Top 25+ Cyber Bullying Facts and How To Avoid It

Cyber bullying has become so much common and that is why we are going to cover this very serious topic of cyber bullying facts today.

Cyber bullying is a type of bullying done mostly on the digital devices like computers, tablets and cell phones. In simpler terms, cyber bullying takes the benefit of digital communication devices so as to make someone feel sad, angry, scared and disturbed again and again.

Some examples of the very common type of cyber bullying include posting and sharing humiliating pictures and videos, sending anguished messages and spreading false news about someone by using computers, cell phones and tablets. Anyone can become the victim of cyber bullying from a young descent kid to a well-educated adult.

Cyber bullying can happen at any places like social media platforms, via text messages or SMS, via instant messaging services and even through emails.

Sometimes it happens just a single time, where an offender should teach about the proper online behaviour. However, there are the situations where it can happen again and again raising the miseries of the sufferers in such conditions one should take some serious action.

Below are some of the cyber bullying facts that can that can actually make you understand the seriousness of cyber bullying:

Cyber Bullying Facts

Major cyber bullying facts:

  1. Cell phones are the most common medium for cyber bullying and around 80 percent of the people uses it.
  2. 81 percent of youth think that bullying online is way more easier than doing the same in person.
  3. 68 percent of the teens confirmed that cyber bullying is a serious problem and it requires some serious actions.
  4. Only 1 out of the 10 victims share their pain of getting cyber harassment with others or their parents.
  5. In the ratio of cyber bullying victims, the record of the girls is twice to that of boys.
  6. 75 percent of students confirmed that they have visited a website so as to smash other students.
  7. The preys of cyber bullying are around 3 to 9 percent more likely to commit suicide.

Cyber bullying is not spearing the children either, these are some facts that will tell how serious the cyber bullying has become nowadays:

Cyber bullying facts for children:

Cyber bullying facts as per the numbers:

  1. 34 percent of the youth side of the society has admitted that they have experienced cyber bullying at least once in a lifetime.
  2. Around 87 percent of youth witnessed the act of cyber bullying.
  3. 24 percent of the daughters and sons do not even know how to deal with the situation called cyber bullying.
  4. 15 percent of the students accepted that they have cyber bullied others.
  5. One of these facts is one kid in every three kids feel that as compared to the real world they are more accepted in the world of social networking sites.

Commonly reported categories of cyber bullying facts:

  1. 13 percent of the children who are the victims of cyber bullying has come across hurtful comments.
  2. Nearly 19 percent of cyber bullying in the society holders the tail of rumours to walk.
  3. Now, this is unbelievable in the 21st century but around 26 percent of the cyber bullying preys are chosen depending upon their religion and race.
  4. 72 percent of the teenagers said that they get bullied because of their looks.
  5. 22 percent of victim children feel that they were bullied due to their sexuality.
  6. The National Autistic Society found out that around 40 percent kids suffering from autism and 60 percent kids suffering from Asperger’s syndrome have experienced online and offline cyber bullying.

Gender specific cyber bullying facts:

  1. Around 41 percent of the girls come across cyber bullying at least once in there life as compared to that of 28 percent boys.
  2. In this situation the girls who Cyberbully posts mean messages on social media.
  3. Wherein boys section of the cyberbullies posts hurtful and embarrassing videos and pictures.
  4. Girls here favours social networking sites outlets like Instagram or Facebook on the other side guys prefer to interact for gaming consoles.

Cyber bullying facts and effects:

  1. Out of 10, 7 children accepted that cyber harassment has made a huge negative impact on their lives.
  2. The self-harming behaviour which is reportedly increased in the year 2013 by 6 percent includes 30 percent of cyber bullying victims.
  3. Around 83 percent of the cyber bullying victims felt that the crime has crushed their self-esteem.
  4. Around 30 percent of the children who suffered cyber harassment admitted that they had a suicidal thought. This has even raised an overall percentage to 5 percent in the year 2013.
  5. 7 percent of the children who got bullied started bullying others due to torment.
  6. Nearly 10 percent of the children have tried to commit suicide because of cyber bullying.

