Common Myths And Misconceptions About Pre Built Homes In Canada

Pre built and pre fabricated homes are, unfortunately, often misunderstood in Canada. Pre built homes in Canada are a great value, and the perfect option for a first-time homeowner, or anyone else who need a high-quality home on a budget.

But myths and misconceptions about pre built homes in Canada are still quite common. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most common myths about pre fabricated homes, and show you why they’re untrue. Let’s get started!

Understanding Pre Built Homes – What Are They?

Pre built homes in Manitoba are also often called “pre fabricated”, or “modular” homes. This refers to any type of house which is – either partially or completely – built in a factory, and then shipped to a lot for final construction.

This is in contrast to homes that are built on-site, using the traditional construction process. These homes are built completely outside, without any factory pre-assembly.

Building and assembling parts of homes in a factory has many advantages, including lower overall costs, higher quality control, more customization options, and much more.

In addition, the actual construction process is much faster. While it takes more than 7 months to build the average single-family home, most modular pre built homes can be built in 3-4 months, which is a significant difference.

The Most Common Myths About Pre Built Homes

Despite the value and efficiency of pre built homes, there are a number of misconceptions about pre built homes in Canada. Here are 4 of the most common myths.

Pre Built Homes Are Of A Lower Quality Than Other Types Of Houses

This is simply not true. Pre built homes use materials that are of identical quality to those used in a traditional home-building process.
If you invest in a high-quality pre built home, there will be absolutely no difference in quality compared to a traditionally-built home.

Pre Built Homes Are Not Built To Last

Again, this is incorrect. Pre built homes use the same modern construction techniques as any other home, and can be expected to last for decades with no deterioration in quality, or special maintenance requirements.

Pre Built Homes Will Not Appreciate In Value

This is a very common misconception, because some people confuse pre built or “modular” homes with “mobile” homes.

Mobile homes tend to not appreciate in value, because they are quite inexpensive, and usually are not located permanently on a plot of land. This land must be rented – and the mobile home must, eventually, be moved off of the rented land, when it becomes too old or outdated.

However, pre built homes are nothing like mobile homes. They are built permanently on a foundation on owned land. They will appreciate in value just like a traditional home would – based on the appeal of the neighborhood, the quality of the home, the interior decor, and dozens of other such factors.

Modular Homes Look “Cheap”

This is another common misconception. It’s true that, if you choose to create a modular home out of cut-rate materials, and you do not want to spend money to make it look attractive and appealing, it will look cheap and ugly.

But the same thing is true of any home. Just like a traditionally-built home, you get what you pay for. If you choose to use modern, attractive materials and a contemporary design for your pre built home in Canada, it will look just as beautiful as any traditionally-built home – guaranteed.

Understand Fact – And Fiction – When Considering A Pre Built Home In Canada.

While there are many other myths about pre built homes in Canada, these are, by far, the most common – and each one is completely untrue.

If you’re a first-time homeowner or a home builder looking for a fast, efficient way to build the house of your dreams, a pre built home in Canada is an ideal choice. So start doing some research on the subject now, and find out if a prefabricated home is right for you and your family.

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