Best Rapper in India and Evolution In Mainstream Media

There is a diverse group of brilliant artists who are challenging conventional wisdom. Discover the exciting realm of Indian rap in this piece. We will answer the burning question that has gripped hip-hop fans throughout the country: who is the best rapper in India?

Best rapper in India

Throughout the years, the Indian music landscape has evolved remarkably, incorporating a wide range of genres and forms.

The hip-hop genre has finally found its audience and its sound.

Here are the best names you’d want to idolize if rap is what drives you too:


Divine, a native of Mumbai’s busy streets is more than simply the best rapper in India—he represents an entire generation.

He discovered refuge in hip-hop as a child of Vivian Wilson Fernandes from the harsh realities of city life.

In the face of adversity, he found lyrical strength. He started as a member of the 147 crew out of Mumbai, where he spewed Marathi and Hindi. He portrayed the hopes and dreams of young people living in India’s cities.

Divine’s lucid narrative and natural skill captivated people from all walks of life. You may hear slang, societal critique, and honest reflections on life in his songs.

As it depicted the city’s alleys and basements, the “gully” came to life. Songs such as “Jungli Sher” and “Yeh Mera Bombay” were rallying cries for individuals fighting for marginalization.

These displayed his ability to merge ostentatiousness with an in-depth knowledge of societal realities.

In 2019, he broke success with the semi-autobiographical picture “Gully Boy,” which depicted a slum-dwelling rapper’s journey to stardom.

In addition to providing his voice for the score, Divine acted as a consultant. He was very particular that the film shows the underground hip-hop culture in India.

“Gully Boy” propelled him to stardom on a national scale. A lot of others started rapping after him because of it, and he became famous all around the world.

Just because Divine is pouring fire doesn’t mean you should take him lightly. You’ll feel the lifeblood of a generation, the unfiltered enthusiasm of a seedy underbelly full of aspirations and desires.

He is the legendary “Gully Boy” who succeeded while remaining true to his roots. Because of this, he is considered a legend rather than merely a rapper.


In the vibrant world of Indian hip-hop, Raftaar is a phenomenon in dropping beats. He can also easily switch between rap, dance, and pop, demonstrating his versatility as a writer.

His path started in Delhi’s underground environment, where he was born, Dilin Nair. His tongue is a kaleidoscope of colorful languages, spitting rhymes in Punjabi and Hindi.

Raftaar’s flow is where his power is at its peak. His speech may be described as chameleon-like, seamlessly transitioning between different genres.

He’s covered everything from spitting fire on bass-heavy hip-hop tunes and adding a humorous swagger to Bollywood chart-toppers.

With songs like “Manali Trance” and “Kabhi Kabhi,” he can switch gears from upbeat and contagious to sad. It makes him the best rapper in India.

But Raftaar’s appeal extends beyond just entertainment value. Lyrically, he tells tales of hardship and triumph. He speaks for the young people in India’s fast-paced cities.

Songs like “Gully Boy” and “Chaar Shona” demonstrate his talent for capturing the essence of the city’s pulse. Through his music, he inspires a new generation to pursue aspirations relentlessly.

A tribute to his ability to transcend genres, his collaborations are renowned. Raftaar deftly traverses musical worlds, whether on the mic with Snoop Dogg or creating Bollywood tunes with Mika Singh.

He has a way of making people shine. His duets frequently end up becoming the season’s most popular songs. Listen up and lose yourself in the works of Raftaar, a master writer whose range is limitless.


Thanks to his magical touch, the Punjabi rapper Badshah is a commercial phenomenon in India’s music industry.

He began his career in production after being born Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia. Before becoming famous for his rapping, he was a composer for Honey Singh.

Party songs, irresistible hooks, and Bollywood collaborations make up Badshah’s music. It catapulted him into the public eye.

His music, which combines hip-hop with traditional Punjabi music, has little trouble becoming a viral sensation.

Hits like “Kala Chashma,” “Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai,” and “Genda Phool” are the result of his signature style.

Badshah quickly mixes elements from many regions and cultures when creating his soundscapes. He maintains a wide range of listeners by consistently releasing new tracks.

Beyond his achievements, Badshah is an advocate for diversity and tolerance. He works with musicians all across the world, not only in India.

He is fusing many genres of music and eras. His worldwide appeal is demonstrated by his collaborations with renowned artists such as French Montana and J Balvin.

