4 Best RV for Campers Available On the Market

Camping has been one of the most favorite pass times for Americans forever. It is a way we can go on an adventure and satiate our wanderlust. Nowadays camping has become even more popular due to a wide selection of trailers and RV for campers everywhere.

So we have created a list of best RV for campers. Here you will find reviews of the best RV for campers on the market available to help you with your decision on your RV upgrade. And you can find their spare parts from any online auto parts stores. So let’s begin.

Airstream Classic

Whenever you think about RV and camping this is what you think of. There are no other RV nameplates that are as revered or as iconic as the Airstream Classic. First introduced to campers in 1936 the sleek aluminum travel trailers are one of the best RV for campers on the market even now. Airstream offers one of the most luxurious RVs on the market. 

The new Airstreams have remained true to their origin and has been built for long trips and full-time living. The 33-foot 2019 Airstream Classic has the iconic aluminum shell so it looks as retro as the first Airstream. The interior has been decked out with sleek furnishings, Corian counters, soft leather, and LED lighting. 

This RV sleeps 5 happy campers and has a weight rating of 10000. So remember you need a heavy-duty truck with a tow package to match if you are to haul this beast into your camping area. If you want to buy this amazing RV for yourself then you are looking at an investment of about 149,000 dollars or more.

Thor Quantum LF31

So the Thor Quantum LF31 is a Class C motorhome. Now Class C motorhomes are very versatile RVs that are usually based on heavy-duty cut-away van chassis. This means that they are able to offer a larger living space within the RV. 

The space inside the RV is much bigger than the Class B motorhomes which are limited to the stock body of the van. So Thor made sure they introduced a model that would be able to provide ample space for campers. That’s why they made the LF31 based on the chassis of the Ford E-450 Super Duty. 

The RV has an extremely strong chassis and is paired up with a 6.8-liter Triton V-10 engine. It produces around 420 lb-ft of torque and has a towing capability of around 8000 pounds. This RV is around 32 feet and 7 inches long with a ceiling of about 84 inches. 

The inside of the Thor Quantum LF31 is decked out perfectly as well. It has an 11 cubic foot refrigerator, a queen-size bed, dual flat-panel TVs, and dual 11,000-BTU air conditioners. So you will not miss a thing when you are inside the RV. This is why it makes it into our list of best RV for campers on the market. If you want to get one of these, then it will set you back about 132,000 dollars.

Winnebago Intent 

Winnebago is one of the most popular motorhome manufacturers in America. They have been a long-standing feature in the RV sector have been responsible for creating many classic RVs. The company aims to do so again with the 2020 Winnebago Intent. 

This Class A motorhome was made to ensure safety without damaging your sense of style. On top of that, the RV has been decked out with features and specs that rival RVs above its class. Now the features and amenities are plenty when it comes to the Intent. 

But they are offered in 4 different packages. So make sure you look at all of them before deciding the best option for you. The base price for a Winnebago Intent is around 122,619 dollars but that all can increase as you can customize a lot with this model. 

But this Winnebago model provides the best bang for the buck and this is why it is in our list of the best RV for campers.

Sportsmobile 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans

Do you have this insane urge to go off-road and drive as far as the eye could see? Well, one of the best ways to experience the off-road outdoors is by getting yourself a 4WD motorhome. This is where Sportsmobile comes in. 

The company has a long history of creating great 4WD RVs for campers. They have decades of experience building heavy-duty 4×4 vans for expeditions and off-road touring. Sportsmobile motorhomes are so well-equipped that they can even go head to head against specialized off-road cars like modified Jeeps and other hard-core 4WD vehicles. 

The RV does this while being fully decked out with full camping amenities. And one of the best models that Sportsmobile offers is the 4WD Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Vans. While this is a very compact RV but it offers all the features of a conventional Class B motorhome. 

And these vehicles just look cool. The starting price for one of these RVs is set around at 100,000-plus with customizable offers so make sure you check out everything properly. But trust me you will be getting one of the best RVs campers can buy from the market hands down if you do decide to buy one.

Go Beyond the Horizon

Go Beyond the Horizon

Now there you go those are our choices for the 4 best RV for campers on the market. Now there are other RVs you can buy that are cheaper or more expensive but these provide the best bang for your buck. 

With these, you can simply go beyond the horizon and wherever your eyes take you. But make sure you do your own research before making a decision. Now you may choose to fix up your RV instead of buying a new one and that is quite sensible. 

But make sure you do some research on whether you should be getting OEM parts or aftermarket auto body parts. You can find out more details about the prices and parts if you use auto parts finder apps. 

Did you know that you can get extended warranty for your rv? If you want to learn more, visit No Credit Campers online.

Now there are plenty out there but for me, the best auto parts app has been AutopartsZ but you should decide that on your own. So with that being said, that covers our review of the best RV for campers. Till I see you again, buh-bye!

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