Some special concerns:

Social media provides everyone with a global exposure, which means everything you do on social platforms like, comments, shares, posting pictures or videos will stay forever, even if they are hurtful, mean and embarrassing. And this special feature of social media, if utilised for cyber bullying, can put a negative and yet very long lasting impact on one’s life. What makes it even worse is, it can be accessible to everyone at any time from your school friends to the office colleagues from your parents to your relatives.

As the kids use social media platforms more than adults it can easily impact their tender minds which can even become forever lasting for some.

Cyber bullying can easily harm the social reputation of everyone involved in the same.   This will not just the bullied person but also those who are bullying or involved in it. Some of the unique concerns of cyber bullying can be:

Permanent: If not removed and reported, most of the online information can stay forever available to everyone who wants to access it. This can involve process like college admissions, employment, etc if it has created some negative impression.

Persistent: with the advent of digital devices one can communicate 24*7 immediately and continuously and this will not let the victim of cyber bullying heave a sigh of relief making the situation more pathetic.

Tough To Notice: As parents and teachers cannot see cyber harassment taking place it eventually becomes difficult to notice for them leave the victim all alone in the sufferings.

How you can stay away from cyber bullying:

There are so many things that can be sent by using the internet and if not taken care it can end up making the receiver harassed, embarrassed, hurt and humiliated. One should have proper netiquettes (internet and etiquettes) so as to avoid getting trapped in such pathetic situation. Below are the few tips that will help you to keep yourself away from cyber bullying:

1. One should always avoid posting personal information like phone numbers, complete name, password, address, etc; on the internet and especially on the not so protected social media sites. Also, you do not hold any right to post someone else’s personal information.

2. You might receive some messages showing off anger. In this situation, you should every respond such messages with the same feeling of anger instead think a lot before you reply.

3. By being on the social media platforms, you make yourself available for almost everyone and hence it becomes obvious for you to receive some messages from the strangers. Never open and if opened never respond to any message from an unknown.

4. To keep yourself protected with email, you can use the BCC section while forwarding any email.

5. Chain emails or long emails or hoaxes can even play a role in cyber bullying. One should always avoid forwarding such emails.

6. Proofreading is a very good practice which is not just applicable to the professional emails but also good to perform with usual emails and messages. It is very easy to interpret something wrong from. Very casually written message and proofreading are the best way to avoid the same.

7. Double check the ‘TO’ field before sending any message to anyone. Your message can contain some personal stuff which you would never like to share with somebody else and in such situation, if you accidentally send share any personal message to anyone without checking to who you are sending, can leave both the sender and receiver embarrassed.

8. One should never believe anything they read online. If someone’s social media profile says she is a 16-year-old girl showing off a cute girl’s picture, can be a boy as well hiding his identity online. Also if someone company claims they are huge in business and all other big budget lies it can make fool of you.

9. Being global stage internet connects any religions, ages, cultures and gender and one should always be very much careful about speaking or commenting on any of these. While discussing a crucial topic like politics, wars, casts, races and gender one should always act respectful and should never speak of the things that can hurt the emotions.

10. Messages can be easily misleading or can get unintentionally sent to the wrong person so here one should always avoid sending anything very much private on the same. If you have something personal it is better to give a call or the best if you can talk in person. As cyber bullies can use your personal information, pictures and videos for the act of harassment.

By taking care of these small things you can keep yourself away from cyberbullying.

What to and what not to do if cyber bullied:

What to do: You can simply ignore the bullies and if it is going above a certain level you can simply make a record of the bullied messages and when you received as it will help to make a hold on bullies. You can also go hi-tech as bullying is not allowed by the websites, so by complaining about the same to the website administrator you can make the one throw out of the site.

The best option is to reach out to your school administration, parents and even police officers and ask to help you in dealing with the cyber bullies.

What not to do: If you are getting bullied going down to his level will never help you, instead make you a bad person. Also, you should never forward bullying messages to your friends as they may send it to other and hence can form a big chain. You should never let any cyber bully to hurt your self-confidence. By taking to someone you trust and your parents, you can give a strong fight back.

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