Whether you love or hate him, Badshah is still the king of Indian music. As an inventor, party animal, and master of memorable hooks, he reigns supreme.

With his contagious combination of genres and rhythms, he pushes limits. India and the rest of the globe will continue dancing for years because of Badshah’s indisputable ability and consistent popularity.

Yo Yo Honey Singh

The charming and contagious rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh is more than a successful musician.

He was an innovator who transformed Indian music, a cultural connector, and a master of sound transformation. His explosive combination of Punjabi rap and Bollywood swagger propelled him to fame in the late aughts.

Honey Singh revolutionized popular music by combining politically charged lyrics with infectious melodies.

His arrival brought hip-hop to an underground audience in India. Rarely did his defiant voice make it onto the music charts.

Hits like “Love Dose” and “Brown Rang” by Honey Singh broke through that ceiling, making him the best rapper in India. He proved that rap could be genuine and thrive in the marketplace.

He was not hesitant to try new things. A distinctive “Honey Singh” sound that resounded on every continent resulted from his weaving together elements of electronic dance music (EDM), Bhangra, and folk music.

Although there has been some debate about Honey Singh’s path, his talent and significance are still unquestionable. He provided opportunities for several musicians and rappers.

Honey Singh demonstrated that international, daring, and diverse Indian music was possible. He has empowered a whole generation by highlighting their uniqueness and their dreams.

His legacy continues to this day. Not just in the number of songs that reached the top of the charts but also in the number of musicians he encouraged and how he helped create a dynamic, multiethnic music scene in India.

Hence, keep Yo Yo Honey Singh in mind the next time that catchy bassline drops. His bold ambition, audacious genre-blending, and reimagining of Indian music’s fundamental sound make him a trailblazer.

Emiway Bantai

Bilal Shaikh, better known as Emiway Bantai, is an innovator in independent Indian music. The merciless arena of rap fights propelled him to stardom and made him the best rapper in India. Emiway’s journey shows a self-made sensation.

He became famous after his breakthrough singles, such as “Machayenge” and “Bantai,” went viral. Thanks to this, his YouTube channel has also seen a meteoric rise in popularity.

Emiway’s steadfast dedication to autonomy and the DIY spirit distinguish him from the crowd.

Emiway Bantai used the internet at a time when digital platforms were changing the music industry. He spoke directly to his audience by avoiding the usual intermediaries. His younger audience loves his honest stories and frank emotions since he is so genuine and honest.

The evolving nature of music and Emiway Bantai’s poetic talent are on full display in his meteoric rise to fame. He represents the industry’s growing accessibility to everybody—a field where performers may gain loyal followers without fitting in with the crowd.

Emiway Bantai has demonstrated that genuineness and creative honesty can succeed in the dynamic world of independent music by gaining respect from his peers in the hip-hop culture.


A vibrant tapestry of varied musicians makes up India’s hip-hop scene. Every one of them adds a unique touch to the genre.

Who is the best rapper in India? That’s a rather personal choice. Because every musician has something unique to offer, picking a favorite rapper comes down to taste.

Given its dynamic, talented newcomers are likely to keep popping up in India’s hip-hop culture. As a musical collective, they will shake up the industry and add to the rich tapestry of Indian music culture.


1. Who is best rapper in India?

Due to varied styles and personal tastes, it is hard to declare one “No. 1” best rapper in the India. Choose your favorite among popular names like Divine, Raftaar, Badshah, and more!

2. Who is the world’s no 1 rapper?

A “world no. 1 rapper” crown is complicated to achieve because of the subjective nature of the award and the wide variety of people’s musical preferences. Time and again, various magazines and points of view will proclaim one artist to be the best. The best way to choose your favorite rapper is to listen to a wide variety of music.

3. Who is Indian top fast rapper?

There is no objective way to determine who the “top fast rapper” is in India. But among the rivals, Devil the Rhymer—who holds the title of India Book of Records—, Kidshot, and Raftaar are well-known for their quickness and talent.

4. Who is the king of rap?

A very debatable and dynamic term, “king of rap,” is subjective and prone to change. Legends like Tupac, Biggie, Jay-Z, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar are always brought up, but there isn’t one clear winner. Ultimately, your monarch is determined by your taste in music and your idea of what it is to be great.

5. Who are the top 5 rappers in India?

Divine, Raftaar, Badshah, Yo Yo Honey Singh, and Emiway Bantai are the five best rappers. The dynamic Indian hip-hop culture would not be the same without each artist’s lasting impact.

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