14 Crazy Facts About Bill Gates House Xanadu 2.0

Bill Gates is the reason for all the modern day luxuries. Bill built the luxurious estate with his wife, Melinda Bill, his wife, and children reside in the house. He has two daughters and a son. Eldest of them is 22-year-old Jennifer Katharine Gates; the second child is an 18-year-old son named is Rory John Gates, and the youngest is 16-year-old Phoebe Adele Gates.

The Bill Gates house took approximately seven years to complete. By the end of completion of constructing the estate, it was about 30 times bigger than the size of an average American home. The total value spent on the house is$63 million. It is constructed in a “Pacific Lodge” style and designed by two eminent architects Bohlin Cywinski Jackson and James Cutler.The facts of the Gates estate are intriguing.

It is located in Washington estate and overlooks the lake, Washington Medina. The house is named “Xanadu 2.0”. The name is derived from the fictitious estate of the daily series “Citizen Kane”.

There is a Maple tree on the grounds of Xanadu 2.0. Bill Gates has a special attachment to the tree so it is monitored electronically 24/7 to keep a check on it and make sure that it does not get too dry. Even a minor sign of dryness of the tree is seen, it is watered automatically.

Bill Gates Home

Facts About Bill Gates House Xanadu 2.0

1. The Total Area and net worth

The total area of the bill gates house is 66,000 square feet. It is a massive house with high-tech details. At present, the net value of the estate is at least $123 million while Gates bought the land for around $2 million in 1988. Gates pays approximately around $1 million each year as property tax. The project took around half a million board-feet of timber for construction. It was built with the timber of fir trees that are over 500 years old. Over 300 workers worked to construct the house of which 100 were electricians.

2. The Ambiance

The bill gates house uses the energy from natural surroundings that helps in reducing heat. Xanadu 2.0 is technically termed as “an earth-sheltered house”. It means that it is a house that is partly buried into the hill that it sits on. It makes the appearance of the house look really cool and helps to control temperatures. This style of constructing a house is cost effective and also eco-friendly than any regular modern techniques of heating and cooling the temperature.

3. The Interiors

The Gates Estate consists of 24 bathrooms in total, of which 10 are full baths and 14 are half baths. So many that Bill Gates could make use of a different bathroom each day of the month. The bill gates house has totally six kitchens so that the staff of the house can be at any time for any event.

The house has 7 bedrooms where his wife Melinda and children Jennifer Katherine Gates, Rory John Gates, and Phoebe Adele Gates live. The mansion has a Grand Staircase that is 92 feet long and has 84 steps. For those people that don’t want to take the steps, there is an elevator installed.

4. The Technology in the House

The tech-wizard has his house featured with many over-the-top hi-tech amenities.The bill gates house has a high-resolution screen throughout the house. These screens allow a change in the artwork just at the touch of a button on the controller.The storage devices alone cost up to $150k.

Along with that, for security purpose, every guest and visitor is given a microchip with a pass-code. This alerts the automatic sensors to regulate and synchronize the temperature and lighting with the movement of the guests through the estate. Also, the house accommodates the temperature and the lighting as per the guest’s requirement. The guests also can monitor the lighting and temperature with the help of a high-tech sensor system.

Every nook and corner of the residence is pressure-sensitive and constantly monitored. This technology enables the security to know who is in which part of the house.

There are Speakers of proto-smart-home system technology concealed behind wallpaper that plays music to follow the guests as they move from room to room.

Computer screens worth $80,000 are installed throughout the house. Anyone in the house has an access to change the screen display into the paintings or photos of their choice. This storage device is worth $150,000.

5. The Pool

The estate has a 60-foot pool with fossil-motif floor located in a separate building of 3900 square foot. Bill Gates, the tech-wizard has brought in technology under the pool with an underwater music system. The people that swam in the pool the pool could swim below a wall of glass and come up to the terrace area on the outside. By the swimming pool, a locker room is built with two baths and four showers.

6. The Trampoline Room

The bill gates house has a trampoline room in a gym of 2,500 square foot with a ceiling at a height of 20-foot.The exercise facilities in the trampoline/gym room consist of a steam room, sauna, and separate locker rooms for men and woman.

7. The Reception Hall

The Gate’s house has an enormous reception hall of 2,300-square-foot that could house up to 200 guests standing up for a cocktail party, around 150 guests for a dinner party. One wall of the hall is dominated by a limestone fireplace that is six-foot-wide and a twenty two-foot-wide video screen on another wall.

8. The Library

The bill gates house has a huge library of 2,100-square-foot. There are a number of books in the library. Its appearance is marvelous with a domed roof and a couple of secret bookcases. One of the bookcases reveals the hidden bar. The library ceiling has quotes from “The Great Gatsby”. The library is a home to a Leonardo da Vincimanu script, the Codex Leicester from the 16th century. Bill Gates spent over $30 million for it in 1994.

9. The Home-Theater System

The house has a home theater facility that can hold up to 20 guests in posh seats. The home theater is planned and designed in an Art Deco style. The people may sit on the comfortable armchairs, fluffy couches. There is also a popcorn machine to snack on during the movie.

10. The Guest House

The bill gates house has a separate hi-tech guest house. The guest house is 1,900-square-foot and just as tech as the main house. This was the first building to have completed construction on the property. The guest house has bedrooms and bathrooms. All the technology incorporated in the main house was initially tested in the guest house. The ones that succeeded were eventually installed in the main house.

11. Activity Area

The gate’s home had a home that was demolished in a rush to make a 900-square-foot room for distinct activities. It is situated next to the Gates’ sports court, and boat docks.

12. The Garage

Gate’s owns around 23 grand cars which are placed in different garages around the property. One of the garages is located in the basement, an underground garage made of concrete and steel that holds around 10 cars.

13. The Beach

The mansion has a beach and it’s not any normal beach with regular Washington State lakefront sand. The sand on the beach is imported from St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

14. Artificial Stream

It’s not surprising to find “anything” in the bill gates house. The genius has incorporated marine life. There is an artificial stream created by the home. The artificial stream water is always stocked up with different fishes such as Trout and Salmon.

Bill Gates owns a home in Florida that values around $9 Million. They use the property specifically when their first daughter Jennifer is in Florida for her training. The house is a large equestrian estate and Gates bought the entire property for $60 million. Along with the property he bought a number of surrounding houses for maintaining privacy which totaled up to nearly $14.4 million.

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