. If you want to make your drink sweet without any deep taste, you can go for this swirl.

Butter pecan swirl

Butter pecan is sweet, and it also gives a nutty flavor. Adding this to your drink may make your drink taste like ice cream. It will make your drink creamy and a little thick. This flavor can best go with coffee.

Hazelnut swirl

This swirl tastes delicious with hot coffee or a hot espresso. It will give a nutty flavor to your drink. Moreover, it goes well with iced beverages as well. As a Dunkin Donuts drinks lover, try this swirl once.

Caramel swirl

Caramel swirl is one of their most popular ones. As its name suggests, it has a caramel flavor that gives it a sweet taste. This will make your drink a bit creamy, thick and make it sweet. So when you are not looking for low-calorie drinks, try this swirl to your drink.
Dunkin Donut with Dunkin Drink

Healthy drinks at Dunkin Donuts

For all the Dunkin Donuts drinks lovers, here we present some healthy drinks at Dunkin Donuts:  

Hot black coffee

One of the healthiest options at Dunkin Donuts would be a cup of hot black coffee. This drink will give an energetic start to your morning.

In addition, you can add some flavor shots to it and get only five grams of calories. If you don’t like the flavor of black coffee, you can add milk that is skimmed or which has a low-calorie index.

Hot tea

At Dunkin Donuts, they serve a variety of hot tea. You can order a cup of hibiscus tea, mint tea, black tea, or chamomile tea. It gives you an instant mood boost and also gives you some health benefits.

Some of the health benefits are it enhances your immunity system and supplies antioxidants. The best part is black tea has 0 grams of calories.


For espresso lovers, it is obvious to order a cup of espresso in Dunkin Donuts. You get an instant jolt by drinking a cup of espresso. And you can add any mild flavor shot to your espresso. You will just absorb 5 grams of calories from a single cup of espresso.

Iced green tea

Dunkin Donuts iced green tea works well as a refreshment. It also has a soothing effect. To get the best of its health benefits, you should not add any sweetener to this.

Green tea reduces the probability of heart illness and also decreases the development of plaque in arteries. Moreover, you get just 5 grams of calories from a single cup.

Cold-brew coffee

If black coffee is your preference over any other coffee, but you don’t like it hot, you can order a cup of cold brew coffee at Dunkin Donuts. It has just 5 grams of calories and a very high caffeine percentage. If you are sensitive to caffeine, try to avoid this drink.

Iced or hot Americano

Americanos are suitable for those who love espresso. This drink is relatively hard and rich. This is made by combining espresso with hot water, and you can order both hot or cold Americano.

The total calorie you will absorb from this drink is nearly 10 grams. This drink also has a higher caffeine percentage.

Blueberry iced coffee

Those who like iced coffee shall definitely give a try to a blueberry iced coffee at Dunkin. You will experience a unique flavor of coffee and a mixture of blueberry flavors. It will not taste very sweet and is also very healthy.

Caramel iced coffee

One of the favorite iced coffee for Dunkin coffee lovers has been caramel iced coffee. This drink is made with a caramel flavor swirl, so it tastes a bit sweet.

If you don’t want your drink to be sweet, you can have this same caramel flavor by adding a caramel flavor shot that is not sweet and won’t make your drink sweet.

Final Thoughts

As we come to the end of our article today, you know and Dunkin Donuts low-calorie drinks, shots, swirls, and other healthy drinks. So, now that you know how their menu looks start ordering at Dunkin Donuts today!

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