Do Not Do This While Hiring Interstate Moving Company

People often move to new places for different reasons. Maybe they have bought a new house or they are moving because of their job transfer. No matter, what is the reason you need good moving companies Toronto to move your things with you. While moving you should not do five things that we are going to share in this article. Some of the things are just simple and some might be obvious for you. Anyway, these tips will help save you a lot of time.

Never Hire A Company Deals in Cash

It is very important to ask them how you can pay for their services. Actually, paying in cash is not the safest way as you do not have proper proof. Many companies take payment in cash and then take some of your stuff and never returns you. When you are moving very far away, it means you are not going to see your things in a while. So, it is important to be sure that the moving company is legit.

Never Pay Full in Advance

When you see that all of your boxes have moved, check them properly before signing any paperwork. If you hurry and sign the paper that you have received all of your belongings then it is difficult to claim afterward. Count them properly and check your inventory list. Moreover, if all the things are in your home then it will give you leverage with the company.

Sign Only the Things Your Understand

Long distance moving can be tricky sometimes. That is why; it is important to thoroughly read all the paperwork and ask questions if you cannot understand. Also, check for the additional fee, and ask them why they are charging you these extras.

Do Not Pack Valuable Things

Valuable things such as your documents, passport, and jewelry, carry them with you. It is not safe to move them with an over. Make a list of things that are critical and you do not want them to lost while moving.

Do Not Wait for Days or Weeks for A Claim

It is your duty to unpack the boxes and check all the things. If they are damaged while moving before you unpack them, then you have the right to claim. Do not wait for days to claim as longer you wait the chances of a claim being accepted become less.

Do Not Rely on Moving Company Insurance

Before hiring someone to move your things from old home to new one, ask for insurance. It is a rule in many states, that the company should offer insurance. Insurance policies are mainly based on weight. So, make sure that you are fully protected before moving.

Check If the Moving Company is a Broker

Some of the movers are brokers. So, make sure that the moving company is not a broker. But if it is one, then find out who is going to move your things. According to state laws, the company has to tell you if they are hiring someone else to do the move.

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