Different Types Of Diesel Jeans You Should Consider To Up Your Fashion Game

Diesel jeans are extremely popular and offers types of diesel jeans and hardly require any introduction. For a long time now, they have been in the making and are loved by everyone around the world.

They have introduced us to the potential of customized denim jeans.

Diesel was a first to have this extraordinary take on denim clothing, that can be considered a bold step as people could have just as easily found them absurd. However, that wasn’t the case. This innovation fell in their favor and how.

There is no piece of clothing more widely adapted and flaunted than jeans, today.

Established in 1979, by Renzo Rosso, Diesel is an extremely popular brand today and has reached unbelievable heights.

The Italian brand’s owner, Renzo, began this venture with the backing of his former boss who has his own fashion clothing brand, AG Jeans company. It was there where Renzo found his true calling with the jeans and realised how much he could do with that fabric.

The USP of Diesel Jeans in the beginning was the availability of customized jeans and it still is. They are the jeans specialist till date with Diesel being a go to place for everyone one who needs a new pair of jeans.

Surprisingly enough, not many people know about the customized feature offered by Diesel jeans but good for us, it’s still there for us to avail.

Since then, Diesel has experienced massive growth in the industry with Renzo owning 100% of Diesel and running it towards undying success for decades now.

The business has significantly well and impressive enough for its business model to be a part of curriculum in various marketing courses.

Now, they have expanded the brand into a complete fashion house that offers much more than just a pair of jeans, ranging from t-shirts to accessories.

However, Diesel jeans did not start out so easily. At first, they were perceived as second hand jeans because of their rugged texture and unconventional fits. However, people picked up the new styles effortlessly and are flaunting them even today.

There are so many new styles and types of Diesel jeans introduced by this fashion forward brand. Here are those you need for simply amazing looks at all times:


As apparent by the name, these are skinny jeans with a tight fit all thought-out.

A few years ago, these jeans were all hyped and worn by every other person.

Today, with many more styles introduced, they still haven’t lost their charm and place in our wardrobes.


Sleenker is the typical skinny jeans by Diesel jeans, appropriately labeled as slim skinny.

They are fitted from top to bottom, evenly, for that perfect skinny look as intended.


Thavar is the relaxed version of skinny jeans, with the skin fit and modified texture brought about by the stretchy material used. 

These have made it possible to sport jeans like joggers without compromising the style.


Slim fit jeans, the flattering pairs of denim, are commonly popular among women, with the ability to let you flaunt the curves effortlessly.

With variations in this loved style, they are the ones that are easiest to style.


Thommer, by Diesel jeans, is the typical slim for jeans with a fit that wraps close to your legs, embracing an ideal fit.

These are a version of skinny jeans but with a comfortable fit around the ankle.


Tepphar is a carrot fit variation of the slim jeans by Diesel.

In terms of their design, they are the opposite of Thommer with a tapered design. They are a bit loose around the thigh as compared to the fit around the ankle.


Straight-fit jeans are the most common ones to be seen on the street these days. Finding them synonymous with relaxation, they are bound to be everyone’s go-to for every day.

Not so long ago, straight jeans were supposed to be for men only, but that is because nobody knew how flattering they could look on women.

Well, good thing that someone tried. And here we are, with variations of the style by Diesel jeans.


Waykee by Diesel jeans is straight-fit denim jeans.

These jeans are usually for athletic people with muscular structures. With the rather loose-fitting from top to bottom, they look flattering on all those who can pull them off.


These are the regular straight jeans that are straight from top to bottom.

If that is what you want, these are the best options for you.


These are the tapered variation of the straight fit. Tilting towards a more chic look these jeans get narrower towards the end and are not quite fit on the thigh, quite like a good pair of pants but more comfortable.

Style them perfectly for your semi-formal events with a classic blouse, and top it off with a blazer to complete the look.

Boot cut

Bootcut jeans are typically a reinvention of the bell-bottoms from the 90s, with the same level of popularity ringing around them.

Today, wherever you go, people with the best fashion sense are flaunting this bootcut denim in all kinds of washes and colors.

Both men and women are very much into this now not-so unconventional design for bottoms that have found their appropriate place on all sorts of occasions.

Feel free to use the same pair of jeans for a casual outing and the date that night.

You can easily make it appropriate for the occasion with a bit of styling.


Here comes Diesel’s take on the bootcut area. 

Zatiny is practically classic regular jeans with bootcut structure i.e., an appealing fit from the knee, forwarding to a hefty one till the ankle.

The amusing quality jeans by Diesel jeans prove their worth to you over the years, and a lot of them for it last long and do not lose their shape, fit or finesse.

But of course, the longevity of anything depends on how well you maintain them, and in this case, Diesel jeans are to be cherished for years.

Check out their latest collection now with types of diesel jeans .